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Poofness – The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Merry Christmas12/23/20

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Poofness – The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Merry Christmas12/23/2012

December 23, 2012 in Poofness | Tags: Poof, Poofness

Greetings and Salutations;

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays, as best you can. Some of you
heard, some folks have hit the banks already. Some will deny such a
thing because they don’t know anyone who went. That’s ok, there are non
disclosures that get signed, which locks people’s lips for 90 days. Some
may have heard some old contracts are being paid out. Don’t be
surprised to find out the big O people were not the first on the list to
be paid out, the point being, all is orderly and the oldest stuff goes
first. So like the lunch line in school, the
time is here to be served, just wait your turn. Tho some bankers took
off for the holidays, not all did and continue to work right thru the
weekend. It’s international…the whole world! The us is just a pivot
point on everything but, it does not run the change over. For the fans
of rvs, take look at this, things are moving despite the great silence
out here..

Time has caught up to everybody out here, many institutions that have
run the world, have lost their leases and charters and no one will
start them back up by taking up the leases and charters. The world ct
has been in possession of a lot of these filings, tho we have been
taught in america, the Hague carries no power over us. I’ll tell you if
the Hague dispatches agents to pick you up and put you somewhere,
they’ll get you. They got the jackal after his time of scaring the crap
out of people. People in august positions right now, need to make sure
they are on the ‘right side’ of things or they could find themselves in
outer mongolia living in a yurt. As the mayans said, this is the end of
time as we knew it. Sorry, the universe doesn’t operation on the ticks
of an arbitrary clock, something you’ve get used to..if you continue to
live on planet earth. ‘And time was, no more’. You passed thru a doorway
on 12-12-12, then 12-21, the earth was propelled further and locked. No
down, no return. The preachers had a chance to tell their congregations
but it was too far outside the ‘teachings’ they want to hold onto. Yea,
‘my kingdom is no part of this world’…get it?

The assault on normalcy is in full mode now, so hold on to your ‘tidy
whiteys’ and make sure you have a good supply of your favorite toilet
paper, If you’re not expecting any thing, you’ll be caught flat footed
and and absolutely ‘gobsmacked. I’ve been with you to walk you thru this
because this is the way the world should be and you needed somebody who
couldn’t be knocked off his center, no matter the ‘news’. If you have
and stay with the bottom line it becomes a game of watching who else is
going to step up and defend more ‘BS’. Some thing stupid being relayed
as if it’s caring and looking out for you. If you know it’s joke, you
can laugh but, if you don’t and take half this stuff seriously, you may
be looking for a way to commit suicide. This picture they project as
reality is screwed. Nothing worse than talking cockroaches.

So, while there’s some who are happy as pigs in mud many more will
fill in the gap quite shortly and become ‘jet setters’. Don’t worry
about it, you are suppose to be happy…seek your joy. I don’t have to
tell you, it’s in your gut…been there the whole time, waiting like a
lion, to be loosed from the zoo. Do remember, balance in all things. Have wonderful life…worth living!

Consultations available until the door bell rings.

Love and Kisses,


Thanks to:


Herb Lady

Thanks Purpleskyz!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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