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THE OCCULT REVIEW - THE POPE RESIGNS - THE END OF FEAR IS UPON US - THURS FEB 14 2013 9:00 PM CST Pope_benedict_resign_vatican_jesuit_illuminati


Rated Adept

We are not done, this time we destroy fear so it does not occur
again. Its very simple, but so key. By taking the knowledge that fear is
a low frequency you can reverse engineer the entire reality and I will
show you how. It is important to first remove "you" from the
conversation when analyzing this knowledge so you can be non-bias.

The first question should be "can anyone accomplish the limitlessness
with fear"? Its not naturally spiritually or physically possible here
are all the clues.

Fear is based on contraction. When some one scares or startles you,
you will instinctively draw back or recoil. If a person has a fear of
flying they are now limited to how many places they can go. If a person
has a fear of driving that list of limits increases. There are hints
everywhere around you telling you that the reality that we have choose
to live through suggestion is one completely constructed on fear.

Since fear is a low frequency this means that the higher harmonics
have no fear or contraction, they are expansion. Because of this there
should never be a fear of coming out of the body, or taking your life
beyond the limits of what everyone else thinks you can accomplish.
Nothing can great you that would be opposed to you, after all opposition
is a low frequency and thus does not exist there.

Now this may be simple at first, but when you begin to feel what I'm
talking about you will see this is the key to your entire emancipation.
Some more examples:

Realities such as the one we are in have to thrive on fear because it
operates on separation. It makes more points to note the differences of
our root cultures than its uncanny similarities especially when it
comes to our physical origins versus our spiritual one. All this of
course comes together when you take a hard look at etymology across

Illusions Fuel

False realities are powered by lies, this would manifest as a world
where the truth is hidden. Major accomplishments in the realm of truth
will take your engagement. On this dimension you see a ladder however on
the astral plane you must first take the step for the staircase to
appear. This is opposite to how we generally function. Fear based
realities want to create everything for you, harmonic actualities
encourage you to create in every instance with total control and
responsibility of self, along with all thoughts and actions.

Transparency vs Walls

So the physical correspondence to fear that we encounter everyday is
the wall you see in front of you. The walls silently say the person next
door cannot see me for "add here" a whole list of fears, because we
have been taught to loath transparency down to the bump on our back.
Clothes or "close" do the same thing as we generally remain in the cave
of our mind thinking about how we can separate or distinguish ourselves
further. This does not mean we now go run down the street naked yelling
"Its All Fear Based!" as such things will land you in the crazy house
but just know We are on to "them". When fear is fully isolated then you
can hit delete. There is a method to this I feel it is my purpose in
life to become a Master Teacher in eliminating fear.

In the Chakra System

The abilities of the upper chakras are parallel with high abilities
and the higher harmonics. Since fear cannot thrive or even exist in
these frequencies a person who has fear cannot enter these centers nor
have access to the abilities encased within them. So again its simple,
if you are looking to release from the body through the pineal or just
send healing vibrations powerful enough from you hands to vividly be
felt by the applicant you must be free flowing. As many already know
fear produces blockages/walls in the Chakra center and thus would be the
reason we are powered down.

Geometrically Speaking

Fear in many tense can be geometrically seen as a circle not a coil. A
serpent eating its tail. This means repeating the same actions over and
over, the same so called mistakes not learned, not expanding through
the growth of experience. So the "no longer controllers" were fascinated
with trapping entities inside of a loop of fear constructed on
perceived mistakes. Nothing is a mistake until someone insists their
right, right exist because wrong came in to existence through you
guessed it, fear, and once again you have the circle going in to itself
seen still as a coil that is contracting not expanding inside of itself.
The difference between the 2D flat mind versus the Spherical outside of
the box mind renders limitless insights and explanations on any subject
as all true knowledge is basically a coil recalling itself, a disk.

The Clause - Ego Based Fearlessness and Fear Based Motivation

There is another part to this, one that seems so close to
fearlessness but in fact it is the ultimate fear itself. The fear that
disguises itself as no fear. A double bind that can easily be released
with proper recognition. There are men who appear so fearless who array
themselves in the most dangerous devices wielded to destroy anything and
everything physical but inside remain as cowards afraid to approach the
enemies they created face to face. America and Britons Drone war is an
ode this. They are afraid of the consequences of what they will face
from the people if they keep sending physical troops in to fight their

But much deeper we must consider that many have been abused in some
form or fashion and as a result build a shield around themselves so it
may never occurs again. This shield becomes a huge wall, a great fear
monument that is built upon constantly. It eventually becomes the reason
they cannot even leave their own bed. This is defined as fear based
motivation which means the fear has been given some type of strength to
create more stages of itself. This is a vortex and also the answer to
the power source for the Ego which can be proven is an actual a vacuum
sometimes called a vampire or leech for sucking the life out of any

The Solution to Death

Again this can reverse engineer the entire reality this knowledge.
Death is equal to fear as it becomes Mort as in Mortuary which is
synonymous with freezing, to become completely still, stagnant,
qlippoth, shell. The evidence is all here, completely eliminating fear
would place you on another frequency that would reveal the secret to
none decaying immortality by never accepting death as something even
real let alone alone something that should be feared.

Demons, devils, and the likes can all be considered as low
frequencies so it is a fact that they are scarred of you. The most they
may have is a grotesque appearance that we have been programmed to fear
but they behave like the cowardly lion being smacked on the wizard of oz
when you stand up to such eidolons by removing them from any position
of authority. Darkness retreats from light in to the corners, true
light, the light that is shined in to the prism before it becomes
divided has nothing to do with something that is separated so in the
truest sense light actually absorbs darkness which is symbolic of
eliminating fear first from within.

This also means nothing should be given a status based on how it
appears externally, its depth must be tested in order to discover its
true stance. What is solid to you in appearance is actually very porous
under the microscope with the right magnification. Not to mention
respecting something because you fear it will trap you, respect must be

The End of ReligionThere is a constant back and
forth going through the mind of most spiritual people about the true
stance of religions that spout good principles amongst their chosen
people propaganda. This can serve to be confusing especially if a "lamb"
is used to disarm a person visually from the internal obvious. Religion
is fear based. Christianity and Islam alike teach the "Fear of God". No
matter what people think, fear and love do not play well together, and
such notions are the root to an abusive relationship.

As long as religions teach the fear of god, and the idea that god
remains separate from humanity somewhere in the sky or on another planet
or even inside of our very planet it is all false. The Most High is
within, there is no separation knowing that The Most High is a totality
of all things. Fear and separation slows one down and prevents them from
merging with the fact or truth. Again what is left is the person has no
choice but to live a lie, lies are the illusions. Again the knowledge
spirals in to itself, you will have to keep explaining this to yourself
just like this for it to be completely quelled as it is deeply embedded
and generally taught from generation to generation.

Breeding Out FearGenerally a small child can
experience one situation such as a friend breaking a toy and if that
situation is not handled properly by the adult the child then develops a
fear of getting their toys broke by others. This then leads to
selfishness and a host of situations that ensue just from one experience
not being handled properly. This does not mean you have to be excessive
about every situation your child enters but it does mean that when you
are fully aware of such things you can often prevent a major ripple
effect from even occurring just by allowing our children to remain free
flowing and giving like they naturally are.

Generally the parent is the first to suggest that certain toys can't
be played with and certain children cannot be played with etc. We are in
fact introducing our children to our fears no matter how we may see it
so be sure you are taking time to fully analyze what you are doing and
you will be even more amazed of the potential your child exudes.

Reflections and MayaI will leave it to you to crack
through the illusion fully for yourself, after all nobody can do
something for you that has already been done, you just need to apply it.
Have you ever noticed in order to see a different perspective on this
plane one must use mirrors, lenses, glasses, and crystals? For those
that may think substances like DMT and Mushrooms were excluded from that
statement think again as they both contain a great deal of ingestible
crystals that refract the light within. So it should now be clear to you
that such realities as the one we are on can truly be erected and
dissolved using "smoke" and mirrors/lenses/crystals/optics which "bend"
light turning the otherwise linear to non linear.

Master of Mind and Tongue

The first move is to watch what you say which later leads to watching
what you think. Thoughts move faster than words since the thought comes
first so it can be a little difficult catching up with your thoughts
but you must be quick to avoid the dead thoughts. Its the way to start
embedding your mind with an anti fear assistant that works to keep fear
from creeping in. Here is a standard conversation in a group around
lunch at the job for the average person.

"I need to hurry up and leave" (a fear of returning late and the
repercussions). "Who's car are we taking my car is not that great" (a
fear of the car breaking down, gas prices, etc.) Once arriving, "I
wonder if I should eat here again" (a fear of what happened last time).
This list goes on and on and I make a point to only point out the small
stuff that you never catch as negative because generally these
conversations are also mixed with thousands of more heavier thoughts
like, I wonder where he/she is, how will I pay for xyz, what about the
sister's husband, the sick dog and hey hello you need to wake up the
matrix has you. :-)


Projections show that actuality without the so called controllers
will not be as chaotic as you may think. They would want to make you
afraid so you can believe that if they are not here to run the system
than it will collapse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember
the people have been working around the clock around the world for them
to gather trillions, I mean beyond numbers of our resources and hoard
it and stock pile it and trade against it.

When they are gone, now it goes to the people, and it is more than
enough, always has been, always will be. Our Mother/Father Planet could
always take care of us on all levels. The sustenance is seen with why
the mother produces milk and a womb while the father the seed and
safety. Just as the earth does not just produce sweet fruits for the
pallet of those who love such delights but also bitter minerals, plants,
substances for the Astral Quester to thrust themselves to the innermost
cosmic hangout.

More on this during the show, its a rough draft but I can feel this
is the final cutting through. I have returned, the final Pen has been
broken! See you at the Show

The Riddle - The Pentagram, Combustion, Phi, Five, Fire, Fear. To break out just change direction Centripetal or Centrifugal , you choose.

The Next News Headline

Spiritualists find a possible cure for fear epidemic, immediate testing underway says team spokesman.

P.S. Think about if they drop the borders and all walls then you can
travel to all of those places that you always dreamed of without
hindrance. So much of this is symbolic.

P.S.S. If you did not notice very little of this post was actually
about the Pope, all of these setbacks will become a thing of the past.

Thanks to: http://www.resistance2010.com


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