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Rambunctious Souls

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Rambunctious Souls

Posted on January 30, 2013 by Soren DreierAuthor: Soren Dreier

Rambunctious Souls Sdsoul-150x150 Are
you one of the: “Freedom loving, fear fighting, pattern breaking, don’t
give a shit anymore, sweet and loving rambunctious souls?”
Be proud, stand strong and keep on keeping on.
True freedom first step is: Not giving a rats ass of attention to whatever people are thinking of you.
are breaking out in vast numbers right now of whatever prison they
conceive themselves to be imprisoned in and the matrix is coming down
very hard.
Either very obvious and direct or by its nasty
fabrication of brainwashed unconsciously willingly self-appointed status
quo drones, either in your so called friendships, fellow co-workers or
family members.
Always ready to bring your freedom craving soul
down if its inner tide should pull you away from the most travelled
highway, endlessly road tripping the architecture of the “normal
blueprint emotional infrastructure pre-designs” for you from womb to
From the minor details to the larger visions you may have
for yourself. They are on it. Drones in the skies, drones by the dinner
table, drones in the cantina.
In my surroundings and the people I engage with in my work I see them breaking free now. On a very profound scale.
are getting off of the sofa so to speak, and are setting out towards
new horizons. Without safety nets. Vision driven, heart driven, driven
by the sweet taste of freedom, no matter what they would “lack” in
matrix commodities.
Following their rambunctions hearts and dealing with their own personal pain in these processes, I salute their courage.
Ever so strong and fierce and yet ever so fragile, the most powerful
cocktail your rambunctious soul will ever provide you with.
Matrix can’t handle both strong and fragile, since the understanding of
the concept would require: Empathy. It knows nothing of that emotion.
Looking back at it, we have always had that rambunctious seed, haven’t we? Just one example: The school system.
are probably like me, old enough not to have been diagnosed with any
strange letter combination that would have made you a target for big
pharma. Remembering my time in that, I kinda diagnosed them; Boring, no
nutritious value, so I wouldn’t eat their programmed so-called
education. The only thing they could do was to beat the living shit out
of me, but that fueled my rambunctious soul.
Now-a-days it seems
like there’s no fuel left for the pilgrims, not that I in any way am
advocating the use of abusive violence, not in any way!
But looking
back I would prefer a slap on the face to being lobotomized with drugs,
which quite frankly leaves you in many states of minds, one being that
you really don’t know who your oppressor is. At least we could pinpoint
the fascist.
Now they smile and tell the kids they have a
condition, a malfunction and zap them out of any rhyme and reason.
Clueless poisoning the brain in its most vulnerable state and still in
the natural biological/chemical making stage. Parents cheering, “Oooh,
our kid’s got a fancy worded condition, how interesting.”
Sends shivers down my spine and tears to my eyes. Wake up!
psycho drug violence as a result of this, yes, it would be fair to
assume, since they don’t know who the hell to target. The violence on
their beautiful souls is committed by cowards disguised as caring
persons…no, they’re committing crimes against humanity and going
Obama-drone-kill-mode by the effin bravery of being out of range.
Rambunctious Souls Wsuitcanse-218x218
further on through your life you might have experienced some break-ups,
some work that didn’t fit you (now it’s you who have to fit the work,
the matrix perk of the recession) shifting location a couple of times
and so on.
In other words: You never fit the design, did you?
In newer words: You fit perfectly!
rambunctious seed in our souls always pulled us to the opposite of the
status quo, which the matrix would translate to: Confusion, not being
centered, irresponsible, and what have we.
The other day a man shouted to me in great anger:
“Why don’t you grow up!”
turned around and answered: “You’re yelling at me like a spoiled
child”. And he stood perfectly still like he was hit by a hammer. I
thought: “Whoa, impact, going to fall to the ground now”. He didn’t, he
laughed. Epic.
What I’m pointing to here is that you have this soul that didn’t fit in.
It really fits perfectly. And people are hearing that fact and waking up to that fact and healing that fact.
see them moving and rising up now. I honor their courage, disengaging
sometimes on very, very dangerous levels for their personal safety,
entering uncharted territories without anything except their will to
live a free life according to their coordinates. I´m in awe of that.
It’s so brave and for the rambunctious souls it’s the point of no turning back.
If you meet them on your way, be kind to them.
Critical mass time gathering on the inside, folks.
you hear it call or are you still trying to maneuver within a confined
perimeter? It will not hold. Retreat is not an option.
Go for it.
Rambunctious Souls Free-363x218
©2012 Soren Dreier /Full repost with permission.

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