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New Deal for Illuminati Banksters

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1New Deal for Illuminati Banksters Empty New Deal for Illuminati Banksters on Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:36 pm


New Deal for Illuminati Banksters

Pakalertpress – With economic indicators heading south again, President Obama should be thinking big and using his momentum to “flood the zone” during his State of the Union address tonight. He should outline aNew Deal-type stimulus package that will help the US economy out of the doldrums and he should get tough on the banksters that put us here.

The real issue underlying the 2008 economic collapse has yet to be dealt with. Until banks began acting like banks and lend money again, instead of gambling QE1-3 at the commoditiesbubble casino, the economy will be unable to count on the private sector to pull it out of its downward spiral. We need a massive New Deal to both provide work for people and to modernize out ailing infrastructure.

Consider the recent track record of the Illuminati Money Power that owns the Federal Reserve money center banks.

In early 2000 they created Internet IPOs out of thin air, ran up their stock prices, offloaded the shares onto salivating yuppie middle class investors, then burst the NASDAQ bubble, making billions on the way up and on the way down through short sales.

In the ensuing five years they ordered their minion bankers to loan trillions on overpriced real estate, packaged these inflated loans into real estate investment trusts, and created credit default swaps to ensure themselves against the imminent real estate collapse. They then made billions shorting real estate. In the summer of 2008 these parasitic job destroyers bought oil, food and gold futures, creating yet more economic bubbles and making billions more while the world’s poorest people literally starved to death.

As that commodity bubble was bursting in September 2008, Goldman Sachs and the other thieves had already exited those markets while middle class investors had begun loading up on the overpriced stuff. Goldman and the others now shorted oil and made billions more as that bubble burst.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The banksters create money out of thin air through fractional reserve lending. This allows them to loan out money they do not even have. They have to create manias and bubbles to sucker people into certain sectors of the real economy when prices have peaked and the banksters want out. When those respective bubbles burst, the banker can then call in the loan and “foreclose” on the REAL asset - be it a house, a farm, a barrel of oil or a company. This is how these financial parasites make money and expand their power.

This is exactly what happened during the Great Depression. The bankers created the crisis by abruptly ceasing to lend money, then calling in existing loans and seizing the REAL assets of the country. They have done this over and over throughout American and world history. This is why, for example, in 1900 nearly half of all Americans owned and lived on farms. Today less than 3% do. Why? Because the people’s assets have been stolen by these bankers. Mister small hog farmer in Missouri has, for example, been replaced by Morgan Stanley-owned giant hog confinements.

When you understand this, the 2008 “credit crisis” takes on a new and more sinister meaning. TheIlluminati bankers have created this credit crisis as a means to further consolidate their power. That is why JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup – the Four Horsemen of banking in my book Big Oil & Their Bankers… – received the spoils of the recent “crisis” which included the assets of Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual, Countrywide, Wachovia, et al. This is why they were also the biggest recipients of TARP money. You bought those assets for them. It was the greatest bank robbery in American history.

How Obama handles these age-old robber barons in his second term will be critical to how and when we come out of this downturn. For despite their recent power grab these people are not omnipotent. They have overreached in their greed and have been exposed then their is opportunity. This is where we find ourselves now.

If we are to create real change in America we must deal with these bankers. The Four Horsemen of banking should each be nationalized. So should Goldman and the other Wall Street vultures. Since they comprise most of the New York and San Francisco Federal Reserve banks, this would constitute a Fed nationalization, something both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy attempted to do shortly before each was assassinated.

A note to the Obama skeptics out there who, despite lacking any evidence of his Illuminati/Mason/banker associations, think the man is just another Establishment shill: If he musters up the guts to push for aNew Deal, while simultaneously taking these bankers on, swallow your pride and get behind him quickly. There is safety in numbers and he will need all of us to have his back.

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