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SaLuSa 6-January-2012 telepathic message to Mike Quincey

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SaLuSa 6-January-2012

Nothing will be able to stand in the way of the changes that are about to commence, as they are essential to bring the end-times into being. It is all change as you step up into the higher vibrations, and quickly move through the Ascension process. The thought that you will never have to return to Earth on the Wheel of Rebirth, must be one that makes all of the effort you have put in well worthwhile. More so as you get a good idea of what it means in reality, by leaving behind the drudgery, harshness and strength sapping energies of the lower dimension. Even now as so many lift up out of it the aggression, antagonism and hatred still wreaks havoc on Earth, but will soon play itself out as the energies of peace settle upon it. One day very soon the futility of confrontation and war, will make way for loving relationships and co-operation amongst all people. Even now the young ones amongst you see the pointless waste of life and energy in the pursuit of conquest, and want an immediate end to it. Peace is coming and this time it will not be temporary, but be permanent and carry you forward to a blissful and ecstatic state.

However you are in the midst of so many different energies that are creating turmoil at present. The old guard cling onto their paradigm that kept them in power, but the new one is all powerful and will brush aside all that remains of it until Love and Light permeate the Earth. In just a few months the changes will be under way and more noticeable, and will serve notice on the dark Ones that the New Age is in progress of manifesting. Their actions can no longer carry the threat that they used to have, as their power structure continues to collapse. So Dear Ones, at this important stage on your path to Ascension do not let any fear laden prophecies take hold of your imagination. We of the Galactic Federation are with you all of the time, and well aware of what is likely to lay ahead. We cannot do everything for you, but will assert ourselves if necessary to protect you.

We shall soon be more active in your skies, and one reason will be to show people that we can enter your space and protect ourselves. We do of course take care not to create an incident that would aid the dark Ones, who still seek an opportunity to cause mayhem if possible. For many, many years our craft have been seen by millions of people, but with deliberate suppression of the facts it may not seem that high. Disclosure is therefore more a question of how soon our existence can be officially acknowledged, so that the truth can be given about us. Since the end of the last World War we have met with officials of all the major powers on Earth, and offered our help which has been spurned on each occasion. We could have enabled world peace but the Illuminati cared not for the lives of the people of Earth, but only in control and amassing great wealth. These moments will take their place in your history, as you need to understand how your lives have been manipulated by them. Their power has been such that many good souls of the Light, have sacrificed their lives in trying to overcome their plans. The truth behind many assassinations will also be made known, and the culprits will answer for their crimes.

As we often remind you all progresses well, and although time is racing away we will be able to complete our mission totally according to plan. We may need to speed up our actions, but that presents no problems to us so you may rest easy. Just keep your eyes on the finishing line spreading Love and Light as you go along. Also be prepared to help those who will be confused by what is going to happen, as most of you working for the Light know sufficient to be able to do so. The best assurance you can give is that we are working with you, and that there is nothing to fear. In the end you will gain more than you could possibly lose, and that does apply to physical possessions although we will not support anything acquired except through honest dealings.

Numbers of you are entering this final period at an age when you are not necessarily in good health. Be assured that by the time you take your place in Ascension all bodies will have changed to crystalline, and that means all signs of disease or illness will have disappeared. Like Mother Earth who will have been returned to a pristine condition, you too will no longer show the ravages of time, and also have a physical body that has reverted to the perfection of its original blueprint. Aging has no place in the higher vibrations, and you will choose exactly how you will look should you desire to alter your features. As you go even higher in the dimensions, your powers of creation will continue to grow and eventually you will become a Being of Light. You have much laid out before you and it is yours for the taking once you ascend. The world may be your oyster now, but the Universe will be your playground in the near future.

It is not yet party time, but the celebrations will start once you have the proof that the ones who have enslaved you have been removed. Life will take on a different hue and each day it will be a joy to be alive. The purpose of it will be understood and people will go forward knowing how to make the most of opportunities that come up, and reap their deserved rewards. You will have clear goals to follow, and they will be your choice as freewill is still with you. If you want to emulate the life of someone you admire, you may be surprised to know that they will come to you as that person. All souls in the higher realms can easily appear as they were from any incarnation, and share their knowledge and skills with you. There is no status that places one soul above another except that there is a Universal Law, that states you cannot proceed higher than the level that your vibrations resonate with.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel sure you are registering the expansion of your awareness, and it will help you through the coming changes. As you are beginning to understand, life beyond Earth is never ending and offers the most wondrous opportunities to experience whatever you desire. You have all the time you need and in fact are not subject to time as you know it now, and travel by thought is instantaneous. Therefore there is no measure of time and no calendar necessary, as all is in the Now and that means the past, present and future. Much that you now accept as normal is only peculiar to your Earthly existence, so be prepared and of an open mind so that you can adjust more easily. You will take it all into your stride, and with your higher level of consciousness totally understand the wonderful gifts of the Creator that fill all dimensions of the Universe.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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