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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » VACCINE TRUTHS: MEDICAL INDUSTRY LIES » Doctors Kill 2,450% more Americans Than All Gun - Related Deaths Combined

Doctors Kill 2,450% more Americans Than All Gun - Related Deaths Combined

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Doctors Kill 2,450% more Americans Than All Gun - Related Deaths Combined.

(NaturalNews) Everyone agrees the Sandy Hook shooting was a tragedy.
Lots of people subsequently exploited the deaths of those children to
push a political agenda of disarming Americans by claiming "guns kill

But compared to what? Swimming pools kill people. Horseback riding
kills people. And yes, even childbirth kills people. (Does that mean we
should criminalize getting pregnant?)

To make any sense of death statistics, we have to ask, "Compared to
what?" Because if we compare deaths by firearms to other causes of
death, the picture is very, very different from the doomsday fear
mongering scenarios CNN and other gun control pushers have whipped up
into a nationwide frenzy. In fact, as the following infographic shows,
doctors kill 2,450% more Americans than all gun-related deaths combined.

Your doctor is FAR more likely to kill you than an armed criminal

It's true: You are 64 times more likely to be killed by your doctor
than by someone else wielding a gun. That's because 19,766 of the total
31,940 gun deaths in the USA (in the year 2011) were suicides. So the
actual number of deaths from other people shooting you is only 12,174.

Doctors, comparatively, kill 783,936 people each year, which is 64
times higher than 12,174. Doctors shoot you not with bullets, but with
vaccines, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals... all of which turn out to
be FAR more deadly than guns.

This is especially amazing, given that there are just under 700,000
doctors in America, while there are roughly about 80 million gun owners
in America.

How do 700,000 doctors manage to kill 783,936 people each year
(that's over one death per doctor), while 80 million gun owners kill
only 31,940? Because owning a gun is orders of magnitude safer than
"practicing" medicine!

Check out the following infographic, which can also be viewed in a higher resolution at:

As the infographic explains, you are over three times more likely to be killed by a drug side effect than a firearm.

On the firearms side of things, you are almost twice as likely to be
killed by YOURSELF than by someone else using a gun. But even this
number can't be blamed on guns themselves, because if people really want
to commit suicide, they will find other ways to accomplish it (such as
jumping off buildings or bridges).

Where is the call for "doctor control?"

Despite the statistical fact that you are overall 24.5 times more
likely to be killed by your doctor than by a gun -- and it's actually
far worse if you spend more time around doctors than you do gang members
-- there is absolutely no call in the media for "doctor control."

There's zero talk about making medications safer, or reducing the number of people who are medicated every day in America.

There's no mention of the astonishing fact that surgical procedures
do not need to be proven safe and effective before being tried on
patients. Surgery in America is, in effect, a grand experiment often
conducted with little or no scientific support.

There's no discussion of the fact that psychiatric drugs promote
violent shootings as we've seen over and over again across America.

Nope, the entire focus is on how BAD guns are, while the government
simultaneously promotes how GOOD vaccines are! ...and chemotherapy,
surgery, pharmaceuticals and everything else that's killing us en masse.

Every U.S. hospital is another Sandy Hook

Hundreds of people are killed every single day across U.S. hospitals
from pharmaceutical side effects alone. On top of that, hospitals are
killing people with superbug infections, fouled up surgeries, and failed
heart stents, among other deadly problems.

Sandy Hook was the tragedy the government wanted you to see. But they
didn't want you to pay attention to all the deaths happening elsewhere
-- in far greater numbers -- such as at hospitals and via pharmacies.

Because all those deaths overseen by doctors and pharmacists are
making billions of dollars for the corrupt, criminally-run
pharmaceutical industry and the for-profit, corporate-driven health care

While Sandy Hook was mass murder, the U.S. health care system is
practically a holocaust. In fact, the U.S. health care system has killed
more people than Adolf Hitler -- by far!

Spread the word: If we want to save lives, the most important place
to start is at the doctors and drug companies. They are dealers of death
who have been granted obscene monopolies by the FDA and state medical
boards. Until their stranglehold on U.S. health care is finally broken,
millions more innocent Americans will die at the hands of doctors,
surgeons and pharmacists.

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