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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your Guide to Planetary Energies for December 17 to 23, 2012 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your Guide to Planetary Energies for December 17 to 23, 2012 By Pam Younghans

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Posted Sunday, December 16, 2012
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
December 17 to 23, 2012
By Pam Younghans
Photo: Green auroras create a mystical scene in Troms, Norway (photo by Arild Heitmann on December 15, 2012)

TWO EAGLES flew over my head during my morning walk today. Since I was asking for guidance in writing in today's Journal at the time, I accept and thank these winged messengers for their assistance in understanding the energies of the coming week.

We've been feeling and working with very high-vibrational energies for the past several weeks, and have felt them grow in strength almost daily, especially over the past week. Indications are that the frequencies that surround us will continue to increase vibrationally in the days ahead.

As we adapt to these higher frequencies, our bodies -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual -- are going through an adjustment phase. Many are dealing with physical manifestations as a result of the shifts taking place, experiencing odd symptoms that either come and go, or take on the appearance of "normal" colds or flu.

MY RESOURCE for animal symbols, the book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews, tells us that the keynote words for Eagle are "Illumination of Spirit, Healing, and Creation." Mr Andrews explains that the bald eagle, which I saw today:

"...reflects an awakening ability or need to learn to walk between worlds. They are symbols of greater sight and perception. For those working with Eagle, new vision will open. This vision will be far reaching to the past, within the present and to the future as well. To align oneself with Eagle medicine is to take on the responsibility and the power of becoming so much more than you now appear to be."

The author also writes that Eagle is associated with the planet Jupiter -- which brings us back to the astrological indicators for the coming week...

IN LAST WEEK'S JOURNAL, we talked a bit about the "yod" configuration that will be strongest on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Jupiter is at the apex (focal point) of that yod, which also involves Saturn and Pluto. At the same time, Jupiter will be closely aligned with the star Aldebaran.

Since Jupiter acts like a magnifying glass, increasing the appearance and effect of whatever it touches, we can assume that this alignment with Aldebaran at the same time the yod is exact is a fairly Big Deal. Here's a bit about what Aldebaran represents, from astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza:

"Aldebaran is Vision Holder for the starseed mission on Earth, defining what emissaries of light can best accomplish to serve humanity through evolutionary transition. In down to Earth terms, Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers, inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. Aldebaran inspires us to take the physical action required to manifest our visions."

This alignment between Jupiter and Aldebaran seems to emphasize what we already know about the energy of the yod, which "inspires us to become more effectively aligned with the needs of our inner spirits."

A YOD is an interesting configuration. It involves two "quincunx" aspects (in this case, between Saturn and Jupiter, and between Pluto and Jupiter), which require an adjustment in attitude or direction for solutions or resolution to be attained.

At the same time, it involves a sextile aspect (in this yod, between Saturn and Pluto) that indicates an opportunity for growth and increased awareness. This opportunity requires action on our part -- in other words, just sitting on the couch and waiting for the skies to open without applying any effort will not help us reach the promised land.

I INTERPRET a yod as holding a positive potential for growth, based on the realization that change is needed and new action must be taken. As astrologer Rob Hand writes:

"A yod can signify crises in which the energies have to be faced directly and specific sources of action taken in order for the energies to work out positively. The yod contains the germ of its own resolution in a way that simple quincunxes do not."

I've seen the energy of this yod already unfolding in my own life in recent days, through perceived challenges and the manifestation of crises needing resolution. And yet, as soon as I took first steps toward resolution of the issues involved (got off the Fear Couch), it did seem like "the heavens opened" and legions of angels arrived to offer solutions.

In other words, I needed to heed Eagle's message, and "take on the responsibility and the power of becoming so much more" than I perceived myself to be. That internal shift was what enabled me to experience the magic that followed.

AS NO DOUBT most already know, the Mayan Calendar ends this week at the December Solstice (on Friday). I wish I had a direct line to the crafters of that calendar, to know exactly what inspired both the beginning date and the ending date of their daily energy interpretations.

There are countless channelings and anticipations about what this endpoint means and how it will manifest. My experience with astrology tells me that the influence of any alignment builds in influence over time, even if we can say an alignment is "exact" on a certain day. That is why I've always thought of "2012" as a process rather than an event linked to just one specific day.

That being said, it clearly feels that "something is up" energetically right now, and that something has been building for a few weeks.

I BELIEVE we will gain the most if we choose to work consciously with these heightened frequencies. You may already have a modality that you prefer, a meditation that uplifts and connects you. If so, I highly recommend taking extra time this week -- especially Thursday through Sunday -- to step into that space outside of time.

If you've read my blog in the last couple of days, you're already aware of Tom Kenyon's offerings to assist the process we're undertaking. Mr. Kenyon is a sound healer here in the Seattle area, and from time to time makes recordings that he offers free on his website.

His most recent "sound treasure" is called "Aethos." I've been listening to it regularly for a few weeks now, and find it an amazing assist in accessing those realms of higher frequency. If you're interested, click HERE to go to my blogpost, which has more information.

Blessings to you in this week of heightened potentials!


NorthPoint Astrology Blog: For occasional postings on astrological and metaphysical topics, please visit -- I look forward to your comments!

To Subscribe to the NorthPoint Journal: If you have been forwarded this issue of my NorthPoint Astrology Journal and would like to receive it directly every week, please click here. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, fill out the subscription form, and click on Submit.

Thanks to: pam@northpointastrology


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