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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Benjamin Fulford » Ben Fulford: The New World Order has been defeated but the Old World Order is still fighting, December 24, 2012

Ben Fulford: The New World Order has been defeated but the Old World Order is still fighting, December 24, 2012

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New Fulford......INTERESTING......

Ben Fulford: The New World Order has been defeated but the Old World Order is still fighting, December 24, 2012
Posted on December 24, 2012 by Jean

There are growing signs that the Bush/Nazi New World Order Nazi faction has been defeated but that the Rockefellers and their allies in the Old World Order faction are still fighting to preserve their power. It has also now been confirmed that the new Japanese government headed by Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party was put in place via a disguised military coup d’etat, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. This implies the Rockefellers and their minions are being forced out of Japan, a CIA source added. This means 66 years of hostile foreign occupation of Japan may be about to end. There is still secret fighting going on though.

The gnostic illuminati faction in the West, for its part, is claiming victory and saying that “President Obama will leave the White House hanging by his neck from a helicopter.”

Of course the jury is still out on all this and only actual events and not talk, will determine if what the various sources are saying is true. However, it looks like it will be a Merry Solar New Year (even the pope now admits Christmas was not Christ’s birthday), and the power of love and friendship is winning over the forces of fear and hate.

There is also strong evidence emerging that the new Japanese government is planning to end the cabal’s monopoly on the creation of money by government money or Japanese greenbacks. Doing this would allow the Japanese government to write off its entire debt with the stroke of a keyboard. This plan is no longer something mulled on internet “conspiracy” sites but is actually the subject of discussion at major government sponsored conferences.

The IMF, for example, issued a report in August calling for government currency creation.

That report stimulated a recent conference of top policy makers in Japan who proposed their own version of this plan. The notes of this conference (in Japanese) can be seen at this link:

One of the lead economists behind this plan in Japan is Kaoru Yamaguchi, who says he worked with the authors of the IMF paper and that academic and government economists in Japan, the US and Europe are abuzz with talk of the concept of government created currency. Not only that, Japan’s military, yakuza and most police also support such a plan meaning that men in black sent by the Rockefellers etc. are not going to be able to stop it.

However, it is clear that there is still some fighting going on in the back-ground. Yoshinori Watanabe, the former head of the Yamaguchi Gumi Yakuza syndicate was killed earlier this month, according to Yakuza sources. Japanese newspapers reported the cause of death as illness but Yamaguchi, who retired in favour of Shinobu Tsukasa, the current head, was killed and that revenge attacks are being carried out.

Yamaguchi was forced to retire after former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi cut off his government funding and money he earned from the meat business. However, despite the loss of funds he remained very influential and was working against the cabal.

The North Koreans are also now saying they will stop working for the cabal in Japan and in North Korea. However, they have been cut off from their “super K” CIA forged money as well as from the amphetamines business and need new sources of legitimate income to replace these important sources of foreign currency. They are asking for Japanese help. The White Dragon Society has suggested that a tunnel linking Japan to Korea would be a good way to help North Korea because a rail link from Tokyo to London, via the Korean peninsula, would cut freight costs from Europe to East Asia and provide legitimate income to North Korea.

The North Koreans also want to build a pipeline to ship Russian LNG to South Korea. The new regime in South Korea is likely to be amenable to this sort of proposal.

In any case, the cabal is running out of thugs for hire in Japan and that means they are losing control of this formerly lucrative enclave of theirs. Time to pack your bags Michael Green.

There are also signs that something is changing within the Japanese royal family. In specific it is being said the current crown prince may not inherit the throne, according to a royal family source. That is because he was forced to marry princess Masako, the daughter of Rockefeller stooge and International Court of Justice judge Hisashi Owada. This is the opposite of the conventional story being put out in the media and on the rumour-mill that he forced Masako to marry him. The reason the crown prince was forced into the marriage was because the Sabbatean mafia wanted to substitute a cabal family member as his heir and take over the royal family of Japan. Of course, as with anything connected to the Japanese royal family, information from anonymous sources needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

It is clear though that the Abe government in power is a military regime and it has already taken on emergency powers. However, Abe will not provoke Korea, China or Russia because they are not the real enemies. He will also work closely with the Pentagon white dragon sympathizers. The Pentagon good guys already won kudos by seizing a Nazi nuclear device, destined for Tokyo, from a submarine in the Indian Ocean. Events over the coming days will make it clear exactly how much Japan has really changed.

However, we are also hearing that a fundamental sea change has happened in England as well. It turns out that a lot of the gold in the vaults of the Bank of England has been stolen and replaced with tungsten laced bars, according to an MI5 source. The theft has been traced to the Bushes and to funds that were used to finance the Euro. For that reason the English are now openly talking about leaving the European Union, the MI5 source said. Tony Blair is also going to be taken in for rigorous questioning on his involvement in all this. Jacob Rothschild and James Sassoon will be too.

The situation is less clear in the US but it seems that the Sandy Hook murders have provoked the exact opposite reaction from what was intended. The inconsistencies in the official story, the videos of laughing actors suddenly turning into “grieving parents,” the reports of multiple gun-men etc. have outraged military and law enforcement types. It was, as a gnostic illuminati leader put it, “a fatal mistake.”

However, many of these dangerous and desperate criminals are on the loose and can still carry out other atrocities. That is why we must keep our powder dry and stay alert so that we can make sure to finish the job.

Nonetheless, it looks like the tide has turned and the coming new year will be happy. Merry Christmas and solar new year.


Let 'er rip!!




Tide has turned? O hanging from his neck? Sounds like just another day in Ben World. :stuck:


Figure of speech- Although the end result WILL hang 'O'- :stuck:


Heh Terbs! Merry Christmas...

Yeh, that's what we all thought about Bush. He's still playing golf twice a week.


Merry Christmas, Ravensmoon!! Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season!! :twinkle tree: :palmtree: :merrychristmas


MORE good news for all of us....a person at Fulford's blog who comments over there regularly and seems to have some inside knowledge just posted these two comments....almost back to back...ENJOY......

"The HARRP stations have been taken over by the Light Forces. The Cabal have been ousted for good. Thank God. We are on a divine roll Brothers and Sisters. It’s all over now but the shouting. So beautiful. OMG! it’s so beautiful.
Respectfully yours,

"I just received conformation from my sources that most all Cabal created activated clones are being removed and destroyed. Our secret forces have received off-world highly advanced technology for tracking, deactivating, and destroying the clone via appearance of natural death.

I have new Overseer contacts now and He is now able to reveal information to me that before was off limits. Certain information that is, but, HE gives me hints if I’m correct on my own perspective leading me to the finial disclosure."
My best to you all,



In Response To: Benjamin Fulford Blurb: The New World Order Has Been Defeated But The Old World Order Is Still Fighting (Jordon)
A reader who wishes to remain anonymous, but who has sent a lot of material in the past, sends the following message which was received by the reader. The reader's description was: "I've just received this email one separation from source. I believe it to be genuine." It could of course just be another email rumor. Or, it could be related to a shift to a new financial system. Also, I notice the the advice about what to keep on hand as emergency supplies is very similar to that in the "Marine wives" rumor which I posted a couple weeks ago.

The video linked in this message has been posted previously.

Here is the message received by the reader:


I wish you all blessings at this festive time.

Now I must report a more serious matter. What I describe below may not happen but there is a high likelihood that it will. How people respond to the news is another matter especially as media like to make the most of a big story. Keeping calm will be paramount.

Some of you will recall that back in April I alerted you to times of trouble in this year of 2012 and offered suggestions to avert any difficulties. These included having enough food in store for at least a week (10 days) , cash on hand and a full tank of gas. Please think also of medicines, pet foods and water. Public transport may be affected.

Delays occurred and things did not take place in the expected time frame. (Serious threats to millions of people by the criminal cabal were forecast and in the interests of safety matters were delayed.)
Late yesterday this caution heightened.

News from a VERY high level points to a strong possibility that banks will close for a time prior to the end of 2012 - probably after Christmas day. This action is motivated for the greatest benefits to people.

I cannot give more information beyond that Scott's video at has reached a VERY high source, and that this has included Scott in a very small and select group to receive privy information concerning governments worldwide and banks worldwide. It is intended to make this knowledge public and problems may arise concerning the manner in which these entities respond and how the public responds to that. Confusion is likely, fear is possible, but steps are being taken to minimize both.

Whilst I know more than I'm telling here my lips are sealed. This is higher than the banks and governments themselves. (think corporate control)

Humanity is on course for a glorious future, and though it's a pity that some dislocation may occur during the transition, corruption must be swept away before the new can find its proper place.

I strongly recommend you heed this advice as from now and pass this information on to your friends and loved ones.

There is nothing to fear, provided you take the steps outlined above. In the event that provisions are not needed (i.e. governments capitulate) food and gas can be used anytime.

It is proposed that this news will be shown on alternate media first, (community radio and TV + computer) and that mainstream media will follow quickly; obliged to deal with the truth and not heed its puppet masters any longer. Response will be quick most likely, as in without prior notice your card may not work at a shop, bank or servo.

Do not fear, be at peace, and enjoy the Christmas season. These actions are motivated by extremely good intent and as soon as I'm able to give more information. YOU will be first to know.

Love and blessings

From Unnamed

Herb Lady

oh my my my. This is very interesting.
When one looks at the big picture, one can clearly see.

Thank you very much for all that you do and contribute to Out Of Mind!!!
Merry Christmas Shakes!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:

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