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William Mount.......... OBAMA MUST HAVE HIS WAR

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William Mount
Tue Feb 21, 2012 13:44

Obama must have his war. Every other president has had one, he must have his.

WHile we are all sitting around thinking that the US is pulling out of Iran an things are slowing down in Afghanistan and we are on the verge of peace nothing could be more incorrect.

Within the last 6 months around 50.000 US troops have been deployed to an Island just to the East of Yemen called Socotra and the accompanying islands.

Air Bases have been enlarged and there are now US Naval Facilities to dock, resupply and repair US Submarines and Small Surface Craft. The leader of Yemen objected so he was swept away by the US and he "Resigned."

See: Massive US Military Build-up in two strategic Islands: Socotra and Masira.

Obama has by far been the sneakiest most dishonest president this nation has ever had. While one Obama Double is spouting Peace the DOD is sending US troops for deployment for war and the other Obama is ordering a Nuclear War.

These troops will be ready for war by the time the USS Aircraft Carrier Enterprise (CV65) pulls into the Straights of Hormuz to be destroyed.

Let the 8 Nukes in the Iran Embassy go off, who needs those beurocrats anyway, right?

Think this is a joke? Remember 21 Apr 2010?

Obama - the Nobel Peace Prize Winner - now must have his Nuclear War.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Greek's Department of Justice Computers were "Taken Over" by Anonymous today. These computers have access to Interpol and all access codes as well.

Too Bad Interpol - you should have helped me stop the US VA from selling US Active Duty records across the world and you would have nowt been compromised.

"Anonymous" is actively searching for where the Trillions of Euros and Dollars went in the last 3 years and when they find these accounts - "Poof."

So do nothing Interpol and watch your system fall apart.

2) PM Putin - your Private Bank Accounts have been targeted by the IMF. Protect then NOW.

Chase stole the Romanov Wealth and thenthe English and French tried to invade St Peterbburg in 1919 to justify this theft but they got their butts kicked. Petition to get your money in the Hague Courts.

Stop running Russia - attack. The Best Defense is a Good Offense. Attack.

3) I was tracking a website that said Morgellons is all in your head - I tracked it to London. Apparently there is so much Disinformation coming from London no knows the truth there.

Shut down the London Servers and you Paralyze the Beast.

4) Finally, the Nuclear Waste from Fukushima is finally washing up on the shores of Washington State - and it is still highly radioactive. This means that the Radioctive Ocean Water is also hitting our shores. This water contains the radiation from 100,000 Used Nuclear Rods -- about 100,000,000 pounds of highly Radioactive Garbage leaking into the Ocean with no end in sight.

These scum at the top creating all this need to be contained NOW.
Pray - Visualize - that GOD contains the Scum at the top immediately.

You Deserve the Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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