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Researchers Uncover Surprising Cause of Latest Flu Epidemic

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FEBRUARY 12, 2013
Researchers Uncover Surprising Cause of Latest Flu Epidemic

Did you hear last week about the 7-year-old who died a few days after receiving a flu shot? It’s happening, yet the government STILL claims it’s safe. Do you trust your government, your doctor? My feeling is we’re playing Russian roulette by getting vaccinations of any kind.

Vaccine Propaganda Heats Up—The Latest Scandals You Need to Be Aware of

By Dr. Mercola

A wide range of vaccine stories have been featured in the news over the past few weeks – many, no doubt, published to propagandize the updated 2013 vaccination schedules for children and adults1, 2, 3 and to promote the seasonal flu vaccine.

Ironically, if not tragically, while increasing amounts of research highlight the many dangers of vaccinations and their ineffectiveness, the US government keeps insisting that everything is fine, “just get your shots and don’t worry about it. We know what we’re doing!”

But do they really? The evidence is overwhelmingly negative in this regard.

And, while suddenly paying lip service to vaccine safety, vaccine policymakers ignore the safest and most effective strategies that can naturally strengthen your immunity to help you stay well or move through illness with fewer complications if you do get sick.

For example, there are many far more effective ways to help prevent the flu and other flu-like diseases, such as dietary interventions, making sure your vitamin D and gut flora are optimized, being more meticulous about washing your hands, getting enough exercise and sleep, and taking natural antibiotics like oil of oregano and garlic.

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Waned Over 2011-12 Season

Propaganda scare tactics still do work, as demonstrated by the 25 percent uptick in 2012-2013 seasonal flu vaccine sales reported by Novartis.4 This despite the fact that not just one, but three recent studies published in the journal Eurosurveillance5, 6, 7 strongly challenge the claim that the flu vaccine will protect you against the flu.

According to CIDRAP:8

“All three studies suggest that during the 2011-12 flu season, the vaccine provided modest protection at first, but its effectiveness dropped sharply after 3 or 4 months.

A multicenter study by researchers in eight European countries indicated that overall vaccine effectiveness (VE) against influenza A/H3N2 in the first months of the season was 38%, but after mid-February, it dropped to -1%. ‘The concept that vaccine protection can be so short-lived provides a challenge for public health policy,’ says the British report.”

Ludicrous Claim of the Week: Following Vaccine Schedule Required to Ensure Vaccine Safety

But that’s not the only challenge facing public health policy. Over the past few years, the science simply hasn’t held up when it comes to vaccinations in general.

Multiple scandals involving fraud and conflicts of interest have surfaced, and studies are increasingly showing that vaccines don’t work all that well. In response, government health agencies, who are now little more than poorly disguised mouthpieces for the pharmaceutical industry, are beefing up the propaganda.

But despite blanketing the media with carefully chosen sound bites, repeated almost verbatim by multiple media outlet sources, the “evidence” of safety and effectiveness they bring to the table is flimsy at best.

One sound bite you’ll keep hearing again and again now is the ludicrous claim that the best way to ensure vaccine safety is to strictly follow the vaccine schedule.

Take Mary Anne Jackson for example. Dr. Jackson is the Division Chief of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City, MO. Reading her statements to the New York Times, it is crystal clear that she is taking her cue cards directly from the Institute of Medicine’s dubious new report.9 As reported by the New York Times:10

“The timing is specific for a reason. ‘We want to prevent the vaccines from competing against each other… Sticking to the schedule also ensures that a child’s immunity is likely to be maintained. These alternative schedules that are springing up have no data behind them,’ Dr. Jackson told me. ‘They’re not rigorously tested. It’s impossible to test all of them.’

…the most obvious problem with the exodus of parents from the recommended vaccination schedule is that it makes vaccine safety more difficult to monitor. ‘We want to drill down as far as we can, and make vaccines as safe as we can,’ said Dr. Jackson. ‘We’re not going find the one-in-a-million serious adverse event if you have thousands of different vaccine schedules out there.’”

To me, all of this sounds like both illogical and dangerous reasoning. They’re essentially saying everyone needs to participate in the experiment in order to tease out potential harms. This is not safety. This is human experimentation. Safety of a vaccine should be addressed PRIOR to being added to the vaccine schedule. Ditto for the safety of giving multiple vaccines at the same time.

Immunization Schedule Guaranteed ‘Safe,’ IOM Panel Declares

Speaking with WebMD, Dr. H. Cody Meissner, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee was also undoubtedly reading his cue cards when he said:11

“It’s so important to adhere to these immunization schedules. People need to understand: These schedules are put together with great care and discussion and review of scientific data… It’s critically important to adhere to the schedule…”

Fortunately, parents are slowly but surely waking up to the tragic fact that vaccine damage is real with a capital “R.” If each and every dose of every vaccine on the schedule, alone and/or in combination with others, is indeed safe, then show us the research! I want to see the methodologically sound studies using true placebos as controls and conducted by investigators without conflicts of interest with industry or public health agencies for each and every one of those vaccine combinations.

The fact is, there aren’t any studies like that. That kind of credible vaccine safety science doesn’t exist. So it’s no wonder that as many as 21 percent of American parents are now delaying or refusing some or all of the recommended childhood vaccines12 for their children. More and more parents are seeing the very real effects of vaccine damage to children all around them, and they have good reason to exercise caution.

“In response to those fears – or, rather, the quantifiable impact of reduced vaccination that stems from those fears – the Department of Health and Human Services asked the I.O.M. to review all the current scientific evidence13 on the schedule, and to research ways to address parental concerns.

That friendly face on the recommended schedule is still lacking (that’s up to individual pediatricians), but… the panel concluded that the current schedule is not only safe, but ‘rather than exposing children to harm, following the complete childhood immunization schedule is strongly associated with reducing vaccine-preventable diseases,’” the New York Times reports:14

And, according to a recent NPR report15 on the IOM panel’s findings:

“‘…some parents still worry that the schedule of vaccinations – 24 immunizations by the age of 2 – can be dangerous. That worry is likely misplaced, according to a yearlong review of all available scientific data. Researchers from the Institute of Medicine found there is no evidence that the federally recommended timeline for childhood vaccines is unsafe.

According to family physician Alfred Berg of the University of Washington School of Medicine, who was a member of the IOM committee, the research team looked at a large number of medical conditions, including ‘things like autoimmune diseases, which even captures diabetes, asthma, hypersensitivity, allergies, seizures, epilepsy, child developmental disorders including autism, and other learning disorders, communications disorders, intellectual disabilities, and even rare things like tics or Tourette’s syndrome.’

None could be linked to the vaccination schedule. Parents should be reassured, says Berg.

…Even though this review finds that there’s no reason to worry and that the current recommended schedule is completely safe, Berg says it still might be useful to know what happens to children who don’t get their vaccinations on time – by comparing them to children who do. Preliminary research does show children who don’t get vaccinated on time are hospitalized more often than children who are immunized according to federal guidelines.”

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so darn serious. As Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has pointed out, the panel relied on fewer than 40 studies, which, she argues, “is not nearly enough science to give parents confidence that the current vaccine schedule is safe.”16 Furthermore, to PROMISE that the schedule is “completely safe,” as if it comes with an ironclad guarantee, is not only irresponsible, it’s completely immoral.

Let me ask you: Who takes the blame and steps in to make things right when your child is harmed by a vaccine? NO ONE. You and you alone are left holding the tattered pieces of your life. As a parent, you are legally and morally responsible to provide for your minor child’s health and well being. You are the one left to mourn and cope with what has happened to your child and pay the medical bills, the special tutoring bills and whatever additional expenses you may face after your child is injured by a vaccine or combination of vaccines.

How much is that ironclad guarantee you were promised really worth then?

If all vaccines are “completely safe,” when taken alone and together, why did Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court completely shield drug companies selling vaccines in the U.S. from all vaccine injury lawsuits in civil courts when vaccines cause injury and death? Ironically, while the NPR17 reports (above) that children who don’t get vaccinated on time are hospitalized more often than those who get their shots according to schedule, the New York Times18 pointed out research demonstrating the complete opposite:

“…But following an alternative vaccination schedule does not appear to present a health risk for an individual child. In fact, a study of under-vaccination published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics19 found that children who were under-vaccinated because of parental choice had lower rates of outpatient and emergency department visits, even among the studied population consisting of children enrolled in and receiving primary care from managed care organizations – in other words, not the children of parents who shunned medical care altogether.”

Read the rest of the article…

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Humbug, 4 sure- Think about the 'chemtrails', they are dropping the flu virus along with the chemicals in the trails the U.S. gov. is spraying on us,And how do you think the people are getting sick long before they offer a vaccine to help? Vaccines DO NOT help anyone, they only want you to believe they do- Vaccines have never worked to barrier a disease, only to try to kill people- Every frigging disease known to man was created by scientists of the U.S. gov. to effectively make people sick,and for their own benefit to try to decrease the numbers of people in the world's population- :affraid: :affraid:

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