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Out Of Mind » FEEL GOOD ~ BODY & MIND » AMAZING PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS » Ron Paul Slams NRA Plan Recommending Armed Officers in Schools

Ron Paul Slams NRA Plan Recommending Armed Officers in Schools

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Posted on December 26, 2012 by Jean

Posted: 12/25/2012 10:40 am EST

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) came out against the National Rifle Association’srecommendation for armed officers in all schools in the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“While I certainly agree that more guns equals less crime and that
private gun ownership prevents many shootings, I don’t agree that
conservatives and libertarians should view government legislation,
especially at the federal level, as the solution to violence,” Paul
wrote in a statement posted
on his website. “Real change can happen only when we commit ourselves
to rebuilding civil society in America, meaning a society based on
family, religion, civic and social institutions, and peaceful
cooperation through markets. We cannot reverse decades of moral and
intellectual decline by snapping our fingers and passing laws.”

The retiring libertarian lawmaker explained,
“Let’s not forget that our own government policies often undermine
civil society, cheapen life, and encourage immorality. The president and
other government officials denounce school violence, yet still advocate
for endless undeclared wars abroad and easy abortion at home. U.S.
drone strikes kill thousands, but nobody in America holds vigils or
devotes much news coverage to those victims, many of which are children,
albeit, of a different color.” He added, “Obviously I don’t want to
conflate complex issues of foreign policy and war with the Sandy Hook
shooting, but it is important to make the broader point that our federal
government has zero moral authority to legislate against violence.”

Paul also slammed the response to the shooting from the “political
left,” saying he found “emotional calls for increased gun control” to be

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Wayne
LaPierre, head of the NRA, stood by the idea of armed guards in schools.

“If it’s crazy to call for armed officers in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy,” he said. “I think the American people think it’s crazy not to do it. It’s the one thing that would keep people safe.”

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