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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your Guide to Planetary Energies for December 31, 2012 to January 6, 2013 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your Guide to Planetary Energies for December 31, 2012 to January 6, 2013 By Pam Younghans

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Pam Younghans via

Posted Sunday, December 30, 2012

Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
December 31, 2012 to
January 6, 2013
By Pam Younghans

Photo: "Runaway
star" Zeta Oph (the bright blue star in the center of this photo) is
moving through space at 24 kilometers per second. The colorful band in
the photo is called an "interstellar bow wave," and is caused by Zeta
Oph's stellar wind compressing and heating interstellar material as it
plows through space.
(Astronomy Picture of the Day for December 29, 2012; photo credit to NASA, JPL-Caltech, Spitzer Space Telescope)

and indeed, for many years prior, we have had a sense that something
BIG has been underway on energetic/spiritual levels. Life experience has
seemed to corroborate that internal knowing, as many of us have gone
through a rapid succession of life-changing events. As a result, we have
been feeling a bit like the "runaway star" Zeta Oph, shown in today's
masthead, which is moving through space at the rate of 15 miles (24
kilometers) per second!

Now that we have
reached the end of 2012, many are wondering "where to now." Without that
mountain peak to aim for and work toward, where does our trail lead?

there is not one concrete answer to that question that will be true for
all of us. But, the planets tell us that 2012 has really been the first
phase of a major shift in our world, not the endpoint.

Which is why I'm calling my upcoming teleclass "2013: A Changing Perspective, Phase 2."
This class will be offered on Thursday, January 24, from 4 to 5:30pm
PST, and can be attended live -- either online or by phone. Or, if
you're not able to connect with us at that specific time, your
registration fee ($25) will provide you with a link to the replay after
the class.

During the class, I'll
talk about what's going on astrologically for the first six months of
2013, which includes the next exact Pluto-Uranus square and a rare three eclipses in April and May. If you're interested in attending, here's the registration link:

the information and realizations we've been waiting for may finally be
coming our way this week. The planet Mercury, which rules communication
and our conscious awareness, is activated nearly every day, starting on
Monday when Mercury enters Capricorn.

Mercury in Capricorn is
oriented to practical concerns and will assist us in achieving the
goals that we have set. But, Mercury in Capricorn is relatively cautious
and can resist making changes, being spontaneous, or thinking outside
of the box.

Since Mercury is
scheduled to meet with change-driven Uranus and Pluto later in the week,
it's good that Neptune arrives first to soften Mercury's resistance to
seeing things from a different perspective.

occurs on Monday, on the same day that Uranus meets with Mars. Both of
these are "sextile" aspects, which do not force a manifestation, but
rather provide opportunities that we must take advantage of.

With Neptune
sextile Mercury, we have the opportunity to engage our compassion and
understanding as we communicate with others, facilitating our ability to
soften the "rules" and opening our minds to creative solutions. And,
with Uranus sextile Mars, the doorway to new roads is unlocked, ready to
be opened. With this alignment, we can more easily find the courage
and independence needed to embark on new journeys.

is square Juno, the asteroid representing marriage and other committed
partnerships. We can assume that one of the by-products of taking the
chance on a different future is that certain relationships will
experience separation or a parting of ways.

This will only occur
if the parties involved have not been living authentically or in
accordance with their truth. Uranus does not divide those that are in
tune with themselves and each other, although it may still shake things
up a little so that the relationship does not become stagnant.

of embracing new concepts and revolutionary ideas comes on Thursday,
when Uranus squares Mercury. Resistance, both internally and externally,
comes to the surface with this planetary interaction.

Thankfully, we have two
supportive and healing influences on Friday: Jupiter trines Mars to
keep things moving forward so that we are less tempted to revert to the
old and familiar methods that have been shown to no longer work. And,
Chiron sextiles Mercury, providing the opportunity to heal the rifts
that may have been created, through the opening of our hearts in
compassion to another.

perhaps the most powerful day of the week. Pluto is aligned with
Mercury, and both are sextile Saturn. Words rule the day, with the
ability to either empower or destroy, so we must be mindful of how we
express ourselves.

At its most positive,
Sunday's planetary configurations can provide the strength and certainty
needed to communicate our truth. And, we ourselves can more clearly see
the need for change, and perhaps envision how it can occur without the
need for complete demolition of existing structures.

The importance of
self-observation and integrity in our communications next Sunday will
become clear very rapidly, due to a Mars-Saturn square that is exact on
Monday, January 7. In other words, we will quickly reap what we have
sown, if we have tried to manipulate or coerce another, or in any other
way defaulted to darker methods of getting our needs met.

you! As we move from 2012 to 2013, I hope you will find the class on
January 24 helpful in your planning for the year and your understanding
of the higher intentions of these changing times.

Here's the link to register again:

Blessings to all,


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Highlighted Aspects

[size=9][size=9]Monday: Mercury enters Capricorn, Uranus sextile Mars, Uranus square Juno, Neptune sextile Mercury; [size=9]Thursday: Uranus square Mercury, Venus opposite Ceres; [size=9]Friday: Mercury conjunct Juno, Jupiter trine Mars, Chiron sextile Mercury, Saturn semisquare Venus; Saturday: Jupiter quincunx Mercury; Sunday: Neptune semisquare Sun, Pluto conjunct Mercury, Saturn sextile Mercury[/size][/size][/size]

About the Journal

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your life experience.

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