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Fort Yates, ND 58538

Please make checks payable to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - Donations

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1 PROJECT for WORLD EVACUATION on Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:40 pm


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For the Restoration the National Unity, Power and Viability.

The RESCUERS of the PEOPLE are from the SOLAR SYSTEM, from the MILKY WAY GALAXY,
And from many GALAXIES.

The Protagonists, the Time/Space, the Events, and the Means:

The President of the EARTH, H.E. ESU “JESUS” SANANDA,

Now at the Helm of the ASHTAR Command.

The President of the EARTH, H.E. ESU “JESUS” SANANDA

The Leaders and the Directors of
The Intergalactic Program for PEACE.


“Courageous, loyal and devoted Lords and Ladies of this and many GALAXIES, You have given me a very pleasant chore this afternoon, in speaking and meeting with all of our Leaders and Directors of the Intergalactic Program for Peace. I am the honoured one in beholding your beautiful countenances and responding to the love that flows though each one of your beings and outward toward Me.

“I have come to join all of You in this final preparation for that great event which we have planned together for so long. It is a great moment for my own hearth, as it is for yours. We have not only laboured in the planning for the event, we have likewise laboured in the effort to prevent its necessity. Now we must secure our decisions and go forward with our Plan.

“In the beginning of our active programming we will have the assistance of the entire ANGEL KINGDOM, under the Supervision of MICHAEL and His LEGIONS. EL MORYA will exercise His Administration of the Blue Flame of Protection and build a wall of Blue Fire around each Chela who is destined to be taken into your midst and to be returned again for the final stages of their Service to HUMANITY.

“We have brought all of you together at this Conference for a feeling of encouragement as well as for practical reasons. Let us join in love to one another as we realize that the long battle soon will end, that our efforts for the Planet EARTH shall soon see the fruition and the joyful reunion with all of our Brothers and Sisters in service there.

“We must realize and understand that both the Leadership Meetings and the Evacuation Stages may be a shock to some of them. Their human reactions may be unprepared for these events. (The Book PROJECT WORL EVACUATION has been prepared through the coordinated efforts of KUTHUMI and the ASHTAR Command)

“We have had to proceed with caution in revealing our strategy and plans for this new touch with Mankind. We have had to consider the binding theological prejudices , the apathy, and the indifference, the general close-mindedness in most of these things, but most of all, the outright hostility. Because of this militancy, our progress has been delayed for twenty five years. Many have wearied that it would ever come to pass, not only of your Group, but our Earth contacts as well.

“We are trusting that the witness of these Special Leaders and their campaign outlining the Divine Plan of Rescue by those whom the FATHER will send to them, will in that dark hour of the Earth’s EVACUATION, proceed with a minimum of interference from Man.

“I send a special dispensation of anointing for this task upon all those whom you will take into your midst. They shall carry within their inner being power and perseverance in this ongoing battle for the minds of Man. They shall not be left unequipped without the proper spiritual weapons with which to carry forward this encounter. All shall be filled with spiritual power and anointed to meet every need from the overflow of their inward blessings.

“When the days of EVACUATION are upon us, these will be the ones to whom you will turn for the help that is needed upon TERRA. Those few moments of feverish action will bring about the gathering of the wheat into My barn for the Eternal Harvest.

The Timely, Orderly and Voluntary Implementation of PROJECT for WORLD EVACUATION

Is for a Timely, Orderly and Voluntary Implementation
With the Australian Government’s Invited Cooperation:

- First consideration: The OCEANIA LANDING Operation;

- Second: The World cannot wait for the Redemption Right until the next Australian Federal Election.

Is the one and only possible Solution
With reference to the Promised SALVATION
From the Central Galactic Light’s Cyclical Penetration!

The Australian Parliament’s Assistance and Cooperation
Go hand-in-hand over the imminent dire Elemental treat,
Let alone the Nuclear/Chemical cataclysmic treat!

The Global Financial Recession is also a man-made treat!

Share the thoughts with Fellow Colleagues and the Government!

Ideas increase only by being shared in substance and in content;
In the correct quantity, quality, rules and amount!

The Standing Committees’ Time cannot be ruled out!

The Prime Minister needs to speak on Radio Triple J, square ‘n straight,
With reference to her averse stance to the Service Forces of Might and Light!

Here is the argument:
A punk, slang and odd comment
Does not qualify as the Statement
By the Australian Federal Government!

A re-convened Commonwealth of Australia’s Parliament
Is the conventional place for an apprised public comment
In the National Interest, the Parties, and the same Parliament!

Is the one and only possible Solution
With reference to the Promised SALVATION!


Bruno Racina
Earth-Based Commander
The ASHTAR Command

Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:11 PM

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2 Re: PROJECT for WORLD EVACUATION on Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:46 pm


WTF is all this malarki, anyway?

3 Re: PROJECT for WORLD EVACUATION on Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:57 pm


lmao... T

Ok this is what I think it means to say. We are getting our azzes handed to us and Ashtar has got his command ready and is going to over see the evacuation of planet Earth. The Australian PM needs to hold a conference and tell it like it is. She must be important. I think also came out against the pedo priests recently. So maybe she is the one that will blow the horn on Nesara. I think that is what it says...


 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr
loe 126

4 Re: PROJECT for WORLD EVACUATION on Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:10 pm


The only one handing our 'hams' to us is 'BOO',-And it will get progressively worse, if these a-holes keep doin what they're doin- We need a clean slate, and then take the old erasers outside, and bang the living 'F' out of them, and spend a week doing it--Anyway, we need some good news for a change- I'm tired of looking at every BUS that goes by- Gives me ideas, you know what I'm sayin? I don't mean riding on one, if you get my drift- I need more bad news like friggin poliosis, terrible balsy, or whatever the hell it is-

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