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Some Nesara and Farm Claim History

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1 Some Nesara and Farm Claim History on Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:17 am


Some Nesara and Farm Claim History

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Light Worker 29501

I see the term “farm claims(agricultural claims)”, and NESARA all mentioned in the same breath, and wonder how much readers really know about any of these terms. My knowledge of NESARA is relatively limited, but I do have some knowledge of the ‘farm claims” which I will relate here.

In the late 70′s an elderly man in Colorado by the name of Roy Swassinger Sr. bought a ranch with a loan from The Federal Land Bank and proceeded to ranch this property until passing away a short time later. His son, Roy Swassinger Jr. a retired military general, took over the ranch and proceeded to run it, until one day a Federal Land Bank officer and a Federal Marshall appeared on his property and told him he would have to vacate in 30 days as the loan agreement with his father stipulated that upon the borrower’s death, the property would revert back to The Federal Land Bank.

Being very upset over this, Roy Swassinger started a class action suit with 23 other ranchers, farmers and Indians who had been swindled in like manner. This suit proceeded to the Denver Federal Court where the Swassinger party filed an involuntary bankruptcy against The Federal Land Bank. The Bank filed for protection, but the courts refused to honor this because it was found out that The Bank was essentially a non-entity, as it was not registered to do business in Colorado, nor any other state in the union.

The Denver court system then ruled that all properties of all entities in question would be given back to the original owners by The Federal Marshalls. The feds refused to act as it was a conflict of interest for them at which time the task was given to the National Guards of the affected states. This task having been completed in 1978, the class action suit continued on to the Supreme Court where the case was in deliberation from 1978 to 1993 when the final decisions were made by the supreme Court.

During this time of deliberation and suits, it was found out that the master holder of The Federal Land Bank, Land Bank Association and other quasi orginizations such as PCA FHA, etc., ie. The Federal Reserve Bank, was not even registered to do business with the National Banking Associations and was declared a non-entity also. It was determined that all monies, properties, gold, silver, property titles, and other forms of equity that had been illegally taken out of this country by the Federal Reserve and the IRS would be returned to the U.S. forthewith.

The retired Delta Force was given this task by the Supreme court, which they carried out in 1993 and 1994. Trillions were brought back and placed in 5 repositories throughout the U.S. These properties were to be given back to the American people as they had been taken from the people illegally since 1913. The Swassinger party plead that this would be announced to the American People in national newspapers and on television, but the courts refused to do this as it would cause mass hysteria, and possible ecenomic problems.

They did agree to let it be announced in small unsyndicated newspapers and by word of mouth. The Delta force were also given the task to set up claims writers in each of the states to enlist those who desired a part in the claims. This was done in 1993 and some 320,00 Americans signed up for this, the average claim being some $20,000,000.

It was also decreed that the Federal Reserve and the IRS would be dismissed as their services were no longer needed. I believe that this is the basis for the Nesara announcements when the country will go back to constitutional law, and the people will be paid their just dues. I have had personal witness that this will happen so their is no doubt in my mind, it is only a matter of time now and this will be done.


and this also:

Some More Nesara and Farm Claim History

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Light Worker 29501

Note from Rayelan, Publisher, RMN

“Long before I had ever heard of a plot to bankrupt the Federal Reserve, long before I had ever heard of the Omega Trust, long before I had ever heard of NESARA… and LONG before I had ever heard of Leo Wanta and his $25 trillion trust, I had heard about the FARM CLAIMS.

I know one man who was involved in spreading the information about it. I recently wrote to him and asked him to explain it to me and to all our readers. Here is what he sent me.”

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —–
Farm Claims Info to Raye 2-3-07
Dear Raye,

The following is my understanding of the history of the farm claims.
The story starts back in the early eighties.

Two farmer/businessmen, J. B. Foster and William Baskerville were being foreclosed on by one large bank and the Farm Credit System. I am not familiar with the details of what caused this action, but the two men and their wives began to defend themselves in court and at first used attorneys.

When they ran out of money the attorneys left the case and foster and Baskerville continued on their own. They were in and out of court during most of the eighties. At times they filed incorrectly and the case was dismissed for that reason, at other times it was dismissed for other reasons.

In 1990 or 91 they met up with Roy Swasinger and he began to help them. They then began to make some progress. At some point they filed an involuntary chapter 7 on the Farm Credit system after winning damages that were not paid.
The Farm Credit System defended themselves by saying that they were not a business, but a Federal Agency and therefore not eligible for bankruptcy. The Judge agreed and dismissed the bankruptcy.

This is in fact true, you will not find the Farm Credit System filed to do business as a Corporation in any State or with the Federal Government. We tried numerous names, that they have used in their business dealings with their borrowers and with the Secretary of States office in a number of states. They were not filed in any of them. That means they should not have been able to use any State Court to foreclose on anyone, which was done numerous times.

That, however, is not the issue we are discussing here. According to the information I read in the Congressional Record, when the Farm Credit System was created by congress in the thirties they were to be only a loan guarantor to the bank making the loan. They were never to loan money directly to the farmer and to my knowledge that was never changed by congress.

Once a period of ninety days had gone by after the bankruptcy Judge’s ruling, and it could not be changed, the people involved in the original cases, plus a few others with knowledge of the law, went to court with this and other documents to obtain additional damages. All these cases to date were civil cases. No one involved on the farmers’ side ever filed or attempted to file a criminal case.

However, the District Court Judge/Judges had evidence of a crime before their bench and they caused a criminal case to be filed. That case number is 93-1308-M. There was a civil case filed at the same time, but I can’t remember that number.

The 1308 case is huge, with several hundred pages in the docket sheet. For those who might not know… the docket sheet is like an index of the case. It records all the various filings in a case by name and a number is assigned. If the filing happens to be sealed then it just has a number and it is marked sealed on the docket sheet. There are some sealed items in this case, but most filings can be viewed.

During the time that all this was going on the government came in and offered to settle. That came after they had lost several of the earlier cases and had appealed and lost those appeals as well.

At this time I was not involved on a day to day basis, but was aware of what was happening in a general way. That was because I knew one of the participants that was involved in a legal sense.

He called me one day in February or March of 1993 and asked me what I would recommend in view of the fact that they were meeting with the government in an attempt to settle. He knew that I had been involved in a number of issues that had been negotiated in the past. Since I was unaware, except in a general sense, of what the issues were I could not offer much advice. I knew there were money issues involved and on this subject I said that they should be sure they were plenty high since that would probably be one issue that would be a problem.

A week later he called and said they had an agreement. I asked how much they had reduced the numbers they went in with and his response was that there had not been one number changed. I commented that they must have been to low and he said they were pretty high. Since his home is in Iowa and he was coming home that weekend we made an appointment to get together and I could look at the now agreed to claim.

He asked me to bring some of my previous loans along which I did. After reviewing the claim form and plugging in some of my numbers we added it up and the total was approximately 30 million. I couldn’t believe it and commented that there wasn’t enough money to pay these if there were very many filed. He said that there was more than enough money even if everyone that was qualified to file did file and that is most Americans.

There are some exceptions, but none of those are the ordinary working person.
That was my first exposure to the claim.

I filed in May or June of 1993 and at the time I did it I still had doubts about it ever being paid. But I was looking at what these people were trying to do and felt that if they accomplished it, the $300 I spent for filing the claim was well worth it, even if I never received a dime. There were arrangements made to file the claim for free if the person filing could not afford the $300. Most claim locations had between 40 to 60 percent of their claims be unpaid.

I think it is also important to look at what was agreed to and why.

When the fourteenth amendment was passed there were two attachments to it that most people are not aware of.

One of those attachments was a one time payment to anyone who filed from either side of the civil war that had suffered damages to their property as a result of the fighting. Obviously the reason for filing on this attachment is long gone by.

The second attachment was a one time filing and payment to anyone who suffered damages as a result of our Federal Government failing to protect the citizens of the several states from harm or damages by a foreign government.

This is the attachment that the claim is based on. Most people are not aware of these attachments and that is due to the fact that President Grant, of civil war fame, had the two attachments sealed. Somehow our people had found or in some fashion obtained them. Just because they are sealed does not mean they are still not valid.

So the claim was based on the fact that a foreign government had damaged us as citizens of the several states. That foreign government is the UNITED STATES.

When the Trading with the Enemy Act was modified and signed by President Roosevelt on March 9, 1933 the citizens of the several states became enemies of the Federal System called the UNITED STATES. That was the basis of the claim and the agreement by the Federal Government to the claim is proof that they agree.

Since the agreement was reached in an out of court settlement after the litigants were in trial the Judge had to agree to the claim. He did and then as is normally done in cases settled while in court the resulting agreement was sealed.

That means we can talk about the settlement and show the claim which is the result, but we cannot show the court record of this without violating the terms of the agreement which could and in this case no doubt would invalidate it.

The result of all this court action was that we now had an agreement on a claim that could be filled out by the claimant One of the items that had been negotiated away when reaching the settlement was the right to put this information on the major TV networks, which was what was originally planned.

Therefore the only way to publicize this agreement was to have meetings across the country. It was in this process that I became actively involved.

The claims process had three major objectives.

First, the banks would be required to go back on lawful currency (gold and silver) as the Constitution requires. This had to be done because the agreement required that the claim be paid in lawful currency not legal tender. Please do not say there is not enough gold because that is not true. What this will do though is eliminate all inflation.

Second, the courts would all be required to go back to common law (versus gold fringed Admiralty Law) as the Constitution specifies. This would mean that we get back to the idea that if there is no damage or harm there is no violation of law and much of the creation of millions of laws to control people would be eliminated.

Third, the IRS would be disbanded and a constitutionally proper tax (sales tax) would be created and implemented.

The people who were involved in the court cases and the settlement of the details of the farm claim knew that if these three things were accomplished then the Federal System would soon be brought back under control and its size and power reduced to what is prescribed by the Constitution.

Finally, the result of all this was… claim meetings began across the country and this continued and grew in size until the Government realized that unless it was stopped soon it would be completely out of control.

So those of us actively involved in management of this process were raided and charged with various crimes, found guilty and imprisoned, some are still there.

The government violated the agreement they reached and signed.
The fact that they violated the agreement though in no way causes it to be eliminated.
It is still there and activities are ongoing to cause its implementation.
I believe this is going to happen. I just do not know when.

Because the Farm Claim payments and all that it would entail weren’t allowed to occur… the avenue that would have allowed this country and its citizens to make the change gradually and without chaos was closed.

Now… when the change finally comes that will ensure more freedom and a brighter future for our progeny, the resulting change… could be quick and violent and who knows what the end result will be.

Throughout the history of the world, when countries place their financial systems in methods that use fiat currency and fraudulent paper, the ending is devastating and I believe this time will be no different.
[If all of this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, this certainly clears up a lot of things for me, as it might also do for you. Alan Babin]


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