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Out Of Mind » MORE THAN JUST CONSPIRACY THEORIES » CONSPIRACY & FALSE FLAG EVENTS: PAST & PRESENT » Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters :

Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters :

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Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters :

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In a shocking twist of events lending credence to’s investigation,
it has now been admitted by officials that there is a potential that
multiple shooters carried out the bloody massacre that took place at the
Sandy Hook Elementary School the morning of December 14, 2012.

By Shepard Ambellas
February 6, 2013

NEWTOWN — New information has now been brought forth by Connecticut
State Attorney Stephen Sedensky, suggesting that records pertaining to
the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have been sealed to possibly
hide the identity of witnesses from multiple shooter suspects and that
they should not be unsealed anytime soon.

Officials fear the safety of witnesses.

Now we are getting somewhere, after nearly two months this new information is startling.

Lt. Paul Vance

An article in the Digital Journal reports;

Vance nor the CT Attorney General’s office have ever ruled out the possible presence of other suspects. The New Haven Register reports Vance as having said:

“Whenever you conduct an investigation you don’t speculate as to
where it’s going to take you, as I said, we’re going to look at every
single thing, every piece of material and we’ll take it from there.”

The CT State Attorney General’s Office is handling the investigation
of the mass shooting, in which 20 children and 8 adults died last
December 14th.

The motion to extend the seal on the records for 90 days was granted by Superior Court Judge John Blawie, who wrote in his decision that:

“The court finds that due to the nature and circumstances of this
case and the ongoing investigation, the state’s interest in continuing
nondisclosure substantially outweighs any right to public disclosure at
this time,”

The warrants were for searches, on different dates, of the Lanza
home, and of Adam Lanza’s mother’s two cars. One of the cars, a 2010
black Honda Civic, was the vehicle which Lanza allegedly drove to the
crime scene. The other, a 2009 silver BMW, was parked in the garage
attached to the Lanza home. The court motion seals the affidavits
stating what was found upon execution of the warrants for another 90
days, until late March.
Although I myself believe this could potentially be a staged release
of information by officials, as something still doesn’t seem right.


^Actual Lanza Warrant:

^ Digital Journal Article:


^’s Investigation: The following articles (links) are posted in chronological order from the day of the shooting onward.

  • Elementary School Shooting Reported in Newtown, Conn.

  • Connecticut Mass Shooting: At Least 27 Dead in Horrific School Shooting

  • Newtown Caller Says School Shooters Described to be Disguised as an ‘Organized Group of Nuns’

  • CNN’s Piers Morgan Calls for Immediate Handgun Ban as Gun Control Shills Seek to Exploit Mass Shooting Tradegy

  • This Is Insane: Coordinates for Sandy Hook Targeted in Batman Dark Knight Movie

  • Media Manipulation: Father of Sandy Hook Victim Asks ‘Read the Card?’ Seconds Before Press Conference

  • Republicans Plan to Sell Out Second Amendment, Agree to Gun Control Talks

  • Pre-Crime: ‘The Evil Gene’

  • Petition: Make White House, Federal Buildings and Events Gun Free Zones

  • Liberal Leaning Foreign Media Declares War on US Constitution, 2nd Amendment

  • (Updated) Evidence: Sandy Hook School Shooting Staged by Factions of US Government and Mainstream Media?

  • Red Alert: Obama Plans Executive Actions to Eventually Fully Disarm the American People

  • Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement Raises Suspicion of False Flag Operation

  • Operation Gladio: False Flag Terror Attacks Never Stopped After Cold War

  • Biden: W.H. Readies 19 Executive Actions on Guns

  • Sandy
    Hook Shooting Suspects ‘Last Seen on Stony Hill… Multiple People in a
    Van with Masks… One Appears to be Dressed in a Nun Outfit’

  • “CIA” Spokesman Anderson Cooper Sent by Masters to Discredit Independent Sandy Hook Investigations

  • Sandy Hook Shooters Described by Officials as ‘Members of the Clergy’

  • Televised News Broadcast on Day of Sandy Hook Shooting Mentions ‘Members of the Clergy’ are at the Local Firehouse

  • The Young Turks Pull an ‘Anderson Cooper’ Ignoring Key Sandy Hook Evidence Forming Straw Man Arguments

  • Red Alert: Nationwide Plan for Gun Confiscation Exposed

  • FOX News Headline: “Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Tests Limits of Free Speech”

  • Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists

  • Sandy Hook Hysteria: Five-Year-Old Girl Treated Like a Terrorist Over Hello Kitty Toy Bubble Gun Threat

  • Connecticut State Police Release List of Guns Retrieved from the Sandy Hook School Shooting

  • (Update)
    Sandy Hook Smoking Gun Revealed: Factions of Government, Law
    Enforcement, and Mainstream Media Including Anderson Cooper Engaged in
    Treason Against the United States and it’s Citizens

  • Video: Florida Professor Attacked For Questioning Sandy Hook

  • Media Icons Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, and Megyn Kelly Should be Outed as Traitors to the American People

  • SSDI Death Index: Sandy Hook ‘Shooter’ Adam Lanza Died One Day Before School Massacre?

  • Piers Morgan: Use Machine Guns to “Take Out” Critics

  • CNN Initially Refuses to Air Live Coverage of Texas School Shooting Due to What We “Might See”

  • Sandy Hook Reports Skewed by Executive Director of the National Press Club’s Wife Reporting from on Scene

  • 3 Eyewitnesses Survive Sandy Hook Shooting – Mayor Scott Jackson Heads-Up Investigative Commission

  • Feinstein Permanent “Assault” Weapons Ban Planned for Over a Year

  • Sandy Hook Shooting: Man in Camo Exposed

  • Sandy Hook: Eyewitness Description From Inside the School Days After the Shooting

  • Adam Lanza: More Photoshopped Photos Released?

  • Alex Jones on the Sandy Hook Shooting and the Establishment Media Lies

  • Were Media and Officials on Scene Before the Shooting?

  • DHS Purchases 7000 Fully Auto “Personal Defense” Assault Rifles as Congress Moves to Limit Americans Gun Rights

  • How Television News Creates the Illusion of Knowledge

  • ‘The Problem is Not Gun Laws, It’s the Lack of Civility’, Says Sandy Hook Victims Father

  • ALERT: Ammunition Out-of-Stock, No Backorders Throughout Most of Country

  • Toy Nerf Gun Causes Mass Hysteria and Complete Lockdown at Bronx Elementary Schools

  • My Visit to Newtown – An Independent Sandy Hook Report

  • Gunfire in the Hallway: Illinois School Plans “Code Red” Drill

  • Exclusive Photos: Sandy Hook Elementary School After Mass Shooting

  • SANDY HOOK: A Look Back at a Possible False Flag With Many Unanswered Questions

  • MSNBC Edit Deliberately Smears Gun Owners as Sandy Hook ‘Hecklers’

  • Subscriber: People Magazine Pre-Shipped Sandy Hook Issue to Subscribers Before Shooting

  • Initial
    Daily Mail Report: ‘TWENTY SEVEN Shot Dead Including 18 Children and
    Principal at Connecticut Elementary as Student’s Father Armed with Two
    Handguns Commits Worst School Shooting in American history’

  • Sandy Hook: Mainstream Article Posted Day of Shooting Reveals Details of Second Suspect and Motive

  • Three Per Day: Walmart Limits Ammo Sales

  • Sandy Hook Witness ‘Saw Someone Who Jumped Over a Fence, that Person Was Taken Into Custody’

  • Live Active-Shooter Drill Took Place in School with No Warning to Anyone but Principle

  • Anderson Cooper Confronted at CNN on Sandy Hook: ‘You Were in Front of a Green Screen and You Are a Liar’

  • Mainstream Media Continues Campaign of Pro Gun Control Disinformation

  • Sandy Hook: Very Intelligent Student Reports Only 7 Loud Booms, Not 100′s of Shots

  • The Power Hour Radio Show: Shepard Ambellas Talks About the Sandy Hook Shooting

  • Sandy Hook: Could a Mock Shooter Drill be Mistaken for the Real Event?

  • Newtown Mother Exposing Sandy Hook Corruption at Public Hearing

  • Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters


Read more articles by this author HERE.

Shepard Ambellas is the founder & director of (a popular alternative news website), researcher, investigative journalist, radio talk show host, and filmmaker.

Follow Shepard on Twitter/NotForSale2NWO.

Watch and subscribe to Shepard on

Follow Unbound Productions on Vimeo

Please feel free to checkout (An Ambellas & Bermas Film).

Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters :.

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