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Out Of Mind » TRUTH IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES » CONSPIRACY & FALSE FLAG EVENTS: PAST & PRESENT » “We Were Having A Drill”: Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Spills The Beans – From The Mouths Of Babes Comes The Truth

“We Were Having A Drill”: Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Spills The Beans – From The Mouths Of Babes Comes The Truth

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“We Were Having A Drill”: Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Spills The Beans – From The Mouths Of Babes Comes The Truth

February 10, 2013 by debbymanynations tagged Sandy Hook | Permalink

(Before It’s News)

Is this Sandy Hook 3rd graders statement to Dr. Oz in the video
below PROOF that the Sandy Hook elementary school ‘shooting’ was
actually the BIGGEST false flag operation in the history of our country?
It sure sounds to me like this little guy has spilled the beans. In my
humble opinion, this is just one more piece of evidence that should lead
all Americans who still have the ability to think for themselves to
come to the same conclusion, we have been ‘had’. Do THEY really think
that they are going to be able to eliminate the 2nd Amendment after this
video goes viral? Americans aren’t THAT stupid! From the videographer
on YouTube.:

Dr. Oz Interview of Sandy Hook Elementary student. The host
discloses that the kids told him beforehand what they wanted him to ask,
in order to avoid traumatic questioning and – I would surmise – would
permit the kids to be thoroughly prepared and confident of their answer.
Sounds as if he tells him they were having a DRILL. You be the judge.
More at… and…

One very recent comment from the video on YouTube:

Wow. If you watch carefully, you will see that after the kid says
“When we were having a drill, we were hiding under, like…,” his mother
(the woman sitting next to him in the black sweater) nudges him with her
arm, his body moves slightly in response, and his eyes quickly dart
towards her, then back again. Then, Dr. Oz immediately taps him on the
shoulder and quickly changes the subject, so the kid doesn’t say
anything more about it being a drill. From the mouths of babes comes the

Thanks to:



Well... that sure is interesting. The sound has disappeared from this video. I went back and it is disabled on You Tube also... Also on the other sites I posted it... hmmmm...

Can anyone else hear the audio on this? Thanks...



Yes, I heard it just fine-no issues- peace and love


Really? Ok.. it must be something on my end then. Thanks T. I will check it out.




the slide bar on the video was down. YIKES!!! I need a vacation already... I am losing it.



I find it troubling that OZ says at the end..."that's fine...that's perfect" he just passed his test! THIS IS SOOOOO STAGED it is pathetic! POOR KID!

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