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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Live now 8:00 PM ET FIrehawk and redline alert show, militia news

Live now 8:00 PM ET FIrehawk and redline alert show, militia news

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Live now 8:00 PM ET FIrehawk and redline alert show, militia news

Last nights militia news was canceled, so the show will air live now, Thursday night 8:00 PM ET. Join us for the latest on the gun bills and what we are able to do about them, ammo, firearms and where all of this is going.
The Firehawk Report: Redline Alert! It's Time for Critical Action!
A Redline Alert examination of Senator Feinstein's pending legislation revelas a gun control scheme that goes far beyond a simple ban . If it passes weapons, and you, will be tied up in red tape for life! This law flushes the 2nd Amendment down the toilet even if a "deal" is struck that doesn't ban weapons! Are we being set up to accept other "administrative provisions" to insure that only law-abiding citizens have "military-style" weapons. If any part of her bill passes into law, we will be set up to make it easy for the president to comply with the UN Small Arms Treaty provision of total confiscation in mid-March. Don't be fooled...find out how to stop this train weeck before it starts!
The Firehawk Redline Alert from New Colony Media on Blog Talk Radio:
Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM, ET.


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