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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Thursday Morning

News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Thursday Morning

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News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Thursday Morning


[freedom13] now here is goood news BANKS are READY got 2 calls as of Tuesday ,,,,they are waiting like us now ,,,look out for it RV

[.BJ] freedom13 gm and I think we are also ready for the only pray its soon

[freedom13] .BJ yes and one of the bankers told me they had a meeting last Thursday about currency exchange coming soon ,,and the banker did not know it was dinar until Friday and he bought some ,,weeeeeeeeeee he is keeping me up to date

[freedom13] and the higher ups in currency exchange are running like their heads are cut off ,bank are not telling their people what currency- but its big

[Sparkles] lol- If anyone believes the world will end on the 21st please bring your dinar to me today lol

[dinar1203] flashing - see the news about the NY sotck exchange? agrees to be acquired by the intercontinential exchange

[flashing] dinar1203 hmmmmm

[dinar1203] sananddan24 flashing - not sure but the timing is suspicious!!

[weimar] dinar1203 except everything financial looks suspecious right now :)

[sananddan24] Intercontinential exchange acquired NYSE, how could that be and who are they?

[dinar1203] weimar - just adds to it tho!!

[weimar] dinar1203 yes

[crossways] The word just hit facebook...BREAKING: The New York Stock Exchange's parent, NYSE Euronext, has agreed to be acquired by the rival Intercontinental Exchange in a cash and stock deal. If approved by regulators, the merger would end two centuries of independence for the NYSE, the world's best known.

[SGD3] What is Intercontinental Exchange..

crossways] SGD3 known as ICE, is an American financial company that operates Internet-based marketplaces which trade futures and over-the-counter (OTC) energy and commodity contracts as well as derivative financial products. While the company's original focus was energy products, (crude and refined oil, natural gas, power, and emissions), recent acquisitions have expanded its activity into the "soft" commodities (sugar, cotton and coffee), foreign exchange and equity index futures.

[crossways] ICE'S owners include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and othe bankters...

[mailboxmoney] crossways that is a huge deal

[flashing] dinar1203 rumors still very hot about today. let see what happen

[flashing] Iraqi Integrity Commission, US Deputy Ambassador discuss bilateral relations Baghdad (AIN) -The head of the Iraqi Integrity Commission, Alaa al-Saadi, discussed with the US Deputy Ambassador to Iraq, Games Night the bilateral cooperation between both countries in fighting corruption. A statement by the Commission cited "Saadi met with Night at the Iraqi Academy for Combating Corruption in Baghdad, where they reviewed the prospects of mutual cooperation between both countries within the framework of the UN Agreement for combating corruption that was approved by Iraq after being

[flashing] ratified by UN in 2003." "During his tour within the Iraqi Academy's departments, the US Deputy Ambassador expressed admiration to the administrative management and the training methods adopted to promote culture of good conduct and constructive ideas as opposed to the phenomena of corruption," the statement concluded. /End/

[flashing] Urgent….Talabani arrives in German for treatment

[tb30] Anything new? I read recaps about the banks training and being ready. My banker told me the same thing august of last year.

[flashing] dinar1203 did u remember This: flashing] The Interior Ministry announced stop issuing official archives, for the purpose of departmental annual inventory. this includes: stop granting citizenship documents and citizenship certificate and passport from dec 23 to jan 2

[BigB] flashing GM! Ar we going to do it today?

[Drod] Hmmm. I just notices that the new york stock exchange has agrred to be aquired by intercontentialexchange!! Things that make you go ''''''hmmmmmmm"

[Moonchild] tb30 I heard the same from WF Corporate a year ago

[flashing] dinar1203 the article was deleted from alliraqnews site. Why? Why?

[wolverine7] flashing That's good news, too many different stories out the last couple days. Dead, alive, dead, maybe. lol

[redhead1] My friend works for Bank America - the layoffs they were expecting the first of the year have been cancelled and now they say they will be hiring and training again before April.

[Drod] Freeway Bill's post yesturday comes to mind for me!!!

[flashing] BigB gm rumors say today is our day. happy

[weimar] Drod but was he saying within 'hrs' or days and hrs

[ [tb30] Ontime oh I am positive, just saying banks being ready is nothing to go by.

[flashing] BLESSME everything is very very positive :whoohoo:

[redhead1] We have been so conditioned to "it will come as a thief in the night" that it rarely occurs to us that we could expect the RV to appear anytime during the day - if we have a chance today - let's stay positive and keep looking for it.

[tb30] I been waiting 9 yrs. I know it will happen, just not when.

[sananddan24] Flashing I hope it is not midnight I would like to go today

[flashing] again everything is very very positive

trebor1859] flashing I am. I think back to the articles that referred to the pricing of some stocks needing to be priced by Dec 25th. Also, FB's post was encourgaing since a few weeks ago he was very critical of folks being mislead with info. So either he is being hypocritical or he truly knows something.

[sananddan24] Flashing is it midnight or midday

[flashing] if u combined yesterday article with Ban ki report page 4 item 17 u will notice what is going to happen on or before december 31. Happy

[best1154] flashing great article, just waiting

[flashing] trebor1859 i get several calls saying it is a done deal. But i like my own conclusions based on facts. Articles are talking by itself. Never before this rv could happen. anybody saying other thing is just misleading people. The agreements reached during the last weeks are very important for this event.

[PinkPrincess] flashing :whoohoo:

[trebor1859] flashing I completely agree.

[bamanana] flashing sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[flashing] Mitzi imo this is the first time the rv is possible. rumors are hot about today.

[Mitzi] flashing than k you kindly, your the best

[deb2blessed] flashing...why us this the first time possible.?

[flashing] deb2blessed previously there were no Greece agremments blessed by IMF, there were no Kuwait Airways agreement settlement and payment, previously there were no farmers agreement, previously the were no borders agreement, previously there were no human rights law, etc.

[BigB] flashing You know, 2012Jesus says that tomorrow, 12-21-12 would be a great day for an RV - the day the calendar ends. New beginings!

[redhead1] CNN - Tensions between Boehner and Obama growing - Boehner spoke for 57 seconds calling on President to approve Plan B - Boehner wants to raise taxes on people making $1million plus - Boehner says he is going to push his bill through House and then Obama will either have to call on Senate Democrats

[nolaspice] Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect GOOD MORNING CASTLE FAMILY!!!!

[best1154] flashing there have been real strides made, for us to reach this rv

[flashing] just for ur information pag 4 item 17 of ban ki report: However, in a subsequent letter, dated 17 September 2012, to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iraq, Hoshyar Zebari, Kuwait clarified its position to Iraq. In the letter, which was shared with the United Nations, Kuwait

[redhead1] to approve or be responsible for largest tax hike in US History.

[flashing] expressed the hope that the Security Council would establish a new mechanism under Chapter VI of the Charter of the United Nations through either: (a) the appointment of a new High-level Coordinator; (b) the appointment of a new Special

[ontime] redhead1 I saw O said he would veto it.

[flashing] Representative; or (c) the expansion of the mandate of UNAMI to include the issues of missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals and missing Kuwaiti property. The letter further stated that this would happen after the fulfilment on the ground of Iraq’s other outstanding obligations, specifically those related to the border.

[ontime] flashing That is exciting!

[flashing] now tell me what they have doing yesterday?

[deb2blessed] O leave on vacation...

[sananddan24] Deb2blessed tomorrow

[bbwantsrv] flashing you think its possible its already released just not showing or am i way off?

[redhead1] It is usually hard to wear me down but when I look at our RV compared to paying O the taxes - I am almost at the point of saying let him have them - and give us some of our money - which I know is what they want but gee this is taking a toll on all of us.

[flashing] they were signing memorandum of understanding and agreements between them for all outstanding issues. Why they are so rushed? Because they need everything done before december 31.

[WCW] hello and gm folks we are there just can’t put a time on this baby all intel saying that this should have already went but no one know the time the it release we wait is all we can do keep the faith and keep praying i will be in and out today wife has a long list for me

[best1154] flashing tell us what they have been doing yesterday...could it be they are transitioning to chp 6

[best1154] flashing got it thanks for spelling it out for us, took a little understanding to absorb it all, ty :bighug:

[BigB] WCW Was it 2012Jesus or you that said that 12-21-12 would be a great day for an RV - the end of the calendar, a new begining?

[flashing] best1154 with those agreements they will move to ch 6 to handle the issues related to missing properties and persons. All other issues related to borders and farmers will be covered under such agreements they were working yesterday.

[WCW] sananddan24 all that i can say is any time before Christmas we pray

[Blessingsabundant] flashing You have sources that are not on the internet?

[ram1] flashing I wonder how long that takes them to be moved to Ch. 6.

[redhead1] Where are we on the VND - does anyone have any information

[flashing] best1154 remember that the missing persons issue is something that Kuwait has recognized as a tough item to be resolved in short term,

[kbluhm] flashing so, how would that be resolved?////// the missing folks

[flashing] ram1 imo before dec 31

[flashing] kbluhm they don't know but will be handled under ch 6

[wolverine7] flashing Thought they were to be going from CH7 to Ch8, are they going backwards. lol

[okrocks] wolverine7 frank said cpt 8 but articles all say 6

[flashing] wolverine7 ch 6 is pacific settlements of disputes

[Blessingsabundant] flashing Did anyone answer about the VND going with Dinar? Are we still getting codes?

[flashing] Blessingsabundant i don't know about codes, but i heard they are coming together and the expected rate of dongs by my sources is .27 to .57.

[Blessingsabundant] flashing Yes, I heard .47. Thanks for answer.

[flashing] just be prepared and get ur depends ready :

[ram1] flashing Have you heard a rate for the IQD?

[gdsgrl21] flashing Hi, I usually lurk but have a burning question, we've been advised to develop a relationship with our private banker, but we're supposed to wait for codes w/ large group. when we get the 800# to make out do we know if our particular "bank" is participating? They'll all be CDARS?

[BLESSME] Flashing is it really looking good for this week? I never know when you are joking

[sananddan24] Flashing months ago I heard the VND was coming out low then raise about 2 wks

[flashing] ram1 $5 to $12. i have been consistent with those rates

[flashing] BLESSME i am serious about anytime now.

[wolverine7] flashing What about cash in time frame, is it still 7 to 12 days cash in, or have they dropped that.

[flashing] wolverine7 what i have heard different stories. so i need to wait. imo anything over $3 will be very good for me.

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