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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » ATMOSPHERIC CHANGES » Australia – Queensland struck by Tornadoes,Twisters,Floods

Australia – Queensland struck by Tornadoes,Twisters,Floods

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Australia – Queensland struck by Tornadoes,Twisters,Floods

A TWISTER warning was last night issued for Brisbane after
five tornadoes ripped through coastal towns near Bundaberg, leaving at
least 20 people injured and a trail of destruction.

As ex-Cyclone Oswald bore down on the southeast, the weather bureau said Brisbane could also be hit by tornadoes.

Southeast Queensland was bracing for a possible sixth tornado
overnight, following tornadoes in and around the sugarcane region of

More than 10,000 homes in Bundaberg and another 20,000 homes on the
Sunshine Coast were left without power as winds tore down power poles
and ripped roofs off houses. Full story

Tornados hit Bargara / Burnett Heads. Picture: Channel 10

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  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


How ya holding up nannee?

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Holy windy bastard batman!! Now I can see it's insane. Not too many people in our whole district have slept last night we've all been on facebook LOL! We will have a major flood here by tommorrow which luckily doesnt come near our house but it comes into our horse paddocks and cuts us off from everywhere. Gotta try get out and stock up today if possible!


Hang on to your tattoos, Nannee! You went from sweltering to flooding? What is up with your continent these days?


Oh Raven it's crazy!! All we asked for was a little rain to save the trees and mother nature has mis understood again. We are bracing for flood peaks tomorrow! At least the crazy friggin wind has stopped!


Whoa new smillies LOL they are awesome!! Thanks Ponnee!!


Hope all of you are safe- NanneeRose, I am praying that you make it through this OK-I do hope you have enough supplies to get you through 'til this ends-Just stay safe!


Hey terbs thanks for your concern I really appreciate it! We are safe as houses up here, will have some fences and stuff to fix when this all goes down and my hubby won't have any work now for at least 2 weeks while everything dries out again which is a worry but hey ya manage don't you lol! If I had a damn camera that worked I'd post some pics I have amazing water views!


YIKES! Water views? Unless you live on water normally, that doesn't sound very good, Nannee. I'm so sorry you are getting hammered, hopefully everything will green up once the water goes down and the drought will be over. Next time you do a rain dance, better tone it down a notch!


Hahahaha Raven I know!! I busted out too many moves LOL!

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