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Exposing Ron Paul and Mat Larson and the Vatican

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Exposing Ron Paul and Mat Larson and the Vatican

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Posted By: Revel [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 13-Jan-2013 02:00:17

On our site, ( we have a lot of info exposing the Vatican as the primary agent who is on the attacks against America.
People must remember that America was founded on Protestant ideology. Catholics could never make a constitution like the one in America, and never have.

Most of the history you learn today, is distorted. Most of your TV stations, newspapers, and even most of your alternative media is catholic controlled. Your schoolboards are catholic controlled. Your supreme court is catholic controlled. Your DHS, CIA, FBI are catholic controlled.
The people who sit at the top of the Republican and Democrat parties are catholic controlled.

I know from personal experience the Tea Party, at least in Indiana, is catholic controlled. In fact, they quit having them here primarily because of me cause I kept pointing out how everyone they promote for office and organizations they promote are all catholic run.
Just to be clear: In indiana, if they say “this candidate is backed by the Tea Party”, it is a lie because it isn’t like they ever have Tea Party meetiungs to decide on who the Tea Party wants to back. They don’t have meetings anymore. The media simply claims the Tea Party is backing a candidate. But when did we have a meeting on it? The answer: NEVER.
I use to be in the Constitution Party. I tried to talk to Peroutka and John Loften before I made any videos against them or spoke out against them. I was a VERY loyal member.
I knew the Lincoln bashing was fracturing the party, so I did 1000s of hours of research to see who Lincoln was. That’s when I stumbled across a few books written in the early 1800s, and I pointed out to Peroutka and Loften that it seems like most of this disinfo about Lncoln was coming from the Vatican and told them they were probably unknowingly being misled.

But they dismissed these books as being written after the fact (but aren’t all books????) and said little to argue against the facts I presented them. Then later I discovered they attended catholic schools and were roman catholics.
I always did wonder why they spoke out against protestant leaders, but were silent about the Vatican and its corruption and hand in politics.
I’m not trying to bash people. I’m just tired of the lies.
Ron Paul had Peter Thiel as one of his advisors. Peter Thiel is on the Bilderberg steering committee. This is another issue I asked Mat Larson about.
Yet, next video, mat is still promoting Ron Paul.
Thiel was also on of Ron Paul’s biggest contributors, (from what I understand), in this past primary.
Dilorenzo is a professor at Loyola university and has worked on the same projects as Ron Paul.

Ron Paul believes that Lincoln is one of the worst presidents. And it has nothing to do with states rights, like he might claim.
Ron, even if you are right about “states rights” how can you hold them above God given rights to ALL humans? Black people are humans Ron, and they deserve freedom and liberty too.
(added November 6 2012)
I wanted to add, that while some of the names I name, might not publicly claim to be catholic, they all do have some sort of affiliation with a Jesuit or Catholic school or church or ecumenical church movement.
For instance:
Leon Panetta is ROMAN CATHOLIC, and he is secretary of state.
Janet Napolitano is a Jesuit. She may say she is a methodist publically, but she went to Santa Clara University, which is a private non-profit JESUIT university
Head of CIA – David Howell Petraeus Trained at Georgetown University
Most of these people I name, they went to some sort of catholic or jesuit school.


Hope Shakes doesnt read this. She may pop a gasket....As for RPaul, he is part of the system and is a minion of the elite. I have posted this many times. As they have said, "even when you vote for the other side, you still vote for us"......And yes, they are that far along that they control ALMOST everything....Not trying to be negative, just factual........This is why NOTHING that has been posted as happening for our betterment has happened......Most of it is just misdirection.....With that said, I have heard that middle of Feb is the next possible time an RV could occur....My "connected" friends have said that they may have decided to throw us a bone. Personally I dont see it as the elite have all the cash they need...Money means nothing now, its all about control.....Watch out for a change in the credit system...They appear to be moving towards an RFID chip......and fast.....


I had wondered about this also- Shakes won't only blow a gasket, she's gonna 'throw' a rod- I do not want to see the end result of Shake's attitude-Someone both of us had faith and trust in, and now look what's in the works-

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