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FORMER ARGENTINA DICTATOR JAILED: ZORREGUIETA NEXT? 9ad60748-55c9-11e2-b8a2-78b3336c92d9_original.jpg.h380.jpg.568
The so-called 'royal' dutch family has no decency. They know their
'royalty' is a fake fairy-tale, but profit from it. Like Jorge
Zorreguieta they are: ¡Sin vergüenza! And the taxpayer always gets the

Henk Ruyssenaars

April 20th 2010 - The BBC,
a.k.a 'Broadcasting Brown's Crap,' has a story today that'll make more
people, especially in Argentina, rather nervous. Those are the criminal
killers, the torturers and their collaborators which - with or without
uniform - are still not convicted.

The BBC in a short notice
today had the following about one of these heinous criminals, ex-general
Bignone: "BBC - 20 April 2010 - Argentina's former military ruler
Reynaldo Bignone has been sentenced to 25 years for human rights abuses
committed almost three decades ago.

Gen. Bignone, 82, ordered
abductions and torture while second in command of the country's largest
torture centre between 1978 and 1979. The trial comes after amnesty
laws, which had shielded perpetrators from charges, were overturned in
2005 by the country's Supreme Court." - [end quote]*


One criminal in Argentina, who certainly is getting into deeper and
deeper trouble, is Jorge Zorreguieta, the father of the possible future
'queen' of The Netherlands, Maxima.* Courts in Argentina decided they
will investigate not only the killings and torture, but the rapes of
political prisoners too. Many of those happened during 'president'
Videla's 1976-1983 military 'dirty war' regime, when Jorge Zorreguieta
was a minister. He knew about the atrocities, sometimes took part in
them, but officially always - of course - denied it.

against better knowledge Jorge Zorreguieta keeps lying, to save his
criminal skin: "In 2001, Jorge Zorreguieta, a civilian who was a former
Minister of Agriculture in the Videla regime, became the focus of
attention when his daughter Máxima became engaged to the Prince of
Orange. The significance of his potential connection to the Dutch Royal
Family, and his possible presence at a royal wedding was hotly debated
for several months.

Zorreguieta claimed that, as a civilian, he was unaware of the Dirty War while he was a cabinet minister.

Professor Baud, who on request of the Dutch government did an inquiry
in the involvement of Zorreguieta, concluded that would it have been
unlikely for a person in such a powerful position in the government to
be unaware of the Dirty War.

Under Nestor Kirchner's term as
president, the Argentine Congress revoked a pair of longstanding amnesty
laws that had protected hundreds of officers, regardless of rank, from
prosecution for the kidnapping, torture and killing of guerrillas and
critics of the military regime. Throughout her presidency, [the also
democratically chosen president] Cristina Kirchner, has vigorously
maintained her prosecution of the military officers responsible for the
disappearances." - [end excerpt] - Source: Wikipedia*


Now the military documents will show that there were at least 30.000
victims of the criminals. Maybe more. There is too much evidence of what
those evildoers also have on their - if they have one - guilty
conscience. According to witnesses testimony and reports, women
prisoners were "interrogated" raped, tortured and killed, while babies
born in those secret jails, were stolen by military officers. They often
threw the parents alive out of helicopters, and you better believe it:
from a 100 meters up, the water is as hard as concrete.

fact that in Argentina people are still trying to get 'justicia' - and
the decision to declassify the military documents concerning this - is
'very underreported' internationally. Like in 2007, when - for the first
time - a prosecutor in Argentina asked courts to investigate possible
rapes of political prisoners during the 1976-1983 military regime.
Reuters reported from the capital Buenos Aires, that Federal prosecutor
Federico Delgado petitioned Judge Daniel Rafecas, one of several judges
investigating crimes against humanity during the dictatorship, to
investigate former military and police officials. The opening of case
documents surely helped him, and will in the future too.


Years ago, with democratically elected president of Argentine, Nestor
Kirchner - the husband of the also democratically elected present
president now, Christina Kirchner - courts started to try hundreds of
military officers and policemen suspected of kidnapping and murdering
government opponents after legal immunity shielding them was scrapped in
2005. According to human rights organizations and the families, at
least 30,000 people were killed or disappeared and are presumed dead
during Argentina's so-called dirty war. The victims included opponents
of the regime, but also people who were not politically active. They
were tortured, raped and/or killed anyhow.

And that's where a
huge problem lies for the future 'queen' of The Netherlands, Argentinean
Máxima Zorreguieta and her father, Jorge Zorreguieta. Because, as said,
during the 'Dirty War' he was a Minister of Agriculture, and as such
also a war criminal in the Videla junta.*

His daughter Máxima
married the so called 'crown prince' Willem-Alexander of The
Netherlands, an empty-headed beer-guzzler nicknamed 'Prince Pils' - and
is coached and getting children* to prolong the fake and tax paid
'monarchy'. Which in SHELL's fiefdom The Netherlands is still alive
through permanent brainwashing of the 16 million inhabitants.


It is hairraising what people can be made to believe: as if it was in
medieval times. The 'House of Orange' - by many called 'Clockwork
Orange' - absolutely is, and always has been, a total anachronism.
Brainwashed by the despicable propaganda-media, those parasitizing
persons or 'things' - who live on tax millions - seem to belong to a
different period of time. But many of the deluded 16 million people in
Holland don't know any better. Those who do research however are
informed about the criminality of this mafia too.

It's a
completely faked (but with Euro millions tax paid) weird fairy tale,
straight from Disneyland, with a very rich elderly lady from SHELL,
where she's said to be the biggest share-holder, whom some call 'queen'
as the 'Evil Witch' ruling The Netherlands and the servile clowns in the
so called 'government' for the managers of the criminal global cartel
of which she is an important part.

Beatrix of Orange also is -
among other malevolent things which are very negative for humanity -
the Bilderberg-Hydra, and dangerous as such. She represents the Videlas
and Pinochets of Holland.*

Then there's also some 'royal'
brood - which is advertised by writing them up, and that way they're
supposed to be something 'special'. They should be called 'princess' or
'prince' the falsifying propaganda media say.

But reality hits
again: the only thing 'royal' about them is the lavish royalty for
their palaces, life-style etc. they extort from the Dutch tax payers. It
is unbelievable in 2010, but - because of all the propaganda lies -
this so-called 'monarchy' in reality is a criminal and 'cultural
Chernobyl' for the people in The Netherlands, and often the rest of the
world. It is a very costly aberration for the uninformed tax payers.
Their wealth 'officially' is around 150 million euros in 2010, but since
the by them ordered around so-called 'government' collaborates, it's
probably in the billions. The 'official' figures have very little in
common with the facts.


Looking at it in reality: Máxima Zorreguieta was fostered by a
'maximum' war criminal father, who at that time was an influential
minister in the genocidal Videla junta. Under the auspices of this
dictatorial pro-US regime, they murdered at least 30.000 human beings.
Máxima knew in those horrible years - and knows now - about all the
atrocities and war crimes. But, like 99% of the spineless propaganda
media, she keeps silent as much as she can.

The creatures that
have done and do this, are all like the murderous multinationals and
their media-minions : they have no shame and lack all human decency.
Zorreguieta's boss Videla and others were arrested for this. Zorreguieta
himself not yet, but his parliamentarian immunity was lifted in 2006,
and juridically he can be prosecuted.

That Zorreguieta is not
in jail yet, wonders many. Already in December 2001, Jorge Zorreguieta
acknowledged the disappearances during the Videla regime in Argentina.
That could be concluded from a book of Latin America-correspondent Jan
Thielen: 'Zorreguieta. A biographical Sketch'. The Dutch info and
propaganda-paper NRC-Handelsblad, published some extracts of the book.

Thielen had spoken with Jorge Zorreguieta regularly over the past 1,5
years. In the book itself, Jorge Zorreguieta is quoted as saying
concerning the killings, rapes, kidnappings and other atrocities:

"I am not crazy. If I now would admit I knew about it, I would make myself an accomplice."

The book further tells that the Prince of Orange, Willem Alexander,
understands the past of his future father-in-law.* Well, it's inhuman
but in this case understandable: he is just too stupid to be true.


It's quite a problem on the other hand for the crooks managing SHELL's
fiefdom Holland - and criminals like Jorge Zorreguieta - that earlier
governments of The Netherlands were a bit more civilized, and also
ratified the International Law against Torture. (in Dutch: Folterwet)
And those who want to in Holland, do perfectly well know that Jorge
Zorreguieta is guilty of those 'Dirty War' crimes, including the
killings and torture. But, like in many countries now, also the dutch
collaborating computer-coolies in the media, make permanently a perfect
ass of themselves, by all the time spewing the monarchy propaganda.

In Zorreguieta's case it's often: "that a grandfather should be allowed
to see his baby." But, in reality again, and according to the law, this
'grandfather' should be arrested the very second he puts his criminal
feet on Dutch soil. However - as is permanently shown - in SHELL's
domain - like in the rest of the criminal cartel's European Union -
there are enough collaborators who don't care about laws etc. There is
only one book of law, written by themselves, and that's used to control
the main part of the population.


But Argentine 'assistant-president' Nestor Kirchner - who was jailed
and maltreated by the Videla-junta himself - has pushed a human rights
agenda, and persuaded, when he was president, Congress already in 2003
to annul two laws from the 1980s that pardoned human rights abusers. In
2005 the Supreme Court in Argentina declared those same two 'amnesty
laws' unconstitutional.

Since then, courts have reopened a lot
of cases, and brought former maltreating military and police officers
to trial. According to the Center of Legal and Social Studies, an
Argentine human rights organization, hundreds are in jail while they are
investigated in the reopened cases, and a lot of people have been

Waiting still, are many of the victims and their
parents in Argentina, who want to see criminals like Jorge Zorreguieta
behind bars too. Because, and everybody with decency knows this: that is
where they all belong. All those psychopathic creatures who were and
still are responsible for the killing, torturing or raping of their

There are millions of people who hope that the time
has come that the evildoers are judged and sentenced. Life in prison
would do. Personally I'm against capital punishment, but I do understand
those that want to make an exception.

Declassifying the military documents is again a step in the Human Rights direction.

Killer and torturer Bignone got 25 years in jail:

Now the rest of the killers too!

Jorge Zorreguieta must be next.


Thanks to: http://extraterrestrials.ning.com


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