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In search of justice – Summary of an International Law Case in Finland

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In search of justice – Summary of an International Law Case in Finland

Posted on January 4, 2013 by Light Worker 29501

In search of justice – Summary of an international law case in Finland

by Jukka Davidsson -

as so many other countries in Europe as well as in Asia, experienced a
devastating economical collapse in the 1990’s. This writer has been
researching the event privately and in the Uppsala University, Sweden.
The summary presented here is only a superficial scratch of the very
complex case. Only main events, outcomes together with the legal
analysis will be presented. The huge amount of victims should finally
get justice.

is a story of a country which has been sold to foreign actors i.e.
foreign people planned and executed the economical destruction and local
top people aided the process. In this sense there are no news compared
with other cases.

background of the developments in Finland lies on the concept of
globalization. All capabilities to protect the country were lifted. This
is, financial market was opened and local finance inspection was
controlled. The so called market forces made everything happen.

planning of the banking crises began in early state in 1990. First in
1992 when the chaos was well on the way started to happen. In March
President Mauno Koivisto invited the top baking executives to the
presidential premises. The message of the banks was that they should get
rid of liabilities up to FIM 180 billion. When calculated this number
with all liabilities the real figure would be about FIM 256 billion.
This equals about 45 percent of all liabilities on the banking sector.
The plan was accepted and adopted.

following meeting held with the President Koivisto took place in May
1992. This time the judicial people were invited to the President
Koivisto. Although President Koivisto was officially the host of the
seminar, the program and management of the seminar was carried out by
invited people. The invited group, about 40 people, consisted of the
Supreme Court members, judges from lower level courts as well as
professors of law. Finance Inspection authority was also invited.
According to the invitation letter the objective of the seminar was to
evaluate and criticize the judicial operations and practice. The outcome
of the seminar was the total collapse of the legal system in Finland.
The effective remedies and fair trial as legal principles were removed.
One study presented the result of the meeting with the following figure –
out of about 3000 hearings banks won 2998 and the debtor only two.

the period of financial crises consists of several taskforces and
publication the third quotable matter is the secret agreement signed in
October 1993 between the major banks and the State of Finland. Parties
agreed that the buyers were entitled to transfer customers with loans
and guarantees to the bad bank
The right to transfer was defined through the ownership of companies
and through loan agreements i.e. promissory notes and notes of debt etc.
It was also agreed that the banks were entitled to transfer certain
lines of businesses which are real estate business and any business
related to real estate business, other investment business,
construction, any retail business, hotel and restaurant business, any
business related to leisure business.

meant from bank customer point of view that the banks were entitled to
transfer any customer or force the company in bankruptcy. Beside private
people about 22 percent of all active companies faced the bankruptcy.
According to the bank of Finland provided statistics about FIM 256
billion worth nominal value loans were transferred out from banks. Due
to the undervaluation of properties the real amount of stolen property
is about 1,7 – 2 times of the nominal value. This is that the stolen
value would be about 70 – 90 billion Euros.

outcomes besides the lost property values are the decreased volumes in
sales, construction etc. The horrified result of this exercise is the
increased numbers of suicides, divorces and mental damages and so on.

have tried to get justice, tried to get the case of their heard by an
independent court. So far this has not succeeded. There is, however, one
possibility to do. It is the international criminal law based on the
universality principle.

fair trial and effective remedies are the core elements in a
constitutional state. In Finland those values were forgotten during the
time of banking crisis. The case law provides the proof on that issue.
The rulings of the European Court of Human Rights support the
comprehension. In the absence of fair trials and effective remedies the
trials are useless. Therefore it is important to discuss the additional
possibilities how the victims of the Finnish plot would be able to enjoy
the benefits of fair justice, claim damages and begin the healing

main are in the international trial would be crimes against the
humanity. The crime against humanity is described in the Convention on
the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes
Against Humanity of the United Nations as follows: The General Assembly
of the United Nations states in its resolutions 2184(XXI) of 12 December
1966 and 2202(XXI) of 16 December 1966 which expresslycondemned as
crimes against humanity the violation of the economic and political
rights. The Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court is another
foundation for the elements of the crime of the crimes against humanity.

of deaths should be analyzed against elements of crime like causing
death by indirect methods or extermination by inflicting conditions of
life. Further there are questions concerning serious discrimination,
expropriation, crime against humanity of imprisonment, torture i.e. the
perpetrator inflicted severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon
one or more persons, persecution i.e. the perpetrator severely deprived,
contrary to international law, one or more persons of fundamental
rights, other inhumane acts i.e. the perpetrator inflicted great
suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health, by
means of an inhumane act.

this context we shouldn’t either forget in this context the United
Nations’ Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime
and Abuse of Power and Principles of international co-operation in the
detection, arrest, extradition of persons guilty of war crimes and
crimes against humanity. Among other things following requirements are
presented by the United Nations:

means persons who, individually or collectively, have suffered harm,
including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering, economic loss
or substantial impairment of their fundamental rights, through acts or
omissions that are in violation of criminal laws operative within Member
States, including those laws proscribing criminal abuse of power.

crimes and crimes against humanity, wherever they are committed, shall
be subject to investigation and the persons against whom there is
evidence that they have committed such crimes shall be subject to
tracing, arrest, trial and, if found guilty, to punishment.

Finnish people are persistent and unyielding. At the moment this
process needs international support and some resources. The European
international lawyers have accepted the case and they are ready and
willing to file the case. The proof and documentation exists. This trial
would be partly a trial against the international financial cabal.


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