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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » Henry Seltzer ~ A Poignant And Transformative Full Moon

Henry Seltzer ~ A Poignant And Transformative Full Moon

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Henry Seltzer ~ A Poignant And Transformative Full Moon

Posted on December 27, 2012 by Gillian

Astrograph | December 27 2012

With Friday’s Full Moon we
reach an important stage in this pivotal end-of-year period. This is an
especially significant moment in time, one week after the 2012 Day and
just a few days before the New Year, Monday the 31st at midnight, and
featuring the perfection of the Saturn-Pluto sextile that has come along in this Winter 2012 time frame to add its weight to the on-going cycle of Uranus and Pluto.
Massive transformation is the theme, as current events continue to call
to our attention, and as our own instincts also reveal when we take the
opportunity to tune in – as Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter puts
it, to “close our eyes to see.” And the individual and societal mandate
for change that we so poignantly feel actually represents our own best
interest. We must, in the final analysis, allow to drop away whichever
of our dysfunctional behaviors that we can identify as no longer serving
our real needs.

There is in fact an enormous focus on Pluto in Friday’s chart, and as the year turns over. At the moment of the Full Moon, the Sun conjuncts Pluto within a mere two degrees, while the Moon opposes; Jupiter in Gemini makes an exact quincunx to the midpoint of Sunand Pluto. Saturn in Scorpio remains in mutual reception to Pluto and
also in extremely close sextile, exact within a few minutes of a
degree, thus greatly emphasizing both of these powerful planetary
energies for change. Pluto in the social sign of Capricorn presages the radical transformation of cultural structures. Saturnbrings hardship and lessons to whatever sign it occupies. In Scorpio,
the lessons are all about emotional connection with others around us,
and within ourselves as well. Being in closer touch with ourselves at
the deepest possible level is one way of conceptualizing the cultural
shift that we are in the midst of now, and through to the end of the
decade. When we witness the tragedy of schoolhouse assassins failing to
get the emotional help that they need it speaks to all of us. And when
we see social services potentially curtailed, placing the most
vulnerable among us at greater risk, in order to keep the wealthiest in
better financial health, it forces us to pause and consider priorities.

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