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New Global Financial Reset Ready To Run"

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1 New Global Financial Reset Ready To Run" on Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:41 pm


New Global Financial Reset Ready To Run"

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 9-Jan-2013 16:07:48

(Thanks, p. :)
Reader pj writes and sends us these words from AlcuinBramerton which appear to be a rewrite of a recent Sheldon Nidle offering:
New Global Financial Reset Ready To Run
Hi Hobie,
I like to check in with Alcuin and Flutterby for a take on important happenings. Today I found this very encouraging summary of the financial events which are getting ready to roll!!

Our sacred secret allies, with the assistance of your Ascended Masters, have put into position a new financial system and have begun to instruct various key individuals in the distribution of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system.
Those who are to take up positions to replace old-order officials in the present de facto regimes are preparing the announcements which will transform your world in the twinkling of an eye.
The Light-oriented military and militia groups are poised to complete a legal putsch that will put a series of new, de jure governments into power. Once done, the announcements will be broadcast and the six major components of NESARA will become the law of the land in the USA.
Initially these acts will restore the Constitution, ensure the establishment of common law, and institute the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies worldwide. These will be the monies activating the new banking system and establishing global prosperity.
Banks will be rechartered. Corporations will be dissolved and replaced with socially responsible partnerships. Large banks and corporations will be broken up. New documents detailing the legal requirement for full transparency between these various institutions and the public will be stressed. The people will be asked to inform themselves and become a vital part of this process.

These new partnerships will be adjured to recognise the need to help Gaia and work towards redressing the many problems created by decades of global carelessness. These bodies will be publicly regulated and must interact with their newly prosperous communities to bring an end to industrial pollution. They must energetically promote the age of clean energy. This will use zero-point and light-beam technologies.
We intend to assist you by giving you technology which takes your interactive capabilities to a new level and which permits your communities to move away from corporate agriculture and any other established industries which can harm Gaia and her diverse and fragile ecosystems. SNIP

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Many will find this version more palatable than the earlier Sheldon one, Ym, but I appreciate both, at this time & U for bringing each here

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