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"Latest" NEWS, RUMORS & ARTICLES AT 1-3-13

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1-3-13 BOBGETZ6: Awaiting a call from my frozen friend. It has been difficult to get through to Iraq. Also, there has been, and confirmed, a lot of armored car traffic around the banks. All of the signs are good and I await info from my frozen friend who hopefully will get a call soon.

1-3-13 ZaneS: I've followed the news on the global bankers’ arrests for about two years now and from what I've gathered they wanted to basically clean as much corruption from the global banking system in order to redistribute wealth to the world and not have these corrupt banking cartels in control. And also to avoid any future global financial crisis from happening.

It all began with the arrest of Strauss Khan in New York, with him out of the way they were able to put Legarde in control of things and she cleaned house. I personally believe there is a platform of currencies set to RV, whether or not they pop at the same time as Iraq I cannot tell you as I'm no pumper or Guru. But I do know (from what I've read of coarse) that the Cabal are worried and loosing control fast.

Call me crazy but I truly hope this is something that is in the works and is planned to happen soon. I'm sick and tired of all the global powers that carry around dump trucks of money ruling everything and killing small businesses and keeping the poor poor. It’s time for the hard working people of this planet to receive payment.

1-3-13 Dinar Alert: Trade: Iraq prefers to be joining the World Trade Organization due and firm and strong economy. Parliamentary economy: the application of tariff supports the state budget two billion dollars annually. Hamid Buffy: the lack of commitment of Baghdad promises behind the delay in approving the law of oil and gas

"Asiacell" declare open the door of the "biggest" IPO in Iraq. Press reports suggest the possibility of raising the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister in the extraordinary session of parliament

* Dont forget to thank the posters of these articles for all the hard work they do. Special DinarAlert Conference Call Tomorrow - Friday, January 4th, 2013 - 8pm CT/ 9pm ET hosted by Enorrste, Russell and Kaperoni. Please join us (805) 399-1000 Code: 296983#

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