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MUST READ:Late Sat.PM/Early Sun.AM Dinar Chatter

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Late Sat.PM/Early Sun.AM Dinar Chatter

[cruiser] “We think that talk of currency wars is overblown,” Ms Lagarde said. “People did talk about their currency worries. The good news is that the G-20 responded with cooperation rather than conflict today.”

[Josey Wales] cruiser good stuff Brother........

okrocks] cruiser yesterday we read all the news articles on her from the G20 and decided we are ready ;)

[RFrost] cruiser I like that article and this one too.

[RFrost] cruiser Yuppers, kinda makes ya smile deep down, dont it? grin

[cruiser] RFrost yes it does.

[rotormech35] I really think the "announcement" was yesterday with that press release... not sure there will be another one on any of it

[rotormech35] it will just happen

sandytob] rotormech35 agree
Read More link on Right
[citizensoldier] The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true. J. Robert Oppenheimer

[citizensoldier] The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. William Arthur Ward

[michigander0131] Baghdadiya News - 02/17/2013 - 12:01 pm Translation / Baghdadiya News / .. Male corner site to the World Gold Council has revealed in its annual report that Iraq had bought 24.1 tonnes of gold during 2012 report pointed out that the world's central banks have increased their purchases of gold over the past year to the highest level 48 years ago. The report went on to say that Iraq has benefited from high oil prices to buy this amount of gold reached global gold purchases to 236.5 billion dollars and amounted to 4405.5 tonnes. Analysts said that the main reason for the increase purchases due to the volatility of exchange rates amid fears of a currency war. Finished / 21|en&

[michigander0131] The heads of the CBI must think our dollar will drop in value for them to be beefing up their gold stocks. Iraq's reserves are predominantly USD and why not, they get paid in USD for their oil. Today, the US dollar is the "petro dollar". Tomorrow or at some point that may change. It also doesn't take a great leap to come to the conclusion that Iraq will end up in a basket of currencies rather than remained paired to the US dollar. Gold is the CBI's way of saying to the world, our currency will not be affected by any major economic downturn.

Late Saturday Night:

Precious] Poppy said good Legarde speech...terry k says NOW...Blaino say maybe midnight

[Precious] 2-16-13 Caper: The world economy is saved!!!! The IMF has been working on complex formulas which would determine the value of a country's currency based on their resources and productive capacity. They are currently in the process of revaluing 133 national currencies. (Article in Forum) [The World Economy Is Saved!!!!] interesting read!

Precious] Paris Agreement expires 2-23 and they have a feast planned for that day

[wtfsmdh] United Nations Approved RV RV IS ALMOST HERE. Saturday, 02 February, 2013 UN's to release Iraq from CH VII WITH CONDITION TO RV 2-4-2013 The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT of BANKING and Finance Ministry: “the DINAR traded in global financial directory sites on the recovery of the currency and that there is a future for the Iraqi dinar and would SOON RETURN to what it was before 1980 BECAUSE of the GLOBAL DEMAND in the GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS”. 05 February 2013 Iraqi Dinar Could Rise as Much as 15% in the coming month. Source: Iraqi Cabinet) General Secretariat of Iraq’s Council of Ministers has ruled out the replacement of the currency or cancellation of three zeros “at this stage”, and it is seeking to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar. 2-5-2013 Washington TIMES newspaper: Iraq will be the largest in the world oil power.

[BamaSteve] wtfsmdh Did this just come out?

[wtfsmdh] nah got that monday

[skipperrv] wtfsmdh if I was sure it was this month, I would quit my job! lol

[arizona49] wtfsmdh was that just reported, or is date of report 2/2/13

[wtfsmdh] wait i got that on the 5th

[BamaSteve] wtfsmdh arizona49 How was that not MAJOR news? UN to release CH 7.

[wtfsmdh] an email

[arizona49] wtfsmdh if you received that last Monday....looks to me by the date of 2/2 this was out on that date

[BamaSteve] wtfsmdh email from the WASH TImes?

[wtfsmdh] im not making it up a dealer sent that to me and im just now sharing it

[arizona49] BamaSteve Maybe the PTB's wanted to hold it quiet here.....I don't know

[arizona49] BamaSteve Hey, the news media has been gagged for quite sometime on a lot of stuff.....this could be the same situation

Westside of the Tree link
02/17/2013 13:37
I just saw on CNN news a quick report and a shot of a US aircraft carrier launching a jet , probably old footage and they said that violence it Iraq erupts ! Oh, all of a sudden ? :) hmmmmmm , this was the first time I have ever seen anything on Iraq like this on Mainstream in a long, long time . So this to me is smoke . It also lets me know what is on their mind . I think it has finally arrived . There is a Winnebago parked in front of the park by my house all of a sudden ... lol
02/17/2013 13:57
Are you kidding ME!!! Or rather, all of US!!!
Does everybody realize what this means???
Have we been by-passed???
Are we being scooped?
Something is very fishy in Denmark my fellow Dinarians.

[wtfsmdh] United Nations Approved RV RV IS ALMOST HERE. Saturday, 02 February, 2013 UN's to release Iraq from CH VII WITH CONDITION TO RV 2-4-2013 The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT of BANKING and Finance Ministry: “the DINAR traded in global financial directory sites on the recovery of the currency and that there is a future for the Iraqi dinar and would SOON RETURN to what it was before 1980 BECAUSE of the GLOBAL DEMAND in the GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS”.
02/17/2013 14:40
Yikes. I hear you. Add to that news, which is a viable sourced item,
that there was a removingtheshackles write-up, saying that the banks were having a hay day, trading at a new and higher rate.

Could mean two things (in my mind using logic):
1 - The balancing out of the global financial problems necessitated them using the new rate prior to individuals and lesser investors, to
stabilize and allow them perhaps even to do the imminent CE. Or:

2 - Things are not as they seem. Someting unsavory is going on.
And, well, there could be a third reason:
3 - A bit of a snaffoo is occuring. Participants will be seen either good, or bad, thus do some last minute "world clean-up" of the not
so good types.
That is my perspective. If, and that is a bit if, it is actually activated on some sophisticated and top-end level.
Go for the positive, but think on all levels..
If this is too close to truth, or sensitive, do not post this. It is only my musings, and I am certainly no expert...
02/17/2013 14:58
I went searching for this u.n. approval article but only found this exact same report in the crappy nesara.blogspot site with no link to the actual article.
If anyone has a real link to the Washington times article could you please post it otherwise I doubt this is a real article.
Wonko the Sane
02/17/2013 17:40
Yup! 100% Weapons Grade Bolognium.
sandy d link
02/17/2013 13:58
This is the best news ever so far, Thanks to all of you that have put the truth out there for all of us to see. ITS MOMENTS LIKE THIS THAT MAKES ME WANT TO SING. sorry I'm not the fat lady!!!
02/17/2013 14:50
IMF has worked months/years on the formulas to reset the world's currencies. G20 & IMF had to act fast to prevent certain countries from jumping out of the gate early by announcing their currency's devaluations (Japan and Venezuela), thus ruining the entire formula! I thank these two countries - for they may have pushed us into a faster timeline than originally planned!

In the UK Telegraph article, the following was NOT in Bloomberg's version - which I find very interesting that it was left out of the US version. Also if you seach Bloomberg for quotes from officials leaving the G20 meeting, you'll notice NONE are from USA folks. I've learned over the years to always look at what is missing in our MSM reporting as much as what is being said. Often times the missing parts tell you more!

" Finance ministers at the meeting in Russia were also updated by Mark Carney, the chair of the Financial Stability Board and future Bank of England governor, on the international body’s progress in implementing reforms to prevent a repeat of the global financial crisis. The FSB said it is focusing on reform of derivatives trading, strengthening oversight of unregulated financial instititions (so called shadow banking) and ending the culture of institutions deemed "too big to fail."

These 3 issues are truly the evils within the banking world today. This is great news for all of us! FSB was formed as part of the Dodd-Frank Act requirements. I hope Chris Dodd goes down in history as a true Patriot!
02/17/2013 15:12
Did anyone else catch this in the Foxnews link posted in this thread? O is finally talking to "relevant" Congress members about approving the changes to IMF voting rights to give China more power. How many times have we heard that China is in control of the RV? And some even say O is NOT the hold up the RV! Well, look at the date below. We could already have our money - 5 mos ago!!

"The 2010 package cannot be finalized until it gets the go-ahead from the United States, which has effective veto power over the HISTORIC DEAL THAT WAS MEANT TO HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY ALL IMF member countries IN OCTOBER LAST YEAR, but was STALLED by the U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION."
02/17/2013 16:25
I think that everyone that pinned their prediction on this weekend's G20 has some explaining to do.

Herb Lady

Thanks again YM!

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Why is this thread REALLY wiiiiiiiiiiiiide?

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

Herb Lady

ha! good question!! have no clue!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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