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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » A New Year Gift: Hillary and the satanists’ big come-uppance from above!

A New Year Gift: Hillary and the satanists’ big come-uppance from above!

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A New Year Gift: Hillary and the satanists’ big come-uppance from above!
Posted By: X_Hermes [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 31-Dec-2012 16:55:02

Reader Mattie (who usually seems remarkably well informed) sent me an extraordinary note about the Hillary situation – I was initially inclined not to go with it. But then….(see below)
[Note: my comments in brackets]
Mattie says:
“I read Rayes’ article, and others, re Hillary and I think that many are missing the mark. [Maybe - but what you say below is not mutually exclusive with other scenarios that have been put forward. More than one could well be true

“It seems they - Hillary and others - took part in a ritual blood sacrifice, deepest, blackest ritual, a final dark effort trying to stop the new movement of love and light from coming into the planet. If this new energy were to succeed [which I think it now has] they know it is inevitable that the meek shall indeed now inherit the earth.

The last desperate illuminist plan failed because our FATHER and all the heavenly host won’t have it any more, the period in which the dark were granted free rein in the duality experiment has come to an end.

Heaven is no longer obligated to that old agreement, and thus will not stand for further killing of the innocents to feed the illuminist blood lust and through this to try and harness their wicked power against the interests of humanity.

"This satanic abuse is now a thing of the past and ANY of them whom partake in it will find it swiftly coming back at them and their families – instant, heavy karma. That is why you are seeing all the illuminati who have recently been hospitalized - with the first sign being a ‘stomach virus’. It has happened to Middleton, Bush, Hillary and others - because the blood they drank was sacred blood”
Well, it implies a strange and vile story but, if persistent rumors a la ‘Bohemian Grove’ are to be given any credence, one that is reportedly typical of the satanists and their dreadful deeds. Anyway, I was mildly shocked to find that my trusty pendulum gives ‘100% correct’ to what Mattie had said.

So, it seems that Hillary does not merely have the Bush brigade after her, but now has the attention of much higher management!!
The satanists must be seriously on the back foot by now, and deeply anxious too I would imagine!
Now, THAT is something to celebrate this New Year! Have a good one!

Xavier Hermes

Herb Lady

Thanks YM! This is good news!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


One can not help but notice that many of the ones that I absolutely have despised for decades are all in the hospital. But I hope that the Nazi Bush sr. and Hillbilly Clinton are able to be stabilized so they are somewhat fit to stand trial and punishment for their crimes. It occurs to me that a normal type of prison would be a wonderful environment and one they would enjoy. I hope they are exacted a proper punishment.


Herb Lady

Oh, I might have to disagree with the idea of a normal type of prison, too much negativity there, they might just gain strength there. What about the old theory of kill 'em with kindness??? A prison full of light and love and kindness! Ha! They might just froth and snarl themselves to death!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Exactly HL. They would thrive in a regular prison. All kinds of activities going on that they would enjoy. Maybe put them in a Tibetan Monk Retreat. HA! I would say a Nunnery but to connected to the Vatican.



I have been wondering what happened to the old Hillbilly Goat. Although I think instead of prison, I would like to see all these people forced to live on the streets, in a cardboard box, under a loud and busy bypass, with nothing but ratty, holey clothes in a very cold environment. They would go unrecognized, suffering the same indignities they have caused for others. No jets, no healthcare, no food except what they can beg or steal. So if you see one of them thusly, make sure and give them a quarter from your pocket. We don't want to them to starve to death to soon.


Well I truly believe that all those of the 'Dark' must be held to answer for their Deeds.
The most difficult part of this New Era for me, is not just about being part of the LOVE... for me that comes naturally. However to really be one with all, I think we do have to literally LOVE, ALL. I admit to having real issues with this... I cannot Love Evil, period. I can however Forgive. And as I've said, though the Dark must be held to answer for their deeds, I realize that in order to release the hate, I have to release the desire to see the punishment. The Revenge/retribution is not my job, I have to move past it knowing that in some fashion they will get their due... that's as close to Loving them as I have been able to muster.
That's not to say that seeing some of that retribution wouldn't bring a slight smile...

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Marty, that is very true. It really is not our job to mete out karma, however all of us are subject to karma, the dark ones included, either in this life or another. These people have made life miserable millions of people and they have raped Gaia in atrocious ways. I cannot imagine what kind of karmic payback will be inflicted upon them. While karma is not our job, lightwork certainly is, so we shine the light of truth for all to see. The rest will take care of itself. (Insert slight smile here.) :lol:

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