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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » MUST READ:AngelQuest Post from Intel4U Forum Wed. Afternoon

MUST READ:AngelQuest Post from Intel4U Forum Wed. Afternoon

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AngelQuest Post from Intel4U Forum Wed. Afternoon



[Angelquest] 2013 Continuing Changes Signs of the Times

I stood in my kitchen half way listening to the news when there came a report that lightening had struck St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, not once, but twice, within hours of the Pope announcing details for his resignation!

Startled by the report of the lightening, I asked the Lord, "What does this mean?" The Lord says, "I'm getting ready to topple world powers across the Nations and in the U.S. I'm going to do this in layers in government, in the church, and in business.

Things at the top are going to fall, and things at the bottom are going to come up and to the front. I'm going to turn things upside down. Just as the lightening struck the Vatican, I'm going to touch and topple world powers for I'm changing structures.

The structures and or I'm changing structures. The structures and wineskins that have been the containers you operated from in the past, will no longer suffice. New frameworks of operation will now come into existence.

Get ready for the changes because you can't put new wine into an old wineskin or it will burst.

And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins. Mark 2:22

You are running out of time so you must work while it is day to get done what I've asked of you. In just a little while, the structures, systems, and familiar ways that you know, will not be able to sustain things as in times past."

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

Expect changes when God sees your efforts to comply with His requests. Obedience is greater than sacrifice. Expect miracles as you make your way forward in Him.

Yours for Him,
Sandy Powell

02/13/2013 14:58
Thank you for sharing. Truly, Revelation is coming to pass and we are witnesses. Amen, and as my daddy always said, "God has the Final Word".
02/13/2013 15:25
Which Revelation are you reading? Yes, peace does come after Jesus sets up his millinial throne on earth. But that doesn't happen until 7+ years away. We must first go through the tribulation and regarding the last three and a half years, it is declared that unless they were shortened no body would get out alive. Does this sound like prosperity and things getting better to you? Yes, I believe in the RV. But if things start looking really rosy, beware. Maybe those who propose such prosperity (and ascension) are satan's followers posing as light. I encourage you to read Rev. 4-16. There is nothing prosperous in those chapters and they describe the seven year tribulation. Babylon is rebuilt and becomes the richest city in history (also the most decadent and satanic). So much so that Christ destroys it in one hour. I think Angel Quest is great. But I disagree with her interpretation of the future. Christ said that we will have wars and rumors of wars until He comes. And He will not appear for at least another 7+ years.
02/13/2013 15:36
"The last shall be first and the first shall be last".............and it appears that this is happening before our very eyes..........................
quiet obediat voice
02/13/2013 16:34
This is a great word! God has taken a group of sons and daughters, set them on the sidelines and told them to be quiet so you can watch and understand what I am about to do. For a long while He has said be still while these obediant ones have said have I missed you or look Lord they need to hear. but the Lord has said you have not missed you and I will release you when the time is full they will not listen now but they will. Be ready and know that I will fulfill what I have promised and bring the dreams and visions I have given you to the front.
Tested link
02/13/2013 17:11
I sense a disruption in the Spirit realm; I see it echoed in the natural. This world is attempting to turn everything upside down, calling evil good and good evil as even the traditions, foundations and guide posts are being removed daily and replaced with sound bites to appease itching ears. Do not be deceived God does not change nor can He be mocked. There has not failed one of His good promises and they will never fail. His prophetic word will come to pass, Babylon will rise again. Is it now? As it is in the ashes of turmoil, it bears witness with me that now is the time to praise Jesus, and witness the fulfillment of another prophecy of scripture. Or, if you don’t believe, I quote another proclaimer, “Let it Be, Let it Be, Let it Be, O, Let it Be!
02/13/2013 15:02
Thank you for this.... I am not a highly religious person but understand this happening to me is a means to help make a change in many peoples lives. GO RV!
02/13/2013 15:13
I can just feel every word that you have spoken here, my Spirit just jumped when I read it, and I knew this was an explanation of my hidden feelings, and it all came to light. Thank you so much for this, I believe it and the Bible states it, so all we have to do is Trust Him, and this will come to pass in His timing. For those who don't know Him, it is time to take care of that issue immediately, just between you and God, ask for His forgiveness & dedicate your life to Him, you will never be sorry. God Bless you all
02/13/2013 15:25
Good WORD AQ! Thing will change....and soon....with fast and shocking results!!! He has His people in place and they are Highly Trained to go out and make Disciples as they've been feasting on His WORD. REV 3:18-21. ;-)
02/13/2013 15:28
An angel is amongst us :)
Madge link
02/13/2013 15:30
Thank goodness I am in communion with The Curch and Pope especially if the end is near! Thanks for the warning.
02/13/2013 16:20
Awesome word. So appropriate and encouraging. My experience is when God says "get ready"--we really need to listen and position because He IS going to move. Need to check my "ready". A promise we can trust.

Be blessed everyone and "ready".
02/13/2013 16:25
When I get restless over the RV I realize I am being in "My Will Be Done." This has been my charge before God for a while now. Don't focus on the RV, focus on God and ask Him to show me how to be ready when He creates it to come. I truly hope I will be ready.
Dave J link
02/13/2013 16:31
You are right. We are coming into the storm. God wanted a holy people, and he will have it. I know this may be uncomfortable for you to go veiw, because of what you've been taught, but you may want to look into the prophetic words spoken by Jesus' Mom. The Most holy and blessed. The Virgin Mary. She doesn't lie, She's been asking, no begging people to come back to Jesus, to pray, to live by Gods Commandments. Her pleas are going unanswered by the world. Specificlly the Catholic church which is supposed to have been the beacon of truth and guidence is stumbling. I think what your getting from God is that he's about to rattle some very high up cages. The church will come out of this but she's going to thruogh some serious times before her glory is restored. All christian churches are going to have major internal strife. Some will fall. Our blessed mother says , focus on Jesus ,pray and don't be afraid.
You may want to look at The seceret messages of the blessed mother. She' been telling us for quite some time now, but the Vaticon did not or could not or would not let her pleas and warning out. The sexual scandles was known back in the 50s she knew the church was loosing her way even back then. So now we're at a point where God himself is cleaning house. Like the Isrelites and 40 years in the desert. I believe we're in the beginning of the tribulation time. It's going to get real bad soon. Maybe our Dinar wealth is a test to see if we little people can do a better job with wealth than the old powers of wealth. D
02/13/2013 16:33
So God speaks directly to you? Impressive!
02/13/2013 17:05
Yeah. I agree. I seen that picture on the news. I told my partner. See. God knows that the Pope did wrong and he was trying to strike him down. I do believe that is a sign from God that he doesn't agree with what was being done. Another sign that the next day Visa and Mastercard started doing business in Vatican City again. That is NO qawinkidink. Thats shows that there was some funny stuff going on there. I would just like to see these people go down alittle faster. The people need to know what has been going on. Why hide this stuff with false information. We are grown-ups. We can handle the real truth. If u can't when it is announced. You will learn to realize that the truth had to be put out there to make things right with the world. Great post AQ. Just can't wait to see more of the topling.


Thanks Yom 4 bringing here. ☀ AQ revelation does indeed resonate also with me.

His Ways are high above man's ways & His Love for us is so far beyond what we can imagine.

He works through His obedient people, His wonders to perform, to His Honor & Glory...

We are each chosen to be a part of His Plan to bring about His New world... serving others, acting as His Hands, Feet, reflecting His Heart... Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Forgiveness, Hope, Compassion, ABundance... Redemption, Reconciliation.... by His Spirit within us... PTL!


Must read..?

Herb Lady

Thanks YMO!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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