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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR SCAMMERS EXPOSED FOR WHO THEY ARE » Benjamin Fulford » Benjamin Fulford posts a response to a critical reader comment

Benjamin Fulford posts a response to a critical reader comment

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Benjamin Fulford posts a response to a critical reader comment

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 31-Dec-2012 23:37:55


[reader letter to Fulford:]

RE: NWO defeated B.S.
You state that the NWO has been defeated. If this is the case, why then is is the Federal Reserve still producing worthless paper. Cities being sprayed with chemtrail poison. Obama trying to steal our firearms. FEMA camps still open and waiting to receive. Fluoride in our water and the list goes on. You never respond to any of my questions. Why is that? Do you not have the answers? Or is it because I am not on your account? Ben, the only thing I want is the truth and to know that there is HOPE for mankind. I am tired of the Kabal crushing our hope and dreams of a better future. Im tired of secrets and disinformation. Im tired of a$$holes trying to make a dollar off the fear of the people. If you have time to add a person to your bank account, you have time to respond to these questions.
[Fulford's response:]
Thanks for your critical feedback. The New Wolrd Order as I define it was a Nazi cabal that was trying to start World War 3 in order to set up a totalitarian one-world government. My understanding is that they have been defeated and that plans for WW3 have been stopped. My contacts in the Pentagon and the agencies make it very clear they will disobey any orders to attack American citizens or put them in concentration camps.
That does not mean that all is well, however, because the Old World Order faction the NWO was fighting is still in power in many countries, notably the US. That is why we are now moving to phase two of our two-pronged campaign against the fascist forces. That is all I can say right now because we do not want to tip our hand.
Also, I would like point out that I am sick and tired of critics like you who scold us for not doing any more than we are (at the very real risk to our lives) while you sit at home and do nothing but be an arm-chair quarterback. If you feel impatient, start taking direct, personal action.
In any case it is not over until it is over but my understanding is that huge funds will soon be made available to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

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