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On A Beach In The Morph

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On A Beach In The Morph

Saturday, February 16th, 2013. Filed under: Consciousness Esoterica Spirituality The Awakening

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  • On A Beach In The Morph Swirlbeach_z

    by Soren Dreier


    I noticed this past week from letters from people feeling
    metaphysically abused and strangely down and not being able figure
    out the trigger point causing their distress.
    I’ve also seen it in the headlines from around the world that the ghouls have gotten more obvious.

    The mainstream media was speaking about possessions and obsessions.
    Strange and unexplained events taking place where the diabolic seem to show and manifest quite openly.

    I have a clear hunch that when ghouls panic they do so because the
    celestial is collecting and gathering, since it’s the only thing that
    really can scare the ghouls. In the same week I also felt very much
    down, had trouble with sleeping for no apparent reason as my friends
    One very aware friend wrote that he was heavily attacked. It showed a
    pattern. There´s always a pattern. Having that mechanic in mind, I went
    into the morph to have a look.

    The morph is very close. I consider it to be a quantum field of a
    much clearer reality than the one perceived by our five senses. I
    touched upon that in: Transcending the ESP .

    So the morph is within reach, we have to let go of the five senses to
    encounter it. A leap of faith will get us there; behind the shimmering
    door is the reality of the not yet manifested. I conceive it to be
    somehow more real that our 3D reality.

    So I projected into the morph. It takes a nanosecond if the
    circumstances are right, and “right” is (for me) when there’s absolutely
    no fear running around in the emotional nervous system.

    I found myself at a very beautiful tropical beach. Somehow the
    coloring was very psychedelic, but with the morph it is. I guess it’s
    because the vision, which is not a vision really, but a touchable both
    parallel and embedded universe, is experienced with the mind’s eye via
    the pineal gland and the emotional nervous system.

    Strolling along the beach with the gentle tropical waves caressing
    the sand, something jumped on me and pushed me down onto the sand.
    Sitting on me was this sulfur stinking ghoulish creature. It was way
    physically stronger than me, and it sat on my chest, so breathing was
    very hard.

    As we struggled I became very aware that I could die there.
    With that awareness my eyes strayed to the tropical sky and the clouds
    vanished and celestial light broke through. I knew Instantly what to
    say, so I turned my attention to the ghoul and said:

    “I´m not the one being trapped here, you are!” and the Ghoul stopped
    its effort to kill me, looking at me with great fear. The ghoul released
    its grip on me and started screaming and vaporized into weird fractals
    and fragments, and it was no more.

    As I came back into the 3D graphics card we call this reality I
    realized; Yes, the Ghouls are losing their power. And yes, something
    very powerful has arrived. “Biblical” healing time is gathering.

    On another note: The celestial is not copyrighted by boxed in
    religion. Since most rules in more or less copyrighted religion are very
    much fear based and therefore a ghoul-construct, it makes no sense to
    cling to them. Maybe they will offer you peace of mind, maybe not.

    But I never subscribed to the role of telling others what to believe
    or how to live their lives. People can think and feel whatever makes
    them tick as long as they don’t impose their belief systems on others.

    I realized when in the Morph that our relationship with the celestial
    is stronger, more powerful, subtler, and more obvious that I ever
    conceived it to be. I don’t consider myself holy in any way and I don’t
    consider myself evil in anyway.

    But I do consider myself very good at striking a really bad chord now
    and then. I also consider myself able to strike a good one now and
    then, with a soul that longs for perfection, redemption, love and a feel
    of the celestial blueprint.

    It has taken me a lifetime to arrive at that conclusion and partly
    come to terms with my “no-mad” soul: On such a basic security that: Yes,
    we can connect with the celestial and what maybe is way more difficult:
    Letting the celestial connect with us: Without fear of not being
    worthy, without fear at all, and with the sweet, sweet touch of

    And if I can – You can.

    I truly believe our little souls have out grown the Matrix construct.
    As with everything within this universe, we’ll all come to that
    realization of growth in the final gathering of light and darkness in
    Morph City.

    What an awesome reality.

    Give the Ghouls a clear sense of the celestial powers you’re connected with and they seem to die. Very cool.

    ©2012 Soren Dreier / Full repost with permission.



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