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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » The Vatican’s Golden Toilet Flush : Mussolini’s Millions Point To Greater Secret Papal Wealth

The Vatican’s Golden Toilet Flush : Mussolini’s Millions Point To Greater Secret Papal Wealth

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OpEdNews -Rev. Dan Vojir – The Vatican’s Golden
Toilet Flush : Mussolini’s Millions Point To Greater Secret Papal Wealth
– 28 January 2013

Posted on January 28, 2013 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

The Papal Throne by Dan Vojir

The newest Vatican financial revelation brings about one very
important point: no one knows just how much the Vatican is worth except
the pontiff himself and some very close-lipped minions.The Guardian, London:

“Behind a disguised offshore company structure, the church’s
international portfolio has been built up over the years, using cash
originally handed over by Mussolini in return for papal recognition of
the Italian fascist regime in 1929.

Since then the international value of Mussolini’s nest-egg has
mounted until it now exceeds 500m pounds. In 2006, at the height of the
recent property bubble, the Vatican spent 15m of those funds to buy 30
St James’s Square. Other UK properties are at 168 New Bond Street and in
the city of Coventry. It also owns blocks of flats in Paris and
A widely-read OpEdNews article (The Vatican’s Fake Occupy Implodes: Documents Evoke A History Of Money Laundering, Sexual Terrorism, And Even … Murder)
focused on the financial wrong-doings of the papacy, but only featured
the Banco Ambrosiano scandal and its history in relation to John Paul I
and his untimely death. This latest revelation, however, demonstrates
the extent of holdings of the Vatican: secret holdings which may only be
the tip of the iceberg. Holdings which maintain an extravagant
lifestyle that John Paul discovered to his horror.

Pope John Paul I:

“. . . this morning, I flushed my toilet with a solid gold lever
edged with diamonds and at this very moment, bishops and cardinals are
using a bathroom on the second floor of the papal palace which
trappings, I am told, would draw more than fifty million dollars at
auction . . . Believe me, one day, we who live in opulence, while so
many are dying because they have nothing, will have to answer to Jesus
as to why we have not carried out His instruction, “Love thy neighbor as
thyself.’ We, the clergy of the Church together with our congregations,
who substitute gold and pomp and ceremony in place of Christ’s
instruction, who judge our masquerade of singing His praises to be more
precious than human life, will have the most to explain.”

Bernadino Nogara – The Man Behind The Vatican Empire

Bernadino Nogara by wikipedia

To understand the complex and secretive roots of the Vatican’s
financial empire, it’s necessary to look back to 1929, when the papacy’s
finances were less than stellar. Financial advisor Bernadino Nogara had
been a good friend of several papacies (of his many siblings, two were
archbishops, another was superintendent of the Vatican Museums, and his
sister the mother superior of a nunnery), it was he who, as Director of
the Special Administration of the Holy See, engineered the vast
financial settlement of the Lateran Treaties with Mussolini.


$92 million may not seem to be a significant amount of money, but in
the context of Depression Era Italy, the sum is staggering and could
have accounted for a huge chunk out of Italy’s impoverished economy.
Seeding the Vatican’s finances with that amount (almost half of it in
cash, the remainder in government bonds) was akin to bankrolling a small
country. Indeed, that was the purpose: the Vatican acquired a measure
of independence with its recognition of Fascism.

And Nogara made the most of the Mussolini millions in his 35-year
tenure as chief financier: ”Under Pius XI, Nogara made large
investments in firms contrary to Catholic social teaching and made direct loans to Mussolini’s government prior to Mussolini’s 1935 invasion of Ethiopia. [6][7] Under Pius XII, Nogara routinely invested in firms that profited from and enabled the war effort of the Axis powers during World War II. Though these investments were hidden from the Allies (with whom Nogara also transacted), through the use of holding companies and offshore banking centers, under Nogara “like water finding a downhill path, Vatican money found its way to the grisly side of the Holocaust“.

Nogara’s anti-Semitic dealings under Pius XII were only brought about
years later: all of his personal meetings with the Pope were in private
and no notes were taken.

Secrecy reigned.

Just as it does now.
The Guardian asked the Vatican’s representative in London, the papal
nuncio, archbishop Antonio Mennini, why the papacy continued with such
secrecy over the identity of its property investments in London.

“We also asked what the pope spent the income on. True to its
tradition of silence on the subject, the Roman Catholic church’s
spokesman said that the nuncio had no comment.”

More Money Than God

Forget the stories of the value of the Vatican’s porn library. Or of
its art collection. Those are pittances: the known holdings of the
Catholic Church in the U.S. tops $500 billion. Combine it with holdings
in Catholic Countries such as Italy (now the 8th strongest economy in
the world), Mexico, Brazil, and the Filipines, companies and industrial
complexes and in secret secular real estate, the worth of the Church
reaches into the trillion$. It could be argued that the Vatican controls
an economy larger than the U.S.

And what of more secret holdings?

God only knows.

And maybe He’s pissed. He may tipped off the Guardian.

Rev. Dan Vojir is has been writing/blogging on religion and politics
for the better part of ten years. A former radio talk show host
(Strictly Books €” Talk America Radio Network) and book publisher, Dan
has connected with some of the most (more…) / link to original article

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