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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » 21/12/12 Beginning of "Seven Years of Tribulation"

21/12/12 Beginning of "Seven Years of Tribulation"

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21/12/12 Beginning of "Seven Years of Tribulation"

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 22-Dec-2012 20:15:28

"The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you six years to prepare... So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God. "
Illuminati insider and whistle blower Leo Zagami,42, sounded this urgent alarm on this site in 2007. The Illuminati seem a little behind schedule in their plans to "Nazify the West," but not by much. On Dec. 20 2012 -- I had a Skype interview with Zagami in Italy. Here are the main points which I report without judgment:
- Despite reports to the contrary, Leo says he returned to the Masonic fold in order to rouse Masons of conscience to oppose its objectives. He says he has garnered the support of 200 Master Masons who have joined his lodge which is opposed to the NWO. He is not welcome in normal Masonic lodges.

-- Leo stands by the predictions below. He says the world is entering a seven year period of "tribulation" which will include social unrest and turmoil, financial upheaval and war in the Middle East. North America has been sheltered but this will not last. He expects we will "see the light" in 2019 but he "doesn't know how many will survive." He mentioned the plan to eliminate 3/4 of world's population.
-- He says the Satanists have immense power and control. "They have the best Cabalists, magicians, exorcists." You have to play the game. Out of bad, good can emerge.
-- Leo drew my attention to Russian PM Medvedev's recent comments about an "alien invasion." He said these demons are living among us. Leo said a delegation of Italian legislators were invited to Moscow to learn more.
-- Leo has written a trilogy on the conspiracy which has sold 10K copies in Italy and 100K in Japan. He said the visit he made to the USA in 2008 to mobilize resistance disillusioned him. He attracted only lightweights looking for a fast buck.
He said Putin's conflict with the Rothschilds is also a "charade." He is also Illuminati controlled.
Zagami challenges his former colleagues in Freemasonry to "go public with your pagan satanic worship and your black magic, you bunch of cowards, that's what I say to them. The European aristocracy has always been ruled by sorcery and black magic ...have always used black magic and evil forces ... for domination over their own citizens. They learned these satanic ways from their Masters in Rome who got them in turn from the Greeks, the Egyptians, the's a never ending tale of constant manipulation...of mankind."
He says G.W. Bush is the son of "the most powerful man in the illuminati and he was built by his father and the CIA to become the ultimate Antichrist Vatican Zionist puppet;..."
"Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan and Mind War controller of the CIA was a close friend of George H. Bush, and they planned together the satanic future of his son George W.Bush and the coming of the age of Satan after 9/11 a long time ago when LaVey was still alive."
He says 666 is everywhere these days: "the Hebrew equivalent of our "w" is the letter "vav" or "waw". The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English "www" transliterated into Hebrew is "vav vav vav", which numerically is 666.
And you definitely can't have a business these days without a website WWW, then we have the video surveillance and last but not least the micro chipping coming up.
"The micro chipping will be the ultimate Mark of the Beast and will put us fully in the hands of Satan and his evil controllers ready for Armageddon against the Messiah. So we need to rebel before that to help the coming back of the real Messiah."
"All religions are corrupted by the illuminati these days including most of Islam, the Jews, the Evangelical, Protestant and the Born-Again side of Christianity, all ruled secretly by Freemasonry, the intelligence services, the Knights of Malta and last but not least the usual Jesuits so genuine [religious] dialogue is almost impossible."
much more:

Herb Lady

I am not sure what to think about all of this.

But, I appreciate it being brought to our attention.
Thanks YM!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Well certainly much to ponder, a substantial amount of this is Not really New. I find it odd that there is no mention of 'ET' influence. Though I don't necessarily agree or resonate with all of the so called 'Channeling's' purported to be from Ascended Masters, does not mean that I dismiss their existence and that does not mean that I am 100% certain as to whether they are for good or evil. I don't think anyone having explored the information we have available, can dismiss or deny that we as a species are alone in this universe.
I certainly believe that the battle between good and evil rages on and that good will prevail. When that will be and to what degree... well that's above my pay grade. As for the time line proposed in this post, I personally wouldn't consider it as Prophecy, just info to file away and keep an eye out for. Whether true or not, knowledge and awareness is power, we just have to determine the best use of it.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Well if you read Revelation it is very much the same, and I also heard a prophecy nearly 30 years ago talking about micro chipping and the mark of the beast, he also spoke of the One World Government and plastic cards, the works! Bit creepy isn't it?!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

Herb Lady

Yes Nanneerose, very creepy!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Whoa! This is good news! I was so worried all the tribulation would be over after 2012.



Yep... we have much to do. First you wake up the masses, then you organize, then you kick some cabal ass! This is what it is about.... but that is just my opinion.


Herb Lady

I agree!
Raven'sMoon you haven't missed a damn thing, you hang in there -
It's going to get real fun!!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:

Herb Lady

Yep, hell, fire and brim stone - I'd say the dark cabal are going to be hating it!!! HA!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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