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Letting go of the past to make a brighter future!

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It is very important once a month to release and let go of the past to cleanse the soul. In order to cleanse the soul we should cleanse the heart. I have a very rewarding way that has helped myself and many of my clients to cleanse the heart and move forward in order to truly manifest and make thier dreams come true. There are some simple supplies that can be picked up at your area dollar store.
Supplies needed:
* Box of Kleenex
* Pillow
* Big piece of paper
* Black Marker or pen
* Safe area where you won't be disturbed
* Music(optional)
* Candles (optional)
Then begin by writing down everything that has ever hurt you, made you mad, made you sad, scares you, worries you, frustrates you. Allow yourself feel the emotions and then forgive them. Pillow can be used to scream into or punch. After you have allowed yourself to feel the emotions, I would like you to allow yourself to forgive the person or situation. This will help you also take your power back and move forward. Then after you have forgiven everything. I want you to crumble it up and sit on it. Yes, sit on it! You have been hanging onto it in your heart. Then when ready I want you to burn it and throw it away outside because you can't put ashes back together and take it back. You may have to do it more then once. Certain things maybe on it again because it is a deep rooted issue but that is ok. It is you being able to move forward finally and have the happiness you truly deserve.
I recommend doing it before the New Moon on December 13, 2012 because we are in a waning stage right now. Which is the releasing stage.
Trust, Believe, & Have Faith!
Heavenly Sense

Trust, Believe & Have Faith!


I think there should be Home Parties that you get together with friends and family and do this together....... like those Pampered Chef parties. Can you just see it? Sitting together, making their lists and then burning them in a big open bonfire and celebrating the NEW BEGINNINGS of their lives?

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:headscratching 🇦🇸


Ponee, That could be interesting but you would have to make sure your not sitting next to someone you maybe forgiving on your list. :lol:

Trust, Believe & Have Faith!


HeavenlySense wrote:Ponee, That could be interesting but you would have to make sure your not sitting next to someone you maybe forgiving on your list. :lol:

Hmmm maybe rules should be set up .... such as -- noooo peeking at your neighbor's list, as you may learn more than you want to....



I don't know about a chick party full of gals letting go of anger......

But it might be fun! :)



Rules would be needed for sure!lol

Trust, Believe & Have Faith!

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