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Out Of Mind » FEEL GOOD ~ BODY & MIND » HOLISTIC HEALING & MEDICAL INFO » How to Survive Your Visit to the Hospital What You Need to Know to Get Out Alive . . .

How to Survive Your Visit to the Hospital What You Need to Know to Get Out Alive . . .

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How to Survive Your Visit to the Hospital What You Need to Know to Get Out Alive . . .

Dear Newsmax Reader,
Odds are high that at some point in your life, you'll need to go to the hospital.

You could be struck down by an illness or an injury — or perhaps just require some complicated elective surgery.

Whatever the case may be, a hospital visit should not be taken lightly. Why? See for yourself why you must avoid their hazards — if you want to get out alive.
Hospitals — the 8th Leading Cause of Death

Russell Blaylock M.D.
Beyond the potentially life-threatening reasons you might enter the hospital, many new perils and pitfalls await you once you're admitted.
Here are just a few facts that hospitals don't want you to know:
FACT: Hospital complications and errors comprise the 8th leading cause of death in the U.S. (exceeding even motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer and AIDS) . . .
FACT: Hospital-acquired infections account for 100,000 American deaths each year . . .
FACT: Medical complications kill 30,000 more people a year (and cost us over $9.3 billion) . . .
FACT: Medication errors lead to 7,000 deaths annually . . .
And what makes these statistics even more tragic is this:

A single factor skyrockets your risk of developing a hospital-acquired infection (yet nearly every doctor will forget to warn you about it) . . .

This same factor causes the elderly to be more prone to in-hospital complications and require readmission to the hospital after discharge.

It also causes younger patients to require longer hospital stays and to die more frequently — or feel unwell as long as 18 months after leaving the hospital.

The factor?
What You've Been Eating Contributes Heavily
to Your Hospital Outcome
Your doctor probably won't tell you this, but your risk of developing a hospital-acquired infection directly correlates to your diet prior to entering the hospital.

And sadly, even if you think your diet is adequate, you could be at least borderline malnourished. Particularly with today's SAD (standard American diet) — and the prevalence of junk food, sugar, food additives and other nutrition-busters.

This is only one of the reasons why our Newsmax health editor, Dr. Blaylock, devoted this issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report to showing you the best natural strategies to survive your hospital stay.
Discover How to Survive Your Hospital Visit Now!
You'll get the truth about preparing for surgery and other hospital stays.

How to strengthen yourself to survive. And how to avoid the breeding ground for the countless infections you'll be exposed to.

This knowledge is particularly essential if you have pre-existing heart or lung problems, diabetes, or even cancer . . .

Here's a small preview of what you'll discover in this issue:
• The two most common and most deadly infections you can acquire in the hospital (What simple steps can you take to avoid them?) . . .
• Yearly mammograms make good common sense, right? Wrong! (What every woman should know) . . .
• 11 simple and natural things you can do to boost your immune competence (And defend yourself against a hazardous hospital stay) . . .
• Why those trendy total body CT scans could double your likelihood of contracting cancer later in life . . .
• 3 deadly medical errors to avoid (If you want to survive your time in the hospital) . . .
• What you should eat prior to undergoing surgery . . .
• Why you should avoid canned "nutritional" drinks like Ensure, Isomil and Sustical . . .
• The ugly truth about hospital food (And how to protect yourself while you're stuck in bed) . . .
• 3 supplements you should stop taking at least two weeks prior to surgery (Hint: they lead to thinning of the blood) . . .
• The miraculous mineral that reduces your need for pain control (And also protects against anesthesia toxicity) . . .
• WARNING: What you must know about blood transfusions — before you need one . . .
• How the additives in hospital food can contribute to an increase in your pain levels (Plus, expose you to brain, heart and organ damage) . . .
• The top 10 nutritional supplements that protect you from cell damage (Consider all those x-rays and CT scans you're subjected to) . . .
• The little-discussed toxin in most modern anesthesia gases that can injure your brain and heart . . .
• How to increase your odds of proper wound healing after surgery . . .
• And much, much more . . .
Get Dr. Blaylock's Issue on Surviving Your Hospital Stay Now!


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