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Be a Proud Conspiracy Theorist, You're in the Majority

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Be a Proud Conspiracy Theorist, You're in the Majority

"Is everything a conspiracy? No, just the important stuff." - Jeff Wells, Rigorous Intuition.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

It seems that the establishment media has intensified their attack on
"conspiracy theorists". It's long been their feeble attempt to
discredit anyone who dares question the "official" narrative of events.
But why the sudden deluge of attacks?

First, what does conspiracy theory even mean?

con·spir·a·cy - An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

the·o·ry - A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena.

con·spir·a·cy the·o·ry - The belief that the government or a covert organization is responsible for an event that is unusual or unexplained.
In short, a conspiracy theorist seeks the full facts about covert
subversive acts, and unusual or unexplained events. Put another way,
when the story of an event doesn't add up, theories arise to explain
what really happened.

Given the abominable track record of the
establishment media, it's become more common to question everything we
hear rather than blindly swallowing their script.

As the initial reporting of the Sandy Hook school massacre was so
scattered, and policymakers immediately seized the crisis to promote a
long desired agenda of strict gun control, it's no wonder that some have
questioned the authenticity of the "official" version of events.

What is the official version, anyway? It's changed a thousand times.
They want us to believe a lone-wolf psycho used an assault rifle to kill
26 innocent children and teachers.

Never mind that it has come out that a "rifle" never entered the school and what they found in the trunk of Lanza's car was actually a shotgun.
Never mind how he got through the new $300,000 surveillance/security
system while wearing a mask and armed to the teeth. Never mind the
reports of multiple shooters and camouflage-clad strangers arrested in the woods. Don't worry about the Emergency Response Team (ERT) that was simulating this exact same school shooter scenario
on the same day in a nearby town. And, don't ask why there's a strange
lack of injured survivors, credible witnesses, or anyone who even knew Adam Lanza. And, finally, how would gun control have prevented this event?

I must be an evil, heartless conspiracy theorist who pisses on the
graves of those killed that day because I'd like answers to these
questions. At least that's what the establishment media wants you to
believe about me and others who desire better explanations than what
we've been given.

Media figures, particularly CIA intern Anderson Cooper of CNN, is using
his bully pulpit to demonize anyone who questions the Sandy Hook event
and lump them all into the most radical theory that says no one was murdered that day. The fact that he dedicated nearly an entire show to disputing a conspiracy theory, in and of itself is telling.

Meanwhile, AC was caught pulling a 360 on viewers by showing “active-shooter drill footage” from another school as if it was the breaking news feed of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

as Cooper struggles to attract 200K viewers per night to his pulpit, an
amateur video questioning the anomalies of Sandy Hook received an
astonishing 10 million views in one week.

Therein lies the primary reason the establishment can no longer ignore
conspiracy theorists, because they're now the majority. According to a
recent Fairleigh Dickinson University poll a majority of Americans (63%) believe at least one political conspiracy theory.

Dan Cassino, a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University who helped
conduct the poll said "People tend to believe that where there’s smoke,
there’s fire – so the more smoke they see, the more likely they are to
believe that something is going on."

Regarding 9/11, Cassino says; "It’s easy to discount conspiracy theories
about 9/11, but this isn’t some fringe belief. Trutherism is alive and
well in America, and is only going to get stronger as memories of the
actual event fade."

Another likely motivation for the recent attacks on conspiracy theorists
is because a staggering majority no longer trusts the corporate media
or the government. Recent polling showed record level (60%) of distrust for the media, and Congress is less popular than cockroaches with a dismal 9% favorable rating.

It's clear that the dying corporate media wants their viewers to despise
anyone who questions the official narrative of any "event that is
unusual or unexplained" in a desperate attempt to keep viewers locked to
their "trusted" news channel.

I, for one, am proud to question everything I hear in the so-called
news. And the bigger they hype a story, the more I question it. As
professor Cassino said, "where there's smoke, there's fire."

Usually someone, or a group of someones, clearly benefits from a certain
subversive act. As such, they seem to have much more of a motivation
than some lone wolf who kills himself after committing unexplainable
atrocities or some cave dweller claiming to hate our freedom.

Is this always the case? Of course not. But the more hype the
establishment puts behind a questionable event, the more reason there is
to find out cui bono -- who benefits?

Below is a great video dissertation by James Corbett about conspiracies and the media response to them:

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