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1-4-13 9 BALL: Word came out of Atlanta, says we will wake up in the morning saying,"Its Done, Its Done, Its Done." In fact they say you could now say "Its Done, Its Done, Its Done." I pray we see the "Procedures and Rates" very soon and that "There are no more obstacles, interference, or monkey wrenches thrown into the process." We wait for proper confirmation. Sleep well tonight. I just received this in an email. I don't know the source or who sent it to the person that sent it to me. I just copied and pasted it here. I look at it this way. I would rather something positive that turns out to be wrong than to hear something negative that turns out to be right.

1-4-13 Stryker: Iraqiya demands its lawmaker to attend Parliament's next session. Iraqiya slate demanded all its lawmakers to attend Parliament's upcoming session; it described the session of being historic. There is only one thing that I want to see historic and I think all of you know what I mean.
*** described the session of being historic ***
There is something strange going on folks and sometimes you need to step back to see what is going on.
*** make public the names of all members
*** who did not attend the session,
*** for the public to know
*** those who do not support the peoples' just cause.

Folks I could be wrong but this is the only way how they can insure that every member attends the session. This is the way this culture rolls, as my kids say. I believe they are telling their citizens that something is about to happen historic and all the members need to be there to work for the Iraq people. As much as we all would like the historic to be a change in the rate it could just be all about Maliki. But it does make me wonder.

1-4-13 Highhopes: Has TerryK posted anything today? I just saw this at i4u. Did Terryk post today? Redhead1: Blessme - he not only posted - he is crazy excited - says we will be cashing out on Monday and is giving advice on how to handle your dinar and receipts - he is going strong. [redhead1] Nolaspice - one of Terry K's mods had a date tonight - he told her to cancel to arrange a call - she said "NO" and he immediately went to someone else - I think he is serious.


I have just spoken to a personal friend and he is associated with a high level group.

He stated that one of his members is "ACTUALLY AT THE BANK" doing a Cash Out.

We shall wait for further confirmation.






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