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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Saudi Arabia Offers Slave For Sale On Face Book

Saudi Arabia Offers Slave For Sale On Face Book

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Saudi Arabia Offers Slave For Sale On Face Book
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 3-Feb-2013 15:56:25

William Mount
Sat Feb 2, 2013 12:30
This is correct.
A Nation that lies in bed with President Obama and has access to our latest military weapon s is now offering a Castrated African Slave for sale on Face Book.
In accordance with the Muslim Religion there are the Masters and the Slaves and it is perfectly normal to enslave someone darker that you are. There must be the Masters and the Slaves.
When one is sold into Slavery it is against their religion to be made free, they are your slave for life.
The Saudi Seller has offered to take care of all Visa's and citizenship requirements for the slave so they may travel to your home country as a slave.
See: """Saudi Offers "Castrated African Slave" for sale on Face Book."""
By the way - Face Book will not pull the add.
IF you talk about the Bill of Rights - you may have your account suspended.
If you are a Gun Making Company the US Justice Department run banks will pull your accounts.
If you sell Black Slaves on the Internet - Eric Holder, President Obama, and the Left Wing Nut Cases consider you Humane. This is not a joke.
When kings of other nations bring their slaves to America they remain slaves under the Obama Administration.
The Muslim Religion also encourages the castration of slaves so that they will not molest the Masters Women.
Saudi Arabia is not the only nation President Obama is supporting that has slavery.
In a recent announcement both France and the US now have a permanent presence in Mali, a nation where the king has many Slave Women.
Yup - he buys them for about $5 - $10 a piece and brings them into his palace as Sex Slaves.
As of today - US troops have now entered over 35 countries in Africa and they are ordered to Support the Slave Trade.
1) Forget about the fact that the Army Fort Brag Spouse of the year is gay and the US Army is promoting her wife to full bird Colonel because she is Queer - by order of President Obama, See for the story.
2) Forget about the fact that the CIA blew up the headquarters of the Mexican Owned Oil Company a few days ago for not supporting them.
3) Forget about the fact that Women are being placed in Combat Units in the US Army - who cares what GOD says, right?
4) Forget about the New Payroll Taxes working America's are paying to support Welfareites.
5) Forget about the 1 Million per month immigrants President Obama is funding to enter the US every month and get on welfare and Social Security ($3,020/mo/immigrant Forever).
Your President is now using US troops to support 35 African Nations that sell BLACK slaves - you see, they feel the darker the person the more they should be enslaved.
So for all you liberal freaks:
For you Intel Geeks:
1) Your planned attack on Israel on 29 March has already been thwarted.
The Artillery shell made in the USA has been destroyed and on Sorcha he recent story already told the world who ordered the attack and who planned to carry it out.
President Obama's Handlers (Rothschild's in London) - it is not nice to plan the destruction of Israel, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and Syria all in one fell swoop.
2) Lucifer - we have placed your kingdom before the Living GOD for immediate Judgement in accordance with HIS laws and HE, the Living GOD, who was and is and is to come, is breaking up your kingdom - scattering it into the 4 winds.
Why follow a master who cannot even stop a sun spot or earthquake when he knows when and where it is going to occur?
Your Invoking of the Great Adjuster will only hurt you Lucifer, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come. Go ahead Lucifer - test GOD in this, please test GOD. I want to watch.
Lucifer - you are a looser, so says the I Am that I Am, who created even you.
3) One last note: Piers Morgan got the flu shot on TV and then got sick.
Any time you wish to debate me Piers (you Liberal Freaky Coward) here I am. We currently have 10 times the readership that you have viewers - but you will not debate me because I am not paid by the DOD or one of your Sponsors - and because you are a Wimpy Coward.
4) One last note: China, if you order citizens of the US to give up their weapons one more time the Living GOD will hit your coast with such a disaster your nation will never recover. Does GOD make HIMSELF perfectly clear leaders of the Golden Dragon Society?
Please Pray that that you are not caught up in what the CIA is planning on Valentine's Day (+-3 Days).
You Heard it First here on APFN
Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russia
Cpt (Ret) USA;article=143910

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