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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » An offer to the people of the world from the holder of Global Prosperity funds by Mike Cechanowicz on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 12:10pm ·

An offer to the people of the world from the holder of Global Prosperity funds by Mike Cechanowicz on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 12:10pm ·

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An offer to the people of the world from the holder of Global Prosperity funds
by Mike Cechanowicz on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 12:10pm ·
A decree of conditional release from the powers of evil, competition and the conditions of confusion and debit.

This is an offer to the people of the earth in all nations to release themselves from the powers of evil and the conditions of economic, enslavement in confusion and debt. If you are sick and tired, poor, homeless, depressed or repressed by the “system” you are forced to live in and you want change – this message is for you.

This is for you in any country you live in, any culture, creed, race, gender and language if you live on Earth.

This message is in accordance with the will of the only legal and rightful signatory authority, “prime” for the prosperity funds and gold reserves used by all central banks et al.

The heart and the blood of humanity, in a collective perspective, is the human circulatory system. In this respect the human collective has had its heart driven by greed, the need for external power in the hands of a select elite. This select “elite” has run the world’s bloodlines for the singular purpose of self-serving interests at the expense of the rest of humanity. The system by which they have acquired their power is through the concept of issuing money in the world as an instrument of debit.

Powerful entities within this system have constructed banking practices called fiat money, interest on loans and the need for continual profit, which leads to the need to reinforce self-serving interest at the expense of another. This paradigm of using money as a debit instrument forces the idea of competition as being a good, necessary and useful method by which to develop individual character and positive social evolution.

Only the real criminals like finance ministers, big bankers secret societies, agents and agencies know of and use the hidden structures of money for their profit. Many politicians, bankers, police, military and people of position have no knowledge about the way the world is really run.

By being ignorant of the facts, perhaps forced also forced under duress to do so, many good people have done bad things to others. Any willing to acknowledge that fact and forgive themselves will be forgiven by society if you are willing to do the right thing yourself and help undo what you have done. That you MUST do to prove your realization and be given forgiveness for the past.

The individuals, corporate entities, etc. that have been forced to participate in this ritualized theft and abuse are not morally obligated to pay the debits forced upon them. In general, we speak of the sovereign people of this Earth. You have been all born into a system that has forced you to compete even when you want to cooperate.

Unfortunately there are many good people that would like to create more meaning for their lives and do good things for themselves and other people without the necessary understanding and wisdom to identify and get rid of the elements that are creating the problems. If you want to protect your job today – you need to read and understand this message.

By way of universal powers of attraction, the legal authority to transfer prosperity funds into the hands of the people directly as credit is in the hands of people with your best interests in mind. While the present power structures are struggling to maintain illusions over the people, like the “Nobel Peace Prize” given to EU, humanity is still suffering from their own variation of the “Stockholm syndrome”. Even your media is designed to keep you ignorant and uninformed while creating fear.

To protect the lie of money as an instrument of debit, or false assumption, many other false assumptions have been introduced into society. As such, many are still living under assumptions that need to be challenged. It is your life purpose to seek answers to the questions and conflicts you perceive in life. If you do not seek those answers, you return in life over and over again until you do. As such the Creator always provides you with informed free will. This is universal law.

Why the social, personal and global chaos now?
Instead of considering the universe as a dead, mindless accident – consider that it is alive, conscious and with unlimited intelligence. Consider the universe as MIND. As such, you as a human with awareness and mind is a collective member of the universe/creator. Before you were born into this life, the universe has provided everything you need. This provision continues throughout your life without your recognition of the fact, if you are not sufficiently self-aware.

You are alive today to discover or deny this universal truth. It is being made easy for you to choose. The time for a veil of confusion is over.

Being unaware of this truth many still are under the illusion that competition is a necessary attitude to assume in order to “survive”, not being aware that you never really die. Your human body has more individual cells of unique character, skills and dispositions than there are humans on this Earth. All parts of any living entity are cooperating together under unified harmony with no competition to promote vitality for all. The circulation system of your body provides adequate blood to nourish the whole.

Any living system feels competition as resistance, friction and dis-ease. Your scientists, and free thinkers know this. It is important that you realize this too. Your soul is being “pressured” to discover this simple truth. You either get it “right” now, or you will continue your lives on a different planet prepared for those experiences. You will continue to live your lives in confusion. You will continue to die in order to become aware and you will do so until you wake up to your extended purpose and identity.

The ultimate end reason why this is happening now is because a great cycle of human evolution is destined to transition into a higher level of human evolution at this time. This is happening if you are either ready for it, or you are not.

The Earth and its peoples and all life on the planet is destined to transition to a cycle of cooperation – the likes of which are beyond the imagination of most. To enter into this cycle of evolution you must be emotionally committed to say “NO” to competition. Like the immune system in your body, you must be prepared to defend the whole against competition. You are born of the earth to cooperate with life not to compete.

You do not “struggle” for peace. You do not “fight” for peace. You do not make “war” to create peace. You create peace by cooperating together. It is the easiest thing in the world to do. You have been struggling too much because you all compete between each other for money. Think about these things.

A credit based economy paradigm
The fiscal cliff has been reached. The nations of the world, their associations, alliances, central banking systems, royalty families, corporations and NGO’s etc. are all interconnected and legally constructed as corporations. Each of these have been presented with the bill for their misuse of money from the source of the “Prosperity Funds” that are the foundation of the money system on this planet.

This is also the end of an era where these entities have any legal authority over the peoples of this planet. Their “game” is essentially over. They have refused to “change” their ways upon repeated request. There are still dangerous forces fighting to maintain control. As such the planet and its people are in a predicament that most are only partially aware of.

An offer has been made to the corporatized governments of the world. They know that funds for credit to continue to function will only be delivered to those organized in such a way that they can take care of their people, neighbors and the planet. To date there are no nations organized in such a way to allow that to happen. They are all trying to maintain their power structures. They want to get credit to themselves only and not the people.

Today there is four times more debit in the world than there is legal money to cover this debit. The entities and individuals that are responsible for this debit are the ones that knowingly have participated in creating, maintaining and defending the debit system of enslavement. Their assets, when they are bankrupt, will be liquidated to pay those debits.

The individuals, corporate entities, etc. that have been forced to participate in this ritualized theft and abuse are not morally obligated to pay these debits forced upon them. In general, we speak of the sovereign people of this Earth. You have been all born into a system that has forced you to compete even when you want to cooperate. Unfortunately there are many good people that would like to create more meaning for their lives and do good things for themselves and other people, without the necessary understanding and wisdom to identify and get rid of the elements that are creating the problems. This is the nature of “politics”.

The problems are clearly identified in this message. There is only one ENEMY. The enemy is the “spirit of competition” that is the evil flourishing on this Earth. Kill the competition in order to save the planet and its life forms – your self included.
Solutions for a transition to a credit based economy with debit forgiveness
The entities of nations under different names have in the past been recognized and organized as corporate identities. As such all constitutions, even those with full recognition of sovereign and universal human rights have been compromised into business agreements in a debit based economic system. As such all nations have been organized to both cooperate and compete. The business side of any agreement of social contract has made all oaths of allegiance and systems thereof to be plagued with systemic errors that have no solution.

Humanity is bound in law, rules and regulations and has lost all contact with the intentions of life itself – to do and be the best you can – to actualize your hidden potential. The intention of life is to thrive and vitalize self, others and the environment you participate in.

The framework of society for a sustainable, credit economy is entirely different from the framework of a debit-based society. Its not “just about the money”. Many of the infrastructures in a debit-based society are “all about the money”. Many of these understandings are not available to the general population. The change from one system to another is a package that needs to be delivered in a particular way, in order to be successful and survivable.

It includes the following:
Debit forgiveness out of the old system of economy based on competition – it’s a new start.
The natural re-assumption and oath of mutual respect of sovereign universal rights of all living beings.
The freedom to live your life from the inside out under full civil responsibility.
The freedom to say “good – bye” to mediocrity as a standard and transition to excellence in all things. You lose nothing that you will miss.
How much money – how and when?
Each nation will provide their-own spontaneous response to this offer. Due to the nature of the predicaments all humans are in, with respect to “keeping the wheels of society turning” there is a need for immediate transfer of emergency funding to each and every nation. Without this funding there will be unorganized anarchy and there individuals that are seeking to achieve this goal. They are not your friends. That is a level of social collapse that must be avoided. Are you willing to do the right thing?

Provisionary funding for additional upgrading of infrastructures etc. will be available for each nation that can provide a legitimate structure of organization approved by the people for this purpose. It will enable immediate re-education, and necessary changes to prepare those that are un-prepared for a successful transition to a different “kind” of society.

Full funding will be released when the transition has reached a global scale in the hands of responsible people, for the people of the Earth.

Emergency and/or Temporary funding can be made available under the present circumstances if the majority of the population and those holding power at this time are willing to give up the game. They must do so by doing the “right” thing with each other immediately. This is especially true of all power structures internal within all governments – police and military – secret services. There will be attempts to sabotage these efforts.

The proof that is needed from present governmental structures is a message to the right people that they are willing to comply with all of the parameters listed in this package. Of course this implies full disclosure of the truth and immediate demonstration in action that you know how to accomplish this. You must be perfectly aware that there is no legitimate power of rule that you have. You have only the power to advise and suggest. If you cannot do that, let some one that can do your job.

It is suggested that those that know of these things help you through this difficult period. Everything you have ever dreamed of is just outside your comfort zone and inside your zone of integrity, inner knowing and ability to do the right thing from the inside out.

Your alternative is to lose all that you think you own and continue to live as an ignorant slave to money.

What is your position of authority to act
It is your spiritual heritage to protect and defend your right to live under informed free will. It is your universal right to sovereignty and to seek and realize your potential under full responsibility for the effects your actions have on the whole. Each and every human is born with an inner compass and knowledge of the difference between what is harmful and what is good. It is your right to say, “NO” to participate in what is harmful to others. This is universal law higher than the law of man. It is also your right to choose which laws you live by.

There is much more to come. It is now time to do what ever is necessary to secure your happiness in the future.

This message must be shared, translated, voiced over, transmitted and distributed through any and every available media for immediate distribution.

Thanks to: Mike Cechanowicz on Facebook.


Herb Lady

Thanks Purpleskyz!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Welcome HL

I think this guy is quite interesting. I am looking forward to more of his views.


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