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February 9th, 2013 by admin

These secrets are meant to be shouted from roof tops and implemented
to the extreme. Each one can be hugely life changing when you integrate
it into your life.

This is your official invitation to do so at a higher level than you
are currently. Now is the time to join together with passion.

The first step towards this change is changing you. Pick a secret and go with it. Now begin.

1. Choose to have only one way of being: living intentionally,
deliberately, purposefully and be consistent so that no matter what hat
you are wearing, be endeavor towards your larger vision.

2. Reach inside when you hit obstacles. Instead of looking outside
yourself by playing a subtle blame game, go deeply within instead.
Uncover how you could make a different decision and then take focused,
purposeful action accordingly.

3. Reach out to others, sharing your discoveries and thoughts with
those inside your circle of influence and those outside your circle of
influence. World transformation begins with communicating our beliefs
into being.

4. Integrate your truth down to the cellular level. In acting from
this level of belief, your transformation will be able to become visible
to others. The sense of empowerment will then spread from you to others
whose lives with whom you are in contact.

5. Facilitate growth of those around you through mentoring, coaching,
teaching, and creating purposeful relationships. Even a “one minute
relationship” may have life changing results! Be aware of possibilities
in each conversation with each person you meet everyday.

6. Communicate with the power of a laser and the expansiveness of
prosperous words. Make each word count. Practice this skill joyfully.
Eliminate words of fear, scarcity and lack replacing them with words of
love, abundance and prosperity.

7. Meet each person you encounter exactly where they are with love
and compassion. Look into their eyes when you talk with them and really
REALLY hear their words. Challenge them to no longer accept the status

8. Effectively use your unique gifts rather than living according to
someone else’s expectations for you. Embrace your gifts as yours. Trying
to express someone else’s specialness creates counterfeit personal
currency. Your gifts are riches like gold and silver.

9. Take passionate action every day. Do not miss a single day. As you
are moving seriously towards world transformation, do not settle for
manic action. Demand of yourself intentional, love filled, laser focused
action. The results will speak volumes.

10. Laugh, cry, love, nurture, applaud with passion! Be alive in all
things, whether it be in quiet contemplation or raucous celebration.
Spread that aliveness.

Transform your life and in turn transform Your World.

Author: Julie Jordan Scott

Thanks to:


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