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 The Latest Dinar/VND Updates AT

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PostSubject: The Latest Dinar/VND Updates AT   Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:17 am

The Latest Dinar/VND Updates AT


1-24-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing [so then we are a possible for tonite, tomorrow but you feel best chance is Saturday.] based on rumors saturday...Saturday is a rumor brought to me by sources. imo it should be done on or before Jan 31, but it is my opinion and i could be wrong...]Rate on IQD?] different rumors about IQD rate: some are saying dummy rate for some days, others still saying between 5 and 12. e you hearing anymore about [color=blue]VND?] sources still saying .27 to .57. people are asking for rumors and i brought them what i heard, however i posted above why i am excited and has nothing to do with rumors. So articles are great, rumors are great then i am very happy and excited too...we still on track. [post 3 of 3]

1-24-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing Among other things the [12] reasons why I am excited are: 1. iraq quadrupled During the last gold reserved months (August to October). it did not happened in previous years. 2. iraq to transfer from ch 7 to CH6. Not done in previous years. 3. High level coordinator post not renewed. 4. Kuwait Airways Settlement Ratified by Kuwait last tuesday. (not in previous years) it was one of the Most Significant Obligations under ch 7. 5. Significant Developments in banking systems. (CBI launches Auction. 6. iraq agreed with kuwait on borders. [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

1-24-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing 7. Iraq agreed on navigation at Khor Abdullah (preliminary agreement). 8. Deputy of Basra: Kuwait took over 11 oil fields and the Parliament confirms the countries approaching lay foundations. 9. Iraq has signed bilateral agreements with big countries such as U S A, China, Japan etc in order to improve their infrastructure, agriculture, economy , education etc. 10. Iraq expects an agricultural and industrial revolution during the 2013. 11. Greece reached a budget agreement during november. 12.Iraq has found more oil, gold and other significant assets during the last months. [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

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The Latest Dinar/VND Updates AT
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