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Time to Begin the Planning of a New World, a World that Works for Everyone

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Time to Begin the Planning of a New World, a World that Works for Everyone

January 5, 2013 by ohnwentsya | Leave a comment

Reblogged from Aquarius Channelings:

Written by Steve Beckow

“The next part of your Ascension is with Mother Earth, and with our
help to create a new Earth that is befitting souls who are growing
exponentially and becoming fully conscious Beings. You will then be able
to call yourselves ‘Galactic Beings’ and the doors will open to even
greater opportunities than you have ever experienced. Your rate of
progress is entirely up to you, and once you have made your decision you
will have plenty of help from us.” (SaLuSa, Jan.

Read more… 839 more words

The good news is the planning started long ago, and the actions have
been ongoing for decades;-) It's so beautiful to see more 1st world
peoples joining in now. For a long time now the most innovation, the
most beautiful changes and solutions have been coming from places like
India (see Vandana Shiva's writing for many wonderful examples and
references), Argentina with Horizontalism(that led to Arab Spring and
Occupy and now IdleNoMore), Kenya with Wangaari Maathai's tree planting
and community building. Another wonderful place to look for the planning
and actions is Yes! magazine and their website which covers so much
like the above in North America and elsewhere.
When Steve wrote that this was not his field and he was just starting
the conversation I was very inspired to join in since this IS my field
of study and what would have been my career had I not ended up becoming a
human paperweight;-)
I've been trying to do exactly this for almost 30 years-and the best of
what I discovered is that we don't have to plan for the world, we only
have to plan for our own towns(Transition Town movement is a great place
to start that planning) because there are INCREDIBLE people all over
this planet who have been planning and creating beautiful solutions and
creative change in THEIR own hometowns for sooo long now. Many of us
have been copying them and importing their ideas and plans to help
improve the supposedly superior 1st world communities where we
live-because in reality the more colonized the place where you live
is-no matter how much "better off" it seems, the FARTHER you have to go
to get to the real sustainable, mutual, systems based, truly alive and
functional part of the planet community you want to co-create as part of
the new world, the Golden Age of Gaia.
The good part is, there are lots of us waking up now and willing to do
the work to get there, so we should be able to catch up;-) and by so
doing make the job of those innovators in 3rd world communities SO much
easier since then we won't be living off their resources.
Please feel free to comment and share the innovations you have seen
where you live, and the ones you have envisioned. I know even after
decades of studying I only know the tiniest tip of the iceberg compared
to those of you who actually live in the communities where creative and
beautiful solutions have been made to so many of the problems created by
colonization. I look forward to more of us coming together to co-create
new cross border and multi-community solutions as well.
Much thanks to Wes for sharing this article!

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