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Drones May Be Our Only Hope of Finding Him'

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1 Drones May Be Our Only Hope of Finding Him' on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:00 pm


Monday, February 11, 2013

'Drones May Be Our Only Hope of Finding Him'

Bring in the Drones for policing America

Eric Blair
Activist Post

How many laws, procedures, and civil liberties can the LAPD break in
their crazed manhunt for Chris Dorner? It seems there is no end.

Their shoot first tactic that resulted in two injured parties and likely
a massive lawsuit for the taxpayers is the most obvious. Then you have
warrantless checkpoints and house-to-house searches which most sleeping
Americans consider normal operating procedure in our rights-deficient
post-9/11 world.

But as many people predicted, this manhunt for the alleged
corruption-fighting cop killer is now justifying the use of drones over
American skies for police use.

According to the Express:

A senior police source said: 'The thermal imaging cameras the drones use may be our only hope of finding him. On the ground, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.'

Asked directly if drones have already been deployed, Riverside Police
Chief Sergio Diaz, who is jointly leading the task force, said: 'We are
using all the tools at our disposal.'

The use of drones was later confirmed by Customs and Border Patrol
spokesman Ralph DeSio, who revealed agents have been prepared for
Dorner to make a dash for the Mexican border since his rampage began.

He said: 'This agency has been at the forefront of domestic use of
drones by law enforcement. That’s all I can say at the moment.'
No mention of whether the drones being used to find Dorner are armed,
but considering the LAPD's shoot-on-sight policy, and Obama's precedent
for killing Americans without due process, it would not be surprising if
this manhunt ends with a missile strike. But given their track record
so far, they'll likely kill an innocent snow boarder at Big Bear in
another case of "mistaken identity".

What's interesting is, as precincts like Seattle
and others around the country are banning the use of drones because of
their civil liberties consequences, a "successful" demonstration of how
drones can be used by local police may cause them to reconsider.

Conveniently, this CBS video came out a few days ago highlighting the
increased demand for drones in California police departments:

San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -

Dorner's tactics are indefensible. But I have a question for residents
of Los Angeles: Who are you more afraid of, Chris Dorner who seems to
only be targeting cops, or the LAPD who's targeting anyone fitting the
general description of Dorner or his vehicle and will use "all the tools
at their disposal"?

Finally, the LAPD appears to be fulfilling Dorner's claims of using
excessive force; and the use of drones in America is the ultimate abuse
of power that has national ramifications, especially if this tactic is
portrayed as being successful which we all know it will be.

Read more articles by Eric Blair here.

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So... who else besides me feels that this is way over the top....
Makes one wonder just what this "fugitive" is really being sought for besides his well pre-publisized revenge killing hit list. His background in military and police work is so extensive.... Makes me think this is not what it seems.



He knows too much, and is a threat, and the fuzz knows they can't win, so they program a 'drone' to flush him out and kill him-

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