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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » VACCINE TRUTHS: MEDICAL INDUSTRY LIES » This Detergent In Almost Every Flu Vaccine Affects The Blood Brain Barrier and Can Cause Seizures

This Detergent In Almost Every Flu Vaccine Affects The Blood Brain Barrier and Can Cause Seizures

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This Detergent In Almost Every Flu Vaccine Affects The Blood Brain Barrier and Can Cause Seizures

Every single vaccine currently in existence, whether
for adults or children, contains at least one or more toxic ingredients
or excipients that are injected directly into the body. One of these
ingredients called sodium deoxycholate is found in almost every flu
vaccine. This chemical is a water soluble ionic detergent/bile salt
which causes cell death.

It has been shown to weaken the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) and
subsequently activate seizures. It has also demonstrated synergistic
toxicity with other medications. Detergents and emulsifiers promote
tumors and cause cells to leak or explode by weakening their walls, with
no mechanism for regulating destructive activity. These chemicals are
not completely purified out of the final vaccine product, so they enter
the body at the time of injection.

Detergents are used extensively in cell research precisely because of
their ability to break cells open for further analysis. This
catastrophically mimics the membrane attack complex (MAC). Detergents
hit cells at random and continue destroying cells regardless of which
call off the attack.

Sodium Deoxycholate is completely foreign to the relationships that
define and make up the delicate balance of the immune system. It
systematically disrupts these relationships to negate the optimal
function and design of immune responses.

According to Thermo Scientific, it is especially useful for disrupting and dissociating protein interactions.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine researchers showed that the
pharmacokinetics and toxicity of sodium deoxycholate produced an
inflammatory response that persiste...

Deoxcyholate also induces DNA damage and apoptosis in human colon.
Because secondary bile acids are thought to be genotoxic, exposing colon
epithelial cells to secondary bile acids may induce DNA damage that
might lead to apoptosis.

The pharmacokinetics of vaccines are never examined meaning that no
study has ever established the rates of bodily absorption, distribution,
metabolism and excretion of any of the ingredients including any of the
toxic extraneous components such as sodium deoxycholate. This can
easily be verified by reading the vaccine insert or manufacturer's PDF
of the formulation on their website.

It's certainly not a chemical that will advance the status of human
health regardless of the claims behind the medical industry or touting
of the benefits exceeding the risks. Since the benefits of the flu
vaccine are typically less than 4% and maximum 6.25%, I would say the
risks from have sodium deoxycholate injected directly into your body far
exceed any benefit that may be derived from ANY flu vaccine.

Please ask this of any person who still believes in the flu vaccine:
Would you rather risk injecting a chemical solution containing foreign
DNA and a detergent like sodium deoxycholate (or thimerosal) with all of
the potentially toxic effects and a maximum protection of 6.25% against
the flu, or would you rather just take your chances?

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine
research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.
Source: preventdisease

Thanks to Jose at:



I've tried to no avail to explain to people that have flu shots every year that they will get deathly sick, and they swear by them- Then the relatives wonder why they are dead long before their time- Oh, well- You can't lead these horses asses to a cold pond-


I had the flu shot one year to avoid getting pneumonia which I used to get every winter. I got sick anyway so haven't bothered with it again!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


Here is an interesting reply to the above article which I also posted elsewhere. Happy to share with you all here!

Thanks Debra, taking this to the next level, how about imagining what would be the worst possible thing anybody could put into our vaccines? The article you shared hints very clearly that it is most likely what are called the "apoptosis" genes, or programmed cell death genes. These genes, also known by the names "caspase-3 and caspase-9", are activated by the toxic activity of the chemicals you mention as being problematic already, which is to say that the genes themselves being inserted as an active virus could obviously be a much bigger problem if inserted alongside the chemicals that could activate the genes, too, for example.

Ironically, my bosses at NASA agreed to test the H1N1 for these apoptosis genes as an ET biosignature in December 2009, but shortly afterwards blocked the experiment after being told by Nobel Laureate death gene patent owner that a false-positive was essentially guaranteed to be a big problem in any actual test of the H1N1 vaccine. This remains a big problem for the world as I see it and I've even met with the FBI to discuss this issue in considerable detail, which they took very seriously resulting in some document disclosures on their part that only served to confirmed my ideas, quite tremendously in fact, without providing any evidence that I might have erred. This reality simply awaits the attention of those whose hearts are open to seeing the darkest intentions for what they really are and who are fearest in opposing any monster. To all who are, I stand with you and support you fully.
From your article:

"Deoxcyholate also induces DNA damage and apoptosis in human colon. Because secondary bile acids are thought to be genotoxic, exposing colon epithelial cells to secondary bile acids may induce DNA damage that might lead to apoptosis."

Please make sure to check out the above link. Very interesting!



They now have a 'New' laundry detergent on the market now, and it's called 'Fugg'-So, if your tired of your detergent not being what you expect, Duz, Biz, All, then 'Fugg' it- I hope this will 'Tide' you over 'til they come out with a new one-I hope you get the 'Dreft'- lol! 'Cheers'!!



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