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Frank26 and Delta Tidbits Friday Early Afternoon

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Frank26 and Delta Tidbits Friday Early Afternoon

Karl : Delta...All the banks in Iraq have agreed to open on Saturday to sell dollars. And your opinion is that the CBI is trying to suck in the last of the 3 zeros before the release of the new rate? Is this what you believe to be happening sir?


mugsbuttons Delta,First time I have posted to you. Thank you for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. After the release of the initial rate, do you believe it will take years or a relatively short period of time (1 year or less) for the rate to rise to its near maximum potential? Your gut feeling on this is of interest to me. I, of course, realize that anything can happen. Thank you again.


FRANK26: Even Gomer Pyle ........SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPISE !!!

AzProf explain Frank's reasons for believing in an extra 40% loss based on going to a gold standard, along with a detailed analysis of what steps need to be taken to protect our money. We know step #1- keep old and new money seperatehis 40% sounds a bit crazy to me, yet this investment sounds a bit crazy to most. And Frank has been proven to be right in this investment more often than not imho. I'd like to somewhat understand it.

FRANK26: On Monday's CC I will review it.


californiagirl Delta, thanks for all of your great information. One question about the "surprise" from the rate -- do you mean a pleasant surprise because it is higher than we anticipate or (hopefully not) an unfortunate surprise because it is very low?


Frank26: Later today......... DELTA and I will tell You how SAT went with the CBI and CITIZENS.
I expect the CBI to grow........... So do they.

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