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Who Controls the Children (Schools Deliberately Dumb Down Children)

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Who Controls the Children (Schools Deliberately Dumb Down Children)

Posted February 3, 2013 by laurabruno in Uncategorized. Tagged: EQA, Home-Schooling, Public Education Propaganda, Standardized Testing. Leave a Comment

This is an old video that synchronuosly crossed my path right
after a discussion about the dumbing down of American education. I went
to high school in Pennsylvania, and this videotaped meeting from 1992
may explain some of the reasons that I feel so grateful to have
benefited from an elementary, middle school and high school education
that emphasized individuality, critical thinking, soul-based decisions
about right or wrong, intuitive and intellectual gifts, and actual
instruction about how propaganda works and how to see through it. I’ve
always realized that I had an unusual education, and I did watch my
siblings’ curricula gradually get watered down as the years went by.
Still, when I look at some of the (now retired) teachers that my
siblings and I had, in contrast to the standardized test happy current
education system I hear about from clients, I feel a mixture of
gratitude and, “Wow! What are we going to do about it?”

I had heard that decades ago, the CIA hijacked the US education
system with specific goals to dumb down the population and create
workers smart enough to perform basic tasks but too dumb to question
authority. It sounds like conspiracy, and yet, when I talk with
teachers, retired teachers, parents and students and then look at
course topics and required reading, it’s clear that something drastic
has happened to our education system. Critical thinking certainly seems
to get a lot of children into trouble these days! Until watching this
video, I had been contrasting this with my own education, thinking
things really ramped up after I graduated high school in 1991. The
controls and standardized tests are in place now, for sure; however,
this video made me aware of how long this battle had already raged
before I became aware of it. I thank all the concerned parents in
Pennsylvania who did what they could to stand up to the State. Perhaps
their vigilance accounts for why so many of my teachers managed to buck
the system for as long as they did.

According to this videotaped informational meeting, based on actual documentation, here’s what American schools were really testing, even as far back as the 60′s:

“Locus of control: are you internally or externally motivated? Will
you go with the crowd or think for yourself?” “The correct answer is go
with the flow.” In Citizenship, the EQA admits that it did not test anything in
the factual domain [such as what is the UN, or what's the history of
your country]. Citizenship tested ‘threshold of behavior. How do I vary
reward and punishment in order to get you to do what I want you to do?’ …
[The State-desired response was], “Avoid punishment, but go with the
group. … The goal was Collectivism.” “The State-desired response was
‘rapid adjustment to change without protest.’ That was the State desired
response.” The EQA, which I remember taking as a student, measured
attitudes and then rewarded or punished school systems based on how
compliant their students were to the State-desired responses. “The tests
didn’t just discover the students’ attitudes, but scored the responses. There is a right answer and a wrong answer and I say what it is.”

Education funding favored those school systems who created the most
compliant students and deprived and ostracized those school systems in
which students failed to demonstrate a “minimum positive attitude” —
i.e. evaluating situations and choosing behaviors based on more than
peer pressure or authority’s ability to intimidate and punish. Curricula
needed to be changed in order to enhance “positive attitude.”

This video is about children’s education, but it asks important
questions about how we each make our own decisions, and under what
circumstances we might be willing to stand strong in the face of tyranny
or abuse. As products of some sort of educational/propaganda program,
we each have varying degrees of “automatic filters” imparted not for our
own benefit, but rather for the State’s survival. In a world of Patriot
and Ex-Patriot Acts, corporate fascism, anonymous drone murders, kill
lists and dehumanization, these questions have become uncomfortably less

I found this video fascinating, so I’m sharing it here. Perhaps it
will start some parent-child or parent-teacher discussions. I know in
Seattle, many teachers have already banded together to boycott administrating the MAPS standardized test.
I see signs of life in the rising interest in homeschooling as well as
Waldorf and Montessori schools. I do hope something shifts in public
education, since that’s what most people get. For now, we have a
free(ish) internet, but people still need to know what to search. This
video shares how parents have stood up in the past. Perhaps we will see a
return of self-respect and the recognition that the government rules by
the consent of the governed. This woman’s got a lot of good ideas,
energy, information and questions. As the YouTube channel says:

“PLEASE forgive the quality… THIS IS WORTH WATCHING.

“Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt was Former Senior Policy Advisor in the
Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) in the US
Department of Education under President Reagan. Due to her unique
perspective she was able to observe firsthand the methods the Federal
Government used to deliberately dumb down the American public education
system with Soviet style “brainwashing”.

“Disgusted with the American Government’s policy to use a behavior
modification system designed to churn out unthinking, uncritical
“citizens of the world” trained to accept socialism, Charlotte set out
to wake up her fellow Americans.

“This documentary is a MUST WATCH for any home-schooler, teacher,
parent or anyone interested in methods of education or anyone wondering
why we as a people seem to grow less intelligent and less able with each
passing generation.”

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