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MUST,MUST READ:[ WHT ] - Special... HIGH Blood Pressure... The Ugly Part... But Good News For You...

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[ WHT ] - Special... HIGH Blood Pressure... The Ugly Part... But Good News For You...
Anti Aging Society via

12:03 PM (16 minutes ago)

Hello Yxxxxxx,
Since I also have to set-up YouTube for the promised videos (D3, etc.) and have to brand that as well, I can not go live today as planned. But by next week it's all ready... if no further hick-ups happen again.

I already had lost 2-3 days due to PC problems, frozen mouse whenever it booted, without prior problems and no driver issue, so to get that sorted out, took way longer than anticipated early on.

If you have BP higher than 120/80 and think well it's not optimal, I could do "better" than the following... "UGLY" truth will change that for you...

Initiated by the WHO in 1998 a global BP analysis was undertaken. Early on they discovered that they need more money to do just that and Big Pharma jumped in as the largest donor. WHO's funding worth 1/2 a billion-dollars annually, comes meanwhile from the BIG 3, pesticide and fast/food giants, more than all the member countries pay combined.

Why is this important, bear with me...

As the head of th BP "panel" they elected an Italian "expert" that was "on the side" doing BP-med tests for, Bayer, GlaxoSmithCline and the likes and also being a consultant to an Italian Pharma giant.

He assigned 17 from the total 18 of that "expert" panel, all tied to the pharma industry, but 1. And that Italian MD also was the driving force to set the global BP "gold standard" to 120/80.

As many might remember before that time age plus 100 - knowing that under "normal" conditions the BP rises every decade - was considered as being normal.

So just by changing the rules/table, "overnight" hundreds of millions of people where informed by health authorities/pharmacies/MD's, "you've got a problem... your risk of heart attack and stroke is something we have to get under "control."

And all the countries around the world trusting the WHO... followed suit.

This worked so well that this "objective" expert panel every few years lowered and adjusted the rules/tables and with their most recent "tweak", they almost tripled the market for BPL-drugs, since then.

Great ROI, just a few studies queried = meta "analysis" that the results can finally, after many failures, support these new "views" and getting billions-dollars worth of free advertising through the governments, press around the globe in concern over the health of their population... no not really, more to not look too bad in statistics compared to other countries in the WHO's "leader board".

Today under the new rules/tables 50% of the global population has either pre-hypertension (the new class) or hypertension, 75% of the elderly fall into this category as well and ALL have to be "assisted" to control their risk factors.

That not being enough they alo recommend multi drug treatment in the very same paragraph that informs you, that already your risk actually increases above 115!/75!

Why? to triple their "masters" profits globally. Pfizer sells for 4 billion-dollars in the US just one BPL-drug... lstin and what they don't want you to know is, ~40% who took that drug can no longer complain, because they're dead

...due to heart failure? You know already, when you read my last email thoroughly, why that happens...

And another drug resulted in ~60% stroke increase, you also know why that happens...

Your body fighting all those blockages to restore adequate circulation to all cells/organs, being of higher priority for your life than a higher BP!

So that drug to lower your risk of a stroke or heart attack, KILLS almost 4 out of 10 and through a heart failure?!

But that's only 1 drug and "only" in the U.S. So when I constantly talk about billion-dollars, I really mean it and can prove it.

And the biggest enemy to this #1 market of BIG Pharma is the truth about the reasons for rising BP and the main cause... decade long AA + OPC's deficiency!

Do you now also understand why every effort is made to discredit Vitamin C and it's many health benefits and constantly repeat, "all is in your food you do not need any additional vitamins and they can do more harm then good".

That is the reason why this combo has such profound effect in lowering HIGH BP, besides many other great properties, but without blocking anything, instead helping your body repairing your vascular system.

Proof, if you have too low BP, often black outs or seeing "stars", this same combo rises it!

Why? same as above through "fixing" your vascular system.

And "fixing" your vascular system IS the ONLY HEALTHY way to lower BP and boost longevity!

And forget about the 120/80 and especially this last "move", that's just a meaningless number on a piece of under-the-radar "marketing" paper, to threaten people, even causing high BP by doing that and as result BOOST demand = HUGE profits.

Still sceptical?

Diuretics were just a decade ago the first choice and work quite well, followed by beta blockers, the fromer with the least side effects in comparison - diuretics actually being (salt/water) pills - and dead cheap too.

And that latter was the main problem... way to good and cheap too, a NO-GO... for BIG Pharma. They stopped promoting diuretics. Losing more than 35% market share and heavily promoting the likes as above, that have a 20 fold profit margin in comparison... never-mind killing ~40% who are lead to believe they're safe. (FDA approved!)

Today diuretics are hardly used and in many countries not even available and the new kid on the block is... Calcium Channel Blockers, with severe side affects.

So to recap...

1) high BP is not the threat, but the underlying cause IS.

2) NEVER take any BPL-drugs, they will shorten your life. If you really don't want to do without insist on diuretics first. Change MD's if he/she denies your will. If you're on them find an in nutritional therapy trained MD and with his help get rid of ALL, slowly and controlled under his supervision.

You will get your life quality back and will reduce your risk of both heart failure/attack and stroke and any kind of thrombosis!

And most important don't worry, as soon as you see/hear something in regard to the newest BP "fad", walk away, switch channels, or turn of that nonsense.

There will NEVER be a better way than to let your body repair your vascular system.

BTW: the total length of it, including the lymph, is 120,000 Km long. Your vascular system can be wrapped around the earths/equator 3 times! How is any armada of surgeons EVER going to be able to replace/repair it in a lifetime...

Remember: OPC's can double the capillary wall structure/resistance within 24-48 HOURS! Yes! that VAST capillary system, having influence on your circulation... in a matter of days/weeks.

And also do not believe the latest "fad" that HIGH BP is in your genes. Less than 1% falls into that category and gene expression matters as well. This would take an entire article to explain and will be also available on the website, but for now just know the following.

What is encoded in your DNA changes when "transformed" into proteins that then do the jobs, build cells, etc. in your body and that "outcome" is heavily influenced by what you ingest and enters your body in other ways, skin, etc.

The reason why organic, whole foods, with the least contamination and the best supplements right for you play a crucial role and why they constantly bombard you with LIES that their "artificial" = CRAP, is the same/as healthy and does "no" HARM!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

So I'm sure this is good news taking a Lot of concern off your shoulders and that by itself "lowers" your BP. The reason why relaxation - whatever works best for you - almost "instantaneously" lowers your BP.

And a constant general worry, when i.e. heading upstairs and not feeling that well that day, due to maybe a lingering cold, etc., NOT to think, "hmmm, my doc told me, my BP is not the best... ahh that's maybe why I don't feel as good as usual today?" We'll I must accept it, I'm getting "older" and not better. I'll get another reading done, etc..."

You see they planted and constantly water that seed in you, "your risk of heart attack and stroke is much higher above 120/80!" and that "conditioning" can/will make you sick over time, if you let it.

If you re-read my 2 BP emails and go out and search for evidence of what I pointed out so far and really then know it's true and finally 100% believe in it, that seed will dry out and die, without bothering you ever again.

You can start here... an "disturbing" Seattle Times article...

New blood-pressure guidelines pay off... for drug companies

BIG Pharma sells through ANGST, they constantly scare you to death, to buy into their story/stuff!

And this his how this is done and sadly for the VAST majority undetectable.

Next to a celebrity picture or the exact to the target audience/demographic fitting personality/idol, all saying the same following sentence.

"Do you feel good today? colon cancer is not felt until it is too late. If discovered early on it can be 100% cured. So make your screening appointment today to be safe, then you'll feel good"!

That alone could/ruined your day. Your focus is distracted/directed on your gut health. Even though you might have had the best day until that moment and really feel/"felt" good.

And since almost every one has occasionally eaten something not so good and our stomach feels a bit odd, that thought creeps up...

And the truth is many people have died of other reasons and colon tumors were found in quite a few post mor-tem. They didn't even know of and that where not the cause of their demise!

What then usually happens, when you did what they wanted you to do. "Good news we found nothing in your colon, but your... the next concern or screening, because some other thing in your body is just not right according to their many "elusive" generalized tables.

Your trapped, as soon as you as healthy feeling person, fall for any of this smart marketing, filling hospitals and Big Pharma pockets. And as result your happiness and energy will dwindle.

From feeling good you are then transformed from the moment you had your first screening "in fear", "what will they find, gosh if I have colon cancer... did you see that docu or those pictures" topping it off with the horror stories of people dying of colon cancer and the poor diagnosis, because they did not come sooner, etc.

Goal achieved, you're in a downward spiral, that will make you sick no matter what. A program in your body was triggered that as long as their is no real relieve (you believe and are absolutely sure that you have nothing), will sooner or later destroy your health!

So close your "doors" and do not let all these LIES in. Never open and read in a book, especially with close-up images or waste your time on the net in countless symptoms/disease explaining websites, if you are not sick, you're not an MD having to and/or research it as a professional, you'll just suffer from doing that.

The old saying "What you don't know won't hurt you", applies here most.

There are countless things that can go wrong in us, not knowing any of them would be best. Living your life eating organic, ideally the right food just for you - soon available on the new website - and do the right/enough exercise, that's all there is to staying HEALTHY. Everything else will sooner or later have life shortening consequences.

So is endless life an option despite what more and more believe, being in sight in a few decades. NO!

Our body is by far too complex, that we know/are able by then to endlessly maintain it. That's BTW the conclusion a Russian billionaire has also come to, gathering the best scientists to build him an artificial body "superior" to the human body and let/transferring his brain to it?!

leaving away ethical concerns, the "poor" guy is "just" missing a KEY fact, that "HE" is not only located in that brain, but in HIS heart and HIS blood as well.

At least ALL 3 together = HE! When only one part is missing/replaced that "something" is no longer "HE" and to also have HIS own blood means, he also has to endlessly maintain all the tissues that "make" HIS blood - will also fail -despite investing billions!

Make the best - for you - of your life, accept that it's limited... but do all required to get HEALTHY and reach your full genetic potential and live to ~120, "sleeping away" without any pain and suffering starting decades earlier.

That is the goal I want for you, family and loved ones and I will do ALL within my limited possibilities to help you reach it.

And maybe I'm wrong, I hope for those that really want to live infinitely, but my personal goal is ~120.

The next email will, as promised be about D3 and the very interesting thesis winter/fat and what we go through in that time without realizing it, because it is so...



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