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Rumors? or not???

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1 Rumors? or not??? on Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:54 pm


Very interesting:


Unknown: Hello Everybody. I have decided to break my silence and reveal
my understanding of truth surrounding the Iraqi Dinar. First, I am
married to an Iraqi born citizen who works as a foreign affairs delegate
for the Iraqi Government. We are are heavily invested in the Dinar as
many government people are. My husband speaks many languages and works
exclusively with other country's that are investing in Iraq, the two
major countries are the United States and China.

I have been following the the information that is
being put out by what is termed as "Guru's" on DinarRecaps &
DinarGuru. I am not a member of any Dinar site, but have seen enough
quotes from all the major players and have a pretty good gist of what is
what. The only individual that is remotely close to the truth is the
gentleman named OCrush on PeoplesDinar.

Okay, I am running a huge risk for putting out this
delicate information, but at this point, it is to far along in the
process to matter. The Iraqi Dinar is set to revalue prior to the 10th
of January barring any hang ups, (which are common) it should show at a
rate of $3.42 and experts are expecting it to rise fairly quickly from

Yes, it could be delayed, but if it is again, it
will be only for a very short time. I hope this information gets out so
the many mis-informed "Gurus" stop spreading their false, short sighted

Happy New Year to all.

Thank to Heavenly Sense for this email


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