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Thanks Raven!

That is the missing link. That is what the big cover up is all about. I have not doubt that when all is unveiled we will see that type A is from this planet, type B from another and so on.

I agree 100% with what you think.



Thanks RAven and purps I'm just going to do some reading and educate myself a bit further with this one. :athuup:

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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Raven.... did your field of study happen to include the Black Plague Gene?
This is something that I am looking into at present. It is said that RH-'s do not get AIDS. Kind of like how the Royals did not succumb to the Black Plague. I am trying to find correlations to these theories.



Skyz, I did not study the Black Plague particularly, that's more history than anthro, but I have read, and I do believe myself, that the plague was particularly deadly at that time because the health of people was horrid. They lived in filthy, cold, dark conditions and were starving to death anyway. The Royals probably had functioning immune systems due to having all the good food, plus they didn't live with rats in their beds, lice in their clothes, and sewage in their water. So as to a gene, to me those who succumbed did so more due to good health, no different than today really. If one takes the simple steps to eat well and get some sun and outside fun time, they stay healthy. And of course AIDS was a targeted plague to affect only certain racial configurations, "genes" in other words.


Hmm... well I know that there is what is called the Black Plague gene. They isolated a gene from remains and living descendants from what I was learning. I am thinking there is a correlation.



Oh wait, I did read something about that a long time ago. Let me bone up on that and I'll get back to you.


Cool... if you find something out I would love to know your take.



Well, there is no way I could wait until tomorrow to look into this mystery, I would never get to sleep, and guess what? We're BOTH right! The gene you are referring to is basically an immuno-factor gene that does indeed prevent the plague bacterium from setting up shop in the host, so yes, many people who survived this had this gene (they assume, it is still not a proven genetic correlation, more of a clue than proof.) I read two scientific papers on this and there is still quite a bit of professional debate on the issue, likely because of the old "nature vs. nurture" argument that pervades all things genetic... Did proper nutrition (nuture) help the gene (nature) express? Or did poor nutrition keep it from expressing because the victims were in such poor health. DNA can turn on and off based on vibration, which is a concept we accept as lightworkers but one that never entered this particular debate. What I did not see was any reference to the Royals, but then again that's probably because I didn't look. I could basically care less about a bunch of pedophilic inbred lizards.


LOL!!! Thanks... I love how you jump right on these things Raven!

The fact that they did not know... or at least this is what is told, that they were just called blue bloods and not RH-'s might be a factor then. I know negs are/ do have many auto immune diseases such as RA etc. I was wondering why they are said to not get AIDS if that is the case. And then the Black Plague came to mind. I remembered that they isolated a genetic marker that may hold a key... but of course what is out there for reference material is tainted on this subject. It keeps niggling at me... I MUST KNOW!!! hahahahahaha



Purplskyz said: "... Royals did not succumb to the Black Plague..."

Ever heard the expression "born with a silver spoon in their mouth"? Silver has incredible natural antibiotic properties just recently again coming to light (after decades of being suppressed in favor of antibiotics). Nano-colloidal silver can eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites (at the egg stage) with many other health benefits, yet has no harmful effects to humans otherwise. It's a part of our daily immune boosting regime via a generator that allows Us to make it for pennies/quart w/ distilled water, so we can freely share w/ others. PTL! :D

I agree w/ Ravens comments on Royals other advantages over the common people, also.


Ha! Yes 7fm!!! That is so interesting and a part of the puzzle that I had not considered. Thanks!

Do you think that the Nano-colloidal silver can help with the effects of RA? I would love to hear more on this! Yeah! Another research topic! Now if we had another 12 hours in the day I would be able to get to the ever growing list!

Thanks again for your wonderful perspective that you bring here. :)



Not familiar w/ "the effects of RA", so cannot intelligently speak to your question. Sorry.


Skyz, if you "MUST KNOW!" then you're probably going to have to use your intuition for the answer. The major problem with the study of genetics is the same problem as the study of astronomy that fails to take into consideration the "unseen" effects of astrology. The same reason Einstein struggled with his theories so much, there is no mathematical proof for love. With autoimmune disorders like RA, fibromyalgia, etc. it has always been my feeling that these are basically stress-related diseases brought on by deep emotion (anger, resentment, guilt, self-loathing) causing the body to "attack" itself in a sort of self-destructive feedback loop. Many people who have these diseases don't believe this because to do so would be too painful, easier to find something "outside" to blame. The mind/body connection is so strong, yet people can easily claim no such thing exists.

Then you have the recent examples of women removing their breasts because they have been "diagnosed" with a specific gene. We go back to the nature v. nurture... a person may have that gene (and who really knows, doctors lie!) so they take a different route by using nutrition or alternative steps to stay healthy and don't get cancer after all. No one wants to look at the emotional factors that lead to breast cancer, because those links are hard to measure and woman do not want to face that what's really bugging them is loss of the Divine Feminine. Then add a big pile of chemicals into the complex blood barrier system of the human breast in a stress-filled body... well, you can argue stress v. genetics all day. One has to use their intuition because "truth" is hard to come by elsewhere. As a powerful being, you basically determine your own health by what you believe. That's the bottom line.


Raven you are so very close to all of the answers. And Purps, we have so much in common its scary. Our bloodlines are very similiar. I was able to track my bloodline through quite a scenerio. I found in my car, yes found, a bible from 1860's. I have never seen it before and do not know how it got there. Inside of it was my bloodline back to 1750. I too, have decended from royal blood, and am related to a signer of the Articles of Confederation, and the USConstitution. Also, related to the first Roman Catholic Bishop in the US who also founded Georgetown U.....Anyone with a bloodline related to the Vatican is an unhealthy bloodline. OF course mine is diluted now, but now I know why I know things before they happen....


Topspin, I'm not close, I'm there. I haven't been sick or been to a doctor in many, many years. I know all this stuff because I use it myself.

We all go back to a common ancestor, but our genetic lines become diluted due to acquired characteristics over time. Darwin claimed there was no such thing as short-term genetic change but that's been proven wrong in many different animal experiments (see Wilcock's book Source Field Investigations) because not only does the human mind have the ability to make you sick, it can also alter your DNA and you can actually change your body and your looks at will simply by believing you can. This "belief" is a huge hurdle, especially since most people still refuse to accept the simple premise "if the mind can make you sick, it can just as easily make you well."


topspin... maybe we are related! LOL in more ways than one!!! HUGS Bro!!!

Raven... how would one go about reversing damage from such diseases? How could I change the course of this auto immune affliction? I am very willing to try anything at this point.

Also... my daughter is waiting for an MRI to determine the possibility of MS. Another auto immune disease.

So any info would be greatly appreciated. I know the power and depth of my brain and mind. So I will be an easy teach... but I would need to learn how to teach her.



There are several ways to go about this Skyz. But first and foremost you must acquire the belief that your mind is an amazing healing organ. Think of what happens when you get a simple cut from a knife. The body heals itself without your help at all! So what if you harnessed that ability and took charge of it and actually helped it along?

I personally use two methods: one is a self-healing meditation that basically relaxes your body into a state of self-hypnosis, which allows the ego to shut up and opens the mind to suggestion. While in this state you become an energy sponge, bringing in healing light to your body as a whole or directed to any particular spot you want. Obviously this technique is not something I can teach you in a forum but if you spend some time on You Tube and search for "healing meditations" try and few of them out and see what works best for you. I've used the same one for years and I think it's available on iTunes. I'll send a link if I can find it.

The second thing I do is I talk to my brain. I say, "Stop making my knee hurt" or say I might be getting a scratchy throat I say, "go down there and take care of that." You believe you have this power and you are basically directing your body to do something in a firm and loving way. Once again, the belief that you have the power to do this is the most important aspect. I've told my friends this time and time again over the years and they're like, 'yeah, yeah, sure." Now that they've known me for say 20 years they are asking, "How come you're never sick?" This is what all this New Earth stuff is about, people are waking up and asking these questions and people like me are ready with the answers, just like you are ready with your answers to things you have been dealing with for a long time.

There is a particular book that helped me when I was healing a terminal disease I had in 1990 and was trying to learn about all this. It's a book called Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno. It talks about back pain, but the technique applies to any disease or chronic condition. He was an orthopedic surgeon who discovered that most of his patients who suffered chronic things, it was because of thoughts they had: fear, anger, resentment, etc. So he stopped doing surgery and started treated people's thoughts. After many years of this he found that only about 10% of people are able to accept that their mind was actually doing this, so he would only work with these people. The reason the mind was doing this "to" them is that whatever thought they were having was so intense (or buried) that the mind said, "Here, let me give you this pain (or disease) to focus on instead of that painful emotion." Once a person addressed whatever the thought problem was, the pain went away immediately. And I"m talking immediately. So, once you get this, you can apply it to anything. Now people get injured, they break an arm or something, and that requires some professional treatment, but the actual healing process is done by the body. Take charge of your mind, take charge of your health. It's a very simple concept but it's not so simple for many people to accept and do.


Oh wait, one more very important concept... with things like MS, most people feel like they are a victim of a disease or a victim of their bodies. This thought must be stopped in its tracks. Doctors really go out of their way to imbed this thought in people and it's wrong. We are not the victims, we are the cause and we are the solution. Obviously I cannot assume to address medical issues you have, I am only offering tools to empower you.


Wow very useful Raven!

I do know the power of the mind but had never went there with regards to healing. Though I am seeing a viewing the many videos that are out with the healing that is going on in Japan. Their approach is so far beyond western medicine and that is just what they do... use their minds and energy to heal others.

I will check out the meditation instructional and that book you mentioned.

Thanks Sis!!



Skyz, I just posted a link to that meditation on your FB page. It's available from iTunes.



Got it!

And thanks for everything you do here and elsewhere Raven!!!

Love you so much!!!


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