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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » POISON PLANET » the Organic Review: Family Farmers to take Monsanto to Court on Thursday – Citizens will Gather in Support |

the Organic Review: Family Farmers to take Monsanto to Court on Thursday – Citizens will Gather in Support |

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the Organic Review: Family Farmers to take Monsanto to Court on Thursday – Citizens will Gather in Support | Spread Liberty News

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By Admin on January 8, 2013

by Ali Papademetriou

It’s no secret that Monsanto Corporation is the world’s largest
producer of seeds, and the most famous manufacturer of genetically
modified organisms. Monsanto is frowned upon by many people, and has
been for nearly a century. As if its genetically engineered products
aren’t disturbing enough, the fact that it is so tightly knit with the
government is even worse.

Monsanto has also become extraordinarily famous for its seed patents
as well, notably its patented Roundup Ready gene, which makes seeds able
to withstand the Corporation’s patented chemical herbicide, Roundup.
Monsanto has been playing a dirty game now, since abusing its patents by
using its falsely acclaimed powers to gain more money out of innocent

In 2012, the Corporation dragged nearly a dozen farmers to court for
patent infringement. Not only do farmers have to worry about being
penalized for collecting and replanting seeds that they might not even
know are genetically engineered, but even conventional and organic
farmers have to worry about suffering punishment if their plants obtain cross-contamination from genetically modified ones, naturally through the wind.

Cross-pollination is one of Monsanto’s most abused legal grafts when
it comes to patent violations. The Corporation not only outspends its
defendants, but also spends ten million dollars a year and hires nearly
eighty staffers a year to investigate and prosecute farmers. The US
Department of Agriculture has even come forth and warned farmers to purchase insurance
to protect themselves incase their crops are cross-contaminated. This
is a perfect example of why government is not supposed to be involved in
the food industry at all, and explains how Monsanto and other biotech
giants got so big in the first place.

Enough is enough.

On Thursday, January 10th at 10 a.m., a Court of Appeals
for the Federal Circuit Court in Washington D.C. will be hearing the
Appeal of Dismissal in Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association
(OSGTA) et as v. Monsanto. Public Patent Foundation lawyers will be
representing the plaintiffs, family farmers, and will be stipulating
their services voluntarily.

Over one hundred and twenty anti-Monsanto advocates have already
RSVP’d to attend the Solidarity Rally in support of the family farmers
who have had enough with Monsanto. You can join the event and connect
with others who plan on attending the rally through the Facebook event,

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the Organic Review: Family Farmers to take Monsanto to Court on Thursday – Citizens will Gather in Support | Spread Liberty News.

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 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr


We just watched a doco tonight about Monsanto and actually the corruption in the government toward farmers over there and the food you eat and the big corporations behind it all. Absolute bloody eye opener! The fact that farmers can't seed save thanks to Monsanto is an outrage! And the fact that you can't speak out against monsanto or the government or the meat industry or poultry industry WTF!!! :evil:


You CAN speak out against them- They are part of what USED to be the control of the 'Cabal', and this shit is almost over with- The will all go to prison for their role in mass scientific genocide of the people- Watch and see,and so will the Muslim in the W. House, he's another useless, lying and corrupt mother f'er- affraid


I don't know how old the doco was terbs but it looked to me that there is no way to win against them. Most cases against Monsanto had to be settled out of court because no one could afford the fees. The doco was called Food Inc and it was on SBS last night, not sure if it is on You tube but it was very good. It touched on all industries that are using GMO in our food.

Out here it is illegal to inject the growth hormones or any hormones for that matter which is a good thing but who is checking?

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