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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "In Country RV?":Rumors, Hopium and Opinions from MIG and I4U Members Fri. AM

"In Country RV?":Rumors, Hopium and Opinions from MIG and I4U Members Fri. AM

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Rumors, Hopium and Opinions from MIG and I4U Members Fri. AM

[winalot] OMG!!!!! i think i just found something!!!!

[winalot] go here... /ar/ then translate.... scroll down to the currency exchange, see where it is, then go back to the aribic, and copy and paste into [winalot] this is what you get....

[winalot] [6:36:30 AM] winalot: Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day Dollar: 0.9 Euro: 0.6 Pounds: 0.5 LBP: 1292.3 KD: 0.2 SR: 3.2 AED: 3.2 JD: 0.6

[winalot] Dollar: 0.9

[RindsGuy] winalot Does that mean $1 = .9 dinars? :o

[winalot] RindsGuy means 1 dinar = 90 cents!!!

[winalot] that looks like an RV to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[RindsGuy] I'm trying to find that on the translated page

[winalot] RindsGuy it won't load .

[winalot] it is on the left side

[winalot] i think it is party time!!!!!!!!

[heartfelt] RindsGuy winalot won't translate can you read it?

[winalot] heartfelt COPY AND PASTE INTO THE BOX HERE....

[RindsGuy] heartfelt Go to the arabic page, look on the left just above the weather report. You'll see a .9.. Copy and paste that line into google translate.

[RindsGuy] winalot If it is an RV that's a far cry from $3.42 that TerryK keeps talking about :|

[heartfelt] winalot keep trying it but still won't load.

[winalot] RindsGuy that would be the in country rate.. They will get their bump from purchase POWER... They will not see $3 on country

[RindsGuy] still has the 1166 rate

[winalot] on the translated version or aribic?

[RindsGuy] heartfelt Heartfelt, when you're on the arabic page, do you see on the far left towards the bottom the weather report? It should have a picture of the sun.

[heartfelt] RindsGuy yes I got it!!!

[heartfelt] Thanks

[heartfelt] 1,158.82 Onada

[capt ron] jacque, holy cow.

[jacque47] [8:07:44 AM] jacque47: 7:39 AM [WINALOT]

[billuke] jacque47 I wonder if that's the 1:1 (or there abouts) that Wang Dang & some others have talked about that will be in Iraq first?

[jacque47] looks like it------------huh???????

[capt ron] yes it sure does.

[capt ron] holy cow.

[RindsGuy] Anything new yet?

[capt ron] And these Iraqi folks just may have been exchanging dinar at these rates for a few days now, no?

[rustyc] capt ron are you converting cows or the exchange?

[capt ron] hah

[rustyc] Jacque47 are you sure translate put the numbers in the right order ya know the language barrier can be difficult lol

[capt ron] There HAVE to be boots on the ground in Iraq that can go out today and exchange at these rates. Feedback would be much appreciated.

[jacque47] .you have to get them on the aribic side [8:26:05 AM] winalot: then translate in

[RindsGuy] capt ron Isn't Friday a weekend for them?

[Texas Mama] Okay I just got a call from Winnie ... and she says WEES RICH!!!

[jacque47] Texas Mama [8:07:44 AM] jacque47: 7:39 AM [WINALOT]

7:40 AM [WINALOT] Find the section on the left just above the weather. Copy and paste into and you'll see the different rates. [8:10:36 AM] jacque47: Currency Baghdad market prices for securities Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day Dollar: 0.9 euros: 0.6 pounds: 0.5 LBP: KD 1292.3: 0.2 SR: 3.2 dirhams: 3.2 JD: 0.6 [8:11:08 AM] jacque47: it means $1.00 = .9 IQD. So, 1,000,000 IQD = $1,1000,000

[capt ron] Hi TM, I just talked to her also.

apt ron] arr

[billuke] capt ron jacque47 - all I can say is that Wang Dang has said that there is an agreement between the CBI and IMF that the rate be .90 to 1.17 ~ for 3 to 4 days first. Something about stabilizing the inflation, then full RV afterwards.

[capt ron] billuke, so Wang Dang sees such a temporary exchange rate differential as a part of a process to execute this rv then.

[rustyc] Dsatmhk7 speaking of emails. so when we call wont the shear # of callers overload the system??? hmmmm

[billuke] capt ron yes, he's been saying that for over a year. As I understand it, it's something that CBI has to do first

[RindsGuy] billuke If that's the case then we're really looking into next week sometime?

[Dsatmhk7] rustyc - I would think so, but they may have something else in mind? We will find out

[billuke] RindsGuy yes

[RindsGuy] billuke Would this be the international rate as well?

[billuke] RindsGuy but he said it could also be 1 or 2 days, didn't sound like something of a concrete time frame

[billuke] Listen to any WD's cc's - he always mentions it

[Dsatmhk7] My question is this.. .....there are plenty of smart business peeps that watch this stuff. How would seeing this rate, keep then from buying up all the dinar out there? Seems to me that the rate here should have to be locked down, and no more selling going on?

[14titles] Dsatmhk7 exactly

[Dsatmhk7] When I see it in MY email, then it's official to me.

[ok rocks] Well we have heard they were taking in as many dinar as they could and trading them for USD.... then they would go to next step... who knows but it looks like something changed...

[Rio51AllGo] jacque47 ---I just saw it. What does it mean to us?

[ok rocks] and if borders were closed and all... just thinking

[jacque47] Rio51AllGo there is an in country rv---and we almost there----

[Rio51AllGo] Holy cow. How is a RV different from and RD?

[pepper] Dsatmhk7 ditto

goin4broke] I saw in Bloomberg this morning there was two countries that weren't happy that the value of their currency was changing. To me this is great news and does give validity to this being a World event. Just bringing what I find

winalot] still waiting for a call back from my currency dealer freind

RindsGuy] winalot Tell him this is a life and death situation. Mainly his! lol

[winalot] RindsGuy he knows!! lol

[ok rocks] winalot this is so exciting, ty for finding that... I hope its not some kind of "mistake" from that site

[winalot] ok rocks i don't think it is... otherwise, it would load on the english side

[ok rocks] winalot oh ya... I tried that lol

[winalot] and it is exactly where they said it would be

[ok rocks] winalot you mean the 90 cents according to wangdang?

[winalot] ok rocks in country... not international exchange

[ok rocks] winalot ok, just wanted to make sure that is what you were saying, ty

[winalot] ok rocks 1 dinar =1.11 usd!

[Sparkles] winalot Did the change just take place today?

[winalot] Sparkles first that i have found it.

[Sparkles] winalot Super thanks

[winalot] yesterday, same paper.. 1166

[Capt Ron] arr

[ok rocks] Great... so how long will is stay there before it comes to us do you think? wangdang said he thought about 3 days

[winalot] ok rocks i would think somewhere around that ... maybe sooner

[ok rocks] winalot ty I will take sooner! lol

[winalot] Capt Ron how u like your wake up call??? lol

[Capt Ron] it is indeed a good morning.

[Capt Ron] i liked it a lot.

[Capt Ron] i'm glad that you don't see this iraqi information as being a result of any tranlation difficulties.that's a good sign.

[winalot] no.. numbers are in english.. both sides

[Capt Ron] and it fits with the 'timetable' we're seeing in other dinarland conversations.

[Capt Ron] it fits with the weekend cashin scenario.


[okrocks] GM need some person who knows what is what on currency charts...Winalot and Mig brought a great find in... if you go to an Iraq pape and copy chart above the sun/weather chart then take that and go to you get: * Currency Rates * Baghdad market for

[okrocks] * Currency Rates * Baghdad market for securities Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day $ *: 0.9 * Euro: 0.6 * Pounds: 0.5 * LBP: 1292.3 KD *: 0.2 * SR: 3.2 * AED: 3.2 * JD: 0.6

[okrocks] The $ sign is for USD... so something is up! We also know wang dang said they would do 90 cents for a couple/few days and then the big one... so anyone care to decode this one? Is this it????

[jamajacks] SGD3 It means by that exchange chart 1,ooo,ooo dinar= $1,100,000.

[bamanana] Hope you're right. Woohoo!!

[spiritfilled] okrocks Good morning sure looks that way!

[okrocks] spiritfilled I know!

[Stitch] bamanana gm other nana!! love

[spiritfilled] okrocks this could be that low release float some have been discussing in the past

[jamajacks] SGD3 Remember incountry rates will be lower than the rate we are supposed to get.

[Stitch] spiritfilled gm

[mbd4049] jamajacks exactly

[spiritfilled] Stitch Goos Morning and Blessings

[spiritfilled] Good

[gab44] This is an in country rate eh?

[bamanana] Hi Nana!!!! :bighug:

[Blessingsabundant] kickstart Do not think within Iraq it will ever show our rate at CBI because it would upset the people to think we were getting so much.

[spiritfilled] Blessingsabundant I agree

okrocks] diverdown roflmao

[spiritfilled] okrocks This amy also tie into what flashing was eluding to about the dealers in pr being so excited last night

[Stash] Good morning to all my rich to be friends

[okrocks] spiritfilled yes... plus other info coming as well that have to be quiet about lol

[gab44] I'm not getting too excited.... No change on the cbi site. Anyone care to address this?

[mbd4049] gab44 I am with you on that -- can anyone confirm?

[okrocks] gab44 CBI site is based here in US I dont think they will show anything until its international... looks like there MAY be an incountry rate for their peeps... but who knows

[spiritfilled] gab44 who knows...I have heard several say over the last few months that the public CBI site is not the true story from Iraq like so many other things from there..if you know what I mean

[chillimac] okrocks have they updated lately

[okrocks] To see what we are discussing go here and copy arabic currency chart then take to google translate...


[okrocks] This is what you will see: * Currency Rates * Baghdad market for securities Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day $ *: 0.9 * Euro: 0.6 * Pounds: 0.5 * LBP: 1292.3 KD *: 0.2 * SR: 3.2 * AED: 3.2 * JD: 0.6

[TexasMom] good morning castle peeps

okrocks] sunsfan It is not smoke but I do not know what it means for sure.... could be something "other" than the translation is giving us maybe.... BUT....

[chillimac] gab44 :I heard on cnbc this morning something about the Soverign Wealth Fund,... is that us, dinarians???

[spiritfilled] For me it shows potential movement ...something we have not seen...I say Praise the L:ord something hopefully is happening and this thing is off dead center and moving in the right direction

TexasMom] I was told 6 & 7 are signed off and 7 was done back in December but "someone" held things up

[burk50] Thought I heard 7lifted Just not announced and will be when RV shows

childofgod] burk50 yes - we are waiting on the announcement

WCW] ivy10 this its differant to any other rv i have been saying this for over a year now
Blexum link
01/18/2013 09:48
It would seem that if this was for real all trading of the dinar would be stopped. After all, Puerto Rico Exchange is in direct contact with the Iraqi banks aren't they? At least that's what we've been told.
01/18/2013 09:51
Currency Baghdad market prices for securities exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar for the day dollars: 0.9 euros: 0.6 pounds: 0.5 LBP: KD 1292.3: 0.2 SR: 3.2 dirhams: 3.2 JD: 0.6

Not US dollar, but .9 Euro is about $1.19 US; .6 GBP $.96
Joel link
01/18/2013 09:55 come it doesnt show here at their bank?
01/18/2013 10:08 case you didnt know're awesome! What detective work! Love you guys....winalot, flashing, cruiser, shining, finding, and I know I'm forgetting some of you. But to those who explained things as they went along....who didn't just throw us a bone to try and figure things out. And who didn't abandon the ordinary peeps who don't have any contacts and no way of getting info/intel on their own. What a comfort you have been. So grateful to know who you are.
01/18/2013 10:11
MMMM? with cautious excitement - woohoo!(he says under his breath)
just thinkin out loud... ROFL
jupiteruran link
01/18/2013 10:15
I fell it will happen same time as the inaugurational ball on 20th. They want to hide it, when something big is happening .
01/18/2013 10:21
rick link
01/18/2013 10:24
Wow i didnt believe it till i did it myself and translated it three times to make sure. We cant cash in but maybe it means some change has occurred
Ken Hill
01/18/2013 10:24
This is the chart translated from Google

Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day

Dollar: 0.9
Euro: 0.6
Pounds: 0.5
LBP: 1292.3
KD: 0.2
SR: 3.2

Herb Lady

What a lovely way to start a day!

Thanks YM!

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